NXT 2.0 for 3/22/22 (Women’s Dusty Classic Finals)

Only two matches have been officially announced for this week’s NXT 2.0 for 3/22/22. However, tensions are also running high, with matches appearing to take shape with NXT Stand and Deliver also on tap. Additionally, it seems as though Tomasso Ciampa and Tony D’Angelo are headed for a one-on-one matchup, along with Gunther and LA Knight and The Creed Brothers and Imperium. Although at the same time, those matches don’t appear to be taking place this week, that isn’t to say that they won’t happen.

Bron Breakker faces Robert Roode ahead of his upcoming NXT Championship rematch with Dolph Ziggler. Also announced is a tag team matchup between Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray as they face Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai. It’s clear the Choo and Kai tandem is the more unique of the tandems competing. So which one of these two tag teams will face Toxic Attraction for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship?

NXT 2.0 for 3/22/22
Bron Breakker (shown on the left) battles Robert Roode (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 3/22/22 
Bron Breakker vs. Robert Roode

What could be seen as just a match where a former NXT talent came back to the brand can be so much more. Robert Roode’s return doesn’t just bring with it the return of the former NXT Champion but a roadblock as well. Roode will be the roadblock standing before Bron Breakker ahead of his championship rematch. As many know, Roode is Dolph Ziggler’s tag team partner. He is likely not just returning to beat Breakker but to ‘beat up’ Breakker as well.

The match will likely serve as an opportunity for Breakker to make a statement while preventing Roode from making one. Ziggler has a vested interest in the outcome of this match and is sure to make himself present at one point. Will Breakker be forced to fight them both off? Tune in to NXT 2.0 on Tuesday evening to find out what takes place!

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray (shown on the left) battles Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 3/22/22
Women’s Dusty Classic Finals
Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray vs. Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai

These two teams’ one paper are unlikely pairings. Whether it’s because of background, language, attire, personality, or whatever, they present a very unique perspective in the outcome of this match. On the one hand, we have the chance of Shirai and Ray winning the match and contending for the tag team championship.

Does that ultimately end her pairing with Zoey Stark? The answer is seemingly yes. Does she play a part in this match preventing Shirai and Ray from advancing? We’ve had no indication that this is the case as of yet, but things could change. Jealousy is an ugly thing. For Choo and Kai, if they win, what would a celebration between them look like? Kai seems as though she may go off at any moment!

Will Toxic Attraction play a role in the outcome of this match as well?

What to Expect:

  • Cora Jade seeks revenge for the attack she suffered at the hands of Mandy Rose
  • The Creed Brothers make a statement on their way to facing Imperium
  • Carmelo Hayes addresses the next threat for the NXT North American Championship.


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