NXT Inquest for 5/29/19 (Burch / Lorcan vs. Forgotten Sons)

On this edition of NXT, a number of matches are scheduled to take place, with the main event being Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch facing The Forgotten sons. Let’s get to it!

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

The show begins with the grudge match between Bianca Belair and Mia Yim. Yim is the first to make her way to the ring followed by the EST of NXT. They show how Belair’s hair helped her a few weeks ago when she pinned Yim. The ‘Blasian Baddie’ certainly has something to prove in this matchup based off of what took place. She comes at Belair with a dropkick right away but is thrown down to the mat by Belair. There is a lot of shoving of faces and then fists and forearms exchanged between these two women. After an exchange, Yim hits a cannonball in the corner. She follows up with a pin, but only for a count of two.

Belair rebounds with a big boot of her own. She then hooks in a double chicken wing and turns that into a full nelson while seated. Both women begin to make their way to their feet and Yim hits what looks like an S.O.S for a pinning predicament, but only for a count of two. Belair does squats in the midst of a delayed vertical suplex. She follows that up by showing some attitude, slapping Yim in the face. Yim recovers and locks in a tarantula and then hits that S.O.S pinning attempt again to no avail. Belair lays in forearms to the face and then some boots. She tries a really disrespectful cover, but Yim kicks out and then tries various pinning predicaments, but only for counts of two. She is flipped over and knocked down with a forearm.

Yim mounts a comeback by whipping Belair to the outside and follows up with a belly to belly over the top suplex. The referee begins to count both women down. Once both on their feet, Yim is on the attack. She hits a ‘Code Yim’but Belair kicks out. Belair then drives her into the corner turnbuckle, but Yim comes back with ‘Eat de-feet’ but Belair rolls to the outside. While on the outside, Yim attempts to bring her back inside the ring but is caught in a double chicken wing and dropped onto the frame of the ring apron. The referee begins to count Yim but she makes it back into the ring at the count of 9. An angry Belair picks her up and drives fist and forearms into her back. Belair is tossing her around the ring. She attempts a powerbomb but Yim reverses it by grabbing Belair’s hair and hitting her with ‘Protect ya-neck.’ She makes the cover for the three count and win.

Winner: Mia Yim

The build to the Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream NXT North American championship match gets featured. Dream pulls out a selfie stick and says ‘Tyler Breeze, I remember you’. We see highlights of Breeze’s past in NXT. ‘Breeze, do you remember what the spotlight feels like?’ Dream says that he is the upgrade and the spotlight. He shares how the spotlight has never been brighter than it is for him. We then see Breeze’s return to NXT, and Prince Pretty says he has returned because the NXT North American championship has inspired him.

After the commercial break, Ranallo says that both Gargano and Cole were followed in the lead up to the most anticipated match of the year at NXT TakeOver XXV. We then see a replay from last week of when the Horsewomen swarmed Candice LaRae until Io Shirai made her way to the ring with a kendo stick. Backstage the Horsewomen were asked if they were concerned about Io doing the same thing at TakeOver. They dismiss any concerns, saying Shirai will have no allies and no weapons.

KUSHIDA vs. Drew Gulak

Commentators say that Gulak wasn’t impressed with KUSHIDA and his accomplishments. Both men exchange armbars and counter holds. KUSHIDA seems to get the upper hand but Gulak counters, rolling through to break free of any holds They lock up in a test of strength but KUSHIDA bridges out of a possible pin. Gulak applies a single leg crab, but KUSHIDA breaks that hold. The two men continue to feel one another out with submission and counter submission, and the match is at a stalemate. The story being told is who can outdo their opposition at the grappling game.

KUSHIDA eventually locks in an octopus and drives his elbow in the side ribs of Gulak, but he escapes. He then locks in a trailer hitch, which was very impressive. Still, every time Gulak hits KUSHIDA with a move the ‘Time Splitter’ has the answer. He attempts a penalty kick but is caught in a fireman’s carry turned into a gutbuster. Gulak applies a stretch, but KUSHIDA reverses that into a ‘Stretch Muffler.’ They once again are on their feet and Gulak is hip-tossed into an attempted armbar. A second rolling armbar is reversed into an ankle lock. Gulak once again attempts to chase KUSHIDA but is eventually put the hoverboard lock. A stiff forearm by Gulak is met with a flatliner and a pin by KUSHIDA.


After the match, the two argue in the center of the ring, with Gulak swiping away the hand of KUSHIDA. He leaves the ring insulted by the events that took place.

Io Shirai is interviewed backstage and is asked if she is afraid of being alone. Candice LeRae comes out and says thank you for having her back last week, and that at TakeOver she will have Shirai’s back.

We see Gargano visit his hometown of Cleveland, and sharing his feelings about being the NXT champion. He says that it is important to show that you shouldn’t give up. Cole continues to claim that if their last match was any other kind of match that he would have been the champion. Gargano reminds everyone that he walked out as Johnny Champion. These two are on a collision course at NXT TakeOver XXV.

After the break, is the main event between Burch and Lorcan and the Forgotten Sons.

Oney Lorcan Danny Burch Forgotten Sons
Photo / Fightful

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Forgotten Sons

Burch and Lorcan make their way to the ring first awaiting the Forgotten Sons. Jaxon Ryker is an intangible in this match that the referee will need to keep an eye on. Blake and Cutler come to the ring accompanied by the aforementioned Ryker. As soon as the bell rings, much like Yim earlier Burch takes the fight to Blake with a dropkick and then locks in an armbar. Blake recovers and makes the tag to Cutler who works over Burch. Cutler tags Blake back in and attempts to continue the attack on Burch, but he tags in his partner. Lorcan attempts to hit a move, but Ryker grabs his leg. The referee sees this and kicks Jaxon Ryker out of the ringside area. As Ryker heads to the back he is attacked by the Street Profits. They then crash the ring and get rid of the Forgotten Sons and then Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

Winners: No contest

After the bell, the Street Profits going face-to-face with Lorcan and Burch. Blake and Cutler return with chairs and clear the ring. After this the Undisputed Era attack Jaxson Ryker on the stage, and then O’Reilly and Fish aid Cole and Strong in taking out the Forgotten Sons, hitting ‘Total Elimination.’ The Undisputed Era stands tall in the ring, then grab a ladder and drill Ryker with it. Cole climbs the ladder and is handed a microphone. He says Riddle and Gargano have just seen what is coming and points to Ryker. He adds ‘That…is Undisputed.’ The four men stand proud and strong.