NXT Heatwave | Preview

On the upcoming episode of NXT 2.0, they present their inaugural NXT Heatwave event. The show will feature five matches, with each match having either a settle to be scored or a title on the line. Three of the brand’s six different titles are on the line on this night, with only the men’s tag team and NXT UK tag team, and women’s tag team championships not on the line.

But of all the matches announced, the implications of one of them may, in fact, signal one member of the roster’s transition to either the Raw or SmackDown brand. Here is the NXT Heatwave preview for 2022.

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NXT Heatwave
Leave or Disband
Santos Escobar vs Tony D’Angelo

It appears whenever the transition for a person to depart NXT comes up, Tony D’Angelo is the person that is called upon. As it stands, the stipulations of this match are, in fact, quite intriguing. Fans are aware that Escobar returned to cause the Tony D’Angelo family a loss and the NXT Tag Team Championships.

This led to last week’s one final accord between the two men. With both knowing full well they couldn’t work together, this match was proposed. If Santos Escobar win’s, then Legado Del Fantasma is freed from being under the regime of the Tony D’Angelo family. But if D’Angelo wins, then Santos Escobar must leave NXT.

Escobar’s skillset, persona, and in-ring presence has achieved all they could play in NXT outside of winning the North American or NXT Championship. At the time of this writing, a strong argument suggests that Santos will depart NXT after this coming Tuesday evening.


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NXT Heatwave
NXT North American Championship
Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Giovanni Vinci

This match comes about after Vinci accepted the open challenge for the championship issued by Hayes. With the constant distraction and outside influence of Trick Williams, one would argue that Hayes will retain. But Williams and Wes Lee’s ongoing issues may not actually have been resolved.

With that said, could Wes Lee play a role in this match-up and lead to Hayes losing the title? The likeliness of Lee getting involved is certainly there. However, the chance of Hayes losing the title doesn’t seem likely. Cameron Grimes likely won’t stop until the North American title is around his waist and may lead to Hayes retaining this match.

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NXT Heatwave
Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade

They came in as friends, and a championship opportunity for Perez is what split the team up. After Jade’s shocking turn on Perez, it was time that understand why. We found out that Jade felt betrayed by Perez for taking an NXT Championship’ away from her’? The argument is, how did she take away an opportunity that she earned? Well, that’s the question.

The questions notwithstanding, Perez has a lot to be upset about. She not only was cost her chance at the NXT Women’s Championship but because Cora betrayed her and threw her half of the tag team championships in the garbage, the duo was stripped of their titles. Nevertheless, Perez’s future is quite bright in NXT, and an NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship or NXT Women’s title is likely in her future.

But on this night, it is about Perez having to gain retribution and for fans to see another side of her. A side that Cora Jade may regret seeing.

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NXT Heatwave
NXT Women’s Championship
Mandy Rose (c) vs. Zoey Stark

Stark’s championship opportunity came quite suddenly. After winning a women’s battle royal, Stark became the number one contender for the women’s championship. Stark is a former co-holder of the NXT Women’s tag team championship. She knows what it takes to win and surprised people that took her likely upon her time earlier in the brand.

Now that she is back in NXT, it is Mandy Rose that best need not take her lightly. Rose will have the backup of Dolig and Jayne to help ensure that she remains the NXT Women’s Champion. For Stark, she still has an upset Cora Jade, who feels that the top contender’s spot is rightfully hers. Will the odds be too much for Stark to handle? Fans will have to check in this coming week to find out.

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NXT Heatwave
NXT Championship
Bron Breakker (c) vs. JD McDonagh

The time has finally come for these two to finally face one another. Breakker’s newest challenger for the NXT Championship ‘relishes pain.’ For every punch, kick, or bleeding nose he receives, he is prepared to make sure that Breakker faces the exact same feelings. As the face of NXT 2.0, Breakker is determined to show he won’t fall prey to McDonagh’s mind games.

The biggest question is will Breakker have the stamina to last as long as McDonagh in their upcoming match. This match will be a hard-hitting affair with a motivated champion that is focused on one thing, and that’s remaining the NXT Champion.

What To Expect

  • Cameron Grimes future and does it involve Schism
  • Carter and Chance address the NXT Women’s Tag Team Division.
  • Pretty Deadly to address the current NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Briggs and Jensen.


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