NXT Inquest for 5/22/10 (Gargano/Riddle vs. Undisputed Era)

The latest edition of the NXT Inquest features announcements and a main event consisting of Matt Riddle, Johnny Gargano, and the Undisputed Era. The show begins with a quick recap of the Viking Raiders relinquishing the titles to William Regal last week and the match that took place later that evening. The match was cut short as most of the NXT tag team division got involved. Despite a pinfall taking place after the bell rang, nothing was settled. We then have NXT General Manager William Regal announcing that the new NXT tag team champions will be decided at NXT TakeOver XXV when the Forgotten Sons take on The Street Profits, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and the Undisputed Era in a four-way Ladder match.

All four members of the Undisputed Era came out showing their solidarity, and that they are once again a unit working collaboratively. Cole takes the microphone and declares that the group will have all the gold after the NXT tag team championship match and the NXT championship match, both of which will take place at NXT Takeover. He then speaks of how he defeated Gargano in the first fall of their best two out of three falls match, but Johnny Champion comes out and shares how he seems to know math better, as he defeated him in two straight falls in the two out of three falls. He goes on to say that Cole is happy that he has his boys with him because he knows he couldn’t beat him one-on-one. This certainly gets the ire of Cole and he says that it eats at Johnny Gargano that he was pinned. At this point, Matt Riddle charges the ring and attacks Roderick Strong. Gargano and Riddle team together to clear the ring of all the Undisputed Era members. Referees and officials come out to separate these men as Riddle and Gargano stand tall.

Riddle Gargano Undisputed Era
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Sean Maluta vs Mansoor

The Samoan Dragon takes on a rising Performance Centre talent in Mansoor. Mansoor had an impressive showing a few weeks back against Dominik Dijakovic. They lock up with Maluta getting the early advantage. Maluta is the nephew of Afa of the Wild Samoans. Mansoor hits a super dropkick and a hurricanrana, but Maluta comes back with a Samoan drop and then stands on the second rope and hits a codebreaker, but only for a count of two. Maluta maintains control until he is stopped by Mansoor who hits a stiff kick followed by a snap German suplex. He then springs into the ring and hits a neckbreaker. He then hits an inverted crossroads and covers Maluta for the three count and the win.

Winner: Mansoor

After the match, Cathy Kelly is next to William Regal’s office, where the Undisputed Era are yelling and screaming behind closed doors. The door opens and all four men file out. Regal then steps out and addresses what took place earlier. He says he was informing the UE that Matt Riddle will face Roderick Strong at NXT Takeover and that later tonight it would be Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano against Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish.

After a commercial break promoting NXT TakeOver XXV, the official songOn My Teeth’ from Underoath is announced.

The Velveteen Dream’s music kicks in, as the program had been advertising an upcoming Velveteen Dream Experience. Dream comes to the ring looking very dapper with the NXT North American championship in tow. Once on the mic, he addresses the crowd, saying that he is in demand. It was at this point that Tyler Breeze’s music kicks in and Prince Pretty emerges, much to the delight of the NXT faithful. HE is sporting shorter hair, but the same swagger that made him recognizable to the crowd from his past years in NXT. The crowd chants ‘Breeze is Gorgeous’. Once on the mic, he says ‘Prince Pretty is home,’ and that ever since the fashion left NXT, there are wannabes and impersonators and cheap knockoffs, but there can only be one Prince Pretty.

Velveteen Dream Tyler Breeze Riddle Gargano Undisputed Era
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Dream welcomes Breeze back to HIS NXT and says that he is a real man, not a boy that plays cops and robbers. He adds that just because you can’t cut it on Mondays and Tuesdays, he can’t come to NXT and demand a spot. Breeze says that he is inspired not by the Dream, but by the NXT North American championship. Dream offers Breeze the chance to take a selfie with ‘the champ’. He takes the selfie and clocks Dream with the phone.

Cathy Kelly interviews Tyler Breeze and asks him why he did what he did, to which he responds that he only wanted to introduce Velveteen Dream to an inspired Prince Pretty.

Candice LeRae vs. Reina Gonzalez

Mauro Ranallo compares Gonzalez to Stan Hansen with her fierce and tough exterior. Added to that, Gonzalez has started wearing chaps to the ring and carrying a cowbell on a rope to the ring, as ‘The Lariat’ was famous for doing. There is a stark size difference between the two, both in height and weight. Gonzalez hits a spinning powerslam and goes for a pinfall, but only gets a count of two. LeRae tries to catch Gonzalez but to no avail. She then tries a springboard crossbody to the floor but Gonzalez catches the smaller woman. Back in the ring, LeRae hits a hurricanrana from the top rope and follows up with a fury of strikes including a dropkick. She then hits her springboard Lionsault onto Gonzalez for the three count and the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae

After the match, the Horsewomen surround the ring and swarm LeRae but Io Shirai charges the ring with a kendo stick and goes to town, hitting strike after strike on all the Horsewomen until they retreat up the ramp.

Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano versus the Undisputed Era is up next. It is announced that the NXT North American Championship will be defended at TakeOver XXV, with Tyler Breeze challenging the Velveteen Dream. It is also announced that next week KUSHIDA will face Drew Gulak and Mia Yim will get her rematch with Bianca Belair.

Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano vs. Undisputed Era

The main event of the evening on NXT TV pits Riddle and Gargano come to the ring separately and await the arrival of O’Reilly and Fish of the Undisputed Era. Once the match starts, Gargano and O’Reilly start off. The end up down on the mat and have a very technical exchange right out of amateur wrestling, which Ranallo describe. Back on their feet they lock up once again and try to outmuscle each other. O’Reilly gets a full guard triangle choke, but Gargano escapes and goes for the Gargano Escape. Fish is eventually tagged in and attempts to go after Riddle, hitting the unsuspecting Original Bro, but then gets hit with a kick from Gargano. Riddle is tagged in and goes to work on the chest of Bobby Fish. With every kick or forearm or chop, the fans chant BRO. Riddle catches an O’Reilly attempted to kick and holds on to hit not one, not two, but three gut wrench suplexes on first Fish and then O’Reilly. But then his back gives out. He has been wearing kinesiology tape, selling the attack from last week.

Fish and O’Reilly then work relentlessly on his legs, back and face. O’Reilly is relentless beating on the back and ribs. Fish is tagged back into the ring to continue the assault, and Riddle attempts to fight back but Fish regains control and goes for a pin but only for a count of two. Fish then uses forearm strikes to the face and head. O’Reilly is tagged in and locks in a variation of an abdominal stretch from a seated position. Riddle comes back with a ripcord knee strike and makes the tag to a waiting Gargano.

Once in the ring, Gargano goes right at both Fish and O’Reilly. He maintains control until a blind tag is made to O’Reilly. They hit ‘Chasing the Dragon’ but Gargano kicks out at two. The duo attempt to hit total elimination, but Riddle comes in and hits a German suplex on O’Reilly followed by a stiff kick to the chest. He hits a floating bro but O‘Reilly breaks up the subsequent pin. Gargano enters and he and Riddle work together to take out O’Reilly, but Bobby Fish breaks up the pin attempt. Riddle then continues to work on both of their opponents outside, until both Roderick Strong and Adam Cole get involved in the match, aiding their partners and leading to a pinfall win

Winners: Undisputed Era

After the match, the numbers get to Gargano and Riddle as the Undisputed era come together to beat them down. The quartet stood tall over the fallen faces.

Riddle Gargano Undisputed Era
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