NXT Inquest for 6/12/19 (Burch/Lorcan vs Undisputed Era)

Welcome to the NXT Inquest. We kick off this week’s edition of NXT TV with graphics for the matches taking place this week, including the Undisputed Era against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. No Beth Phoenix so it’s only a two-person crew of Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuiness.

Candice LeRae and Io Shirai vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Sharif

This grudge match involves four women that all have animosity towards each another, but are also all tied to NXT women’s champion Shayna Baszler. Shafir and Duke come out to pretty slow plodding music. They claim to ‘play and fight,’ and they plan to do just that against LeRae and Shirai. LeRae and Shafir have a brief exchange after Duke quickly exits the ring. Shafir takes advantage of a distracted opponent to get the upper hand. Duke is tagged in and begins to use her long legs to beat down LeRae.

Shafir then comes in and locks her opponent in a back submission. Duke is then tagged into the ring and continues the beat down while Baszler looks-on in approval. LeRae shoves Duke into Shafir and then catches Duke with an enziguiri. She tags in Shirai, who quickly takes it to Duke until she is distracted by Shafir. Shirai appears set to come off the top rope onto Duke. However, instead hits Baszler with a moonsault outside the ring while LeRae hits Duke and Shafir with a tope suicida to the floor. The referee calls for the bell

Winners: No Contest

Shirai and Baszler take the fight to one another through the audience. Shafir and Duke are all over LeRae, but she gives as good as she gets. The fight amongst these five women was a crazy way to start off the show.

They show highlights from the NXT North American championship match at TakeOver XXV between Tyler Breeze and the Velveteen Dream. They also show how Breeze commemorated the match with a selfie. We then get Dream asking everyone if they are ready for the next experience. The next highlight is regarding KUSHIDA and Drew Gulak’s match from a couple of weeks back, which KUSHIDA won. Gulak complained about the result because KUSHIDA didn’t make him submit. He called KUSHIDA a coward and challenged him to a submission match. And that match is coming up next!

Before that match starts we get another Damien Priest vignette, stating that he is debuting next week.

Submission Match

KUSHIDA vs. Drew Gulak

KUSHIDA makes his way out to the ring first and is followed by Gulak. McGuiness and Ranallo speak of Gulak’s time in 205 Live. KUSHIDA and Gulak begin to roll on the mat in a lockup with one another. Then, KUSHIDA locks up Gulak’s arm and leans back pulling on the shoulder. Back in a standing position, he hits Gulak with a handspring back kick. We then get a Gory special on KUSHIDA, as almost every limb is stretched. He does not tap, however. Gulak then locks in a left arm submission. They both get up with Gulak uses a side headlock to take his opponent down. He follows up by driving his forearm into the face of KUSHIDA while on the mat. His focus in the holds he is using is clearly on the arms and shoulders.

KUSHIDA recovers and brings the fight to Gulak. Hend hits a tornado DDT on Gulak and then locks in a cross arm breaker. He transitions to an ankle lock, but Gulak gets one on him. The hold is broken when KUSHIDA gets to the bottom rope. The two men continue a series of roll-throughs until the referee makes them release each other. They battle on the ring apron and KUSHIDA catches Gulak with an electric chair drop into a hurricanrana. Both men are exhausted and exchange blows while sitting on their knees. Stiff strike vs stiff strike. KUSHIDA then hits a handspring back elbow and then locks in a hoverboard lock for a very quick tap out.


After the match, Gulak shakes his hand and leaves the ring despite being disappointed by the result. We then see a video of Vanessa Bourne and Aaliyah recorded via camera phone. Bourne says that Mia Yim believes she is the next in line for an NXT women’s championship, but both women run her down and declare their superiority. Bourne says she has a series of gifts for her: a fashion book and a couple of literary texts as well. It looks like a match against either Bourne or Aaliyah is slated for Yim in the near future.

The commentators spoke about the women’s tag team match earlier in the night and how in two weeks it will be Bazler and Shirai for the NXT Women’s championship in a cage. They also covered Mansoor of NXT winning the 50-man Battle Royal at Super Showdown. Right after his victory, he spoke in the ring about this moment and how important it was to all of the Saudi people. There is also a rundown of Adam Cole’s recent NXT Championship win, and it is announced that next week the new Champion will be on NXT TV.

Undisputed Era vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Bobby Fish is injured with a bad shoulder, meaning Kyle O’Reilly is teaming with Roderick Strong for this bout representing the Undisputed Era against Burch and Lorcan. Burch and Lorcan storm the ring and are prepared to take the fight to UE. Lorcan and O’Reilly start off the match and exchange jabs in the corner. Both men chop and kick away at one another. Lorcan then hits a chop up high. Then Burch and Strong come into the ring and all of these men are taking the fight to one another. Lorcan hits a half and half suplex. Strong starts hitting chop after chop on Lorcan, helping O’Reilly to get the upper hand. He uses knee strikes to the back of Lorcan and then tags in Strong, who catapults Lorcan’s throat across the bottom rope.

Lorcan Burch Undisputed Era
Photo / WWE

We then get a knee to the back by Strong and he keeps wearing him down by working on the back. O’Reilly uses a variation of an abdominal stretch. Once out of it, Lorcan hits an uppercut on O’Reilly. Burch is then tagged in from Lorcan and he takes out both Strong and O’Reilly of the Undisputed Era. Burch hits an exploder suplex and then locks in a cross face on O’Reilly. Strong comes to the aid of his partner, enabling him to escape a pinning attempt by Burch. At this point Jaxon Ryker comes down to the ring and distracts the Undisputed Era, leading to Burch and Lorcan being able to get a pinfall for the win over the Undisputed Era.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Robbie Brookside is escorting Jaxon Ryker towards the entranceway while O’Reilly and Strong are livid at the events that took place.