NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22 (NXT North American Championship BATTLE)

As we preview NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22, five matches are announced for this week’s edition. Of the matches announced, we witness a grudge match emerging pitting the Samoan Street Fighter, Solo Sikoa against Gunther, Draco Anthony hoping to assert himself against Harland, Von Wagner looking to thwart Andre Chase’s best efforts, Tomasso Ciampa being aligned with Bron Breakker in hopes of getting rid of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode and an NXT North American Championship matchup.

Which match looks to be the pick the click? Check out our preview below of NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22 to find out which one that could be.

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
Gunther (shown on the left) battles Solo Sikoa (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
Gunther vs. Solo Sikoa

Gunther nearly laid Malcolm Bivens out during a confrontation between the Creed Brothers and Imperium. This was until Solo Sikoa came out to make the save. Now, Sikoa has all the qualities of making him a perfect fit for Diamond Mine. However, as he presents himself as a lone wolf, the question was why come to Bivens aid. Well, it is likely more to do with asserting himself against the former NXT UK Champion rather than being Bivens knight in MMA shorts.

This is the kind of match and, hopefully, the feud that Sikoa needs to help move him further up the line in NXT 2.0’s title hunt. Subsequently, for Gunther, it also opens countless match possibilities where he can make a statement as well.

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Dirty Dawgs (Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler)

It was only a matter of time before Robert Roode would play a part in this feud. So with that in mind, Ciampa would have needed someone to come to his aid. Who better to come to Tommaso Ciampa’s aid than the one man that not only took his NXT Championship from him but has gained a great deal of respect for him in the process?

NXT Champion Bron Breakker was quick last week to come to Ciampa’s aid after Robert Roode got involved in his match with Dolph Ziggler. Now whether this is a short-term alliance or not, NXT 2.0 fans have to be pleased with this pairing. While we can’t predict a winner, what would work is that Ciampa and Breakker have an altercation leading to a re-match in the future. Will it happen this week? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
Draco Anthony vs. Harland with Joe Gacy

Over the past few weeks, Anthony has been trying to earn respect. With that hope of earning respect, he’s been faced with the chance encounters with Joe Gacy. In hopes of finally standing alone, Anthony stands across the ring from Gacy’s monster Harland. With each passing week, Harland takes it upon himself to do more harm than good despite Gacy’s attempts to ‘calm’ him.

There could be something very different here. On the surface is another Harland beatdown. However, if we dig a little deeper, Anthony may, in fact, also fall under the tutelage of Gacy, making this a formidable trio.

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
Von Wagner with Robert Brand vs. Andre Chase

Von Wagner appears to want to take hold of NXT 2.0 opposition by the throat with a new attitude and not let go. In his way now is Chase University’s, Andre Chase. The difference here is that while Chase may have the best of intentions standing before him is a man as concerned with hurting his opposition as he is committed to winning. Wagner’s change in attitude has also resulted in Robert’s attitude changing as well.

He has gone from being laughed at to being the one doing the laughing. This match appears to be the latest opportunity for Brand to show he may be the premier manager in NXT as he stands by Von Wagner in the process.


For the NXT North American Championship, Carmelo Hayes (shown on the left) defends his title against the cruiserweight, Pete Dunne (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 3/1/22
NXT North American Championship
Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Pete Dunne

The Hayes/Dunne encounter is likely to be the pick to click of any of the matches on the card this week. Both men have held titles as part of the NXT brand. The key here is that it is a new era in NXT, and while Dunne was successful against Tony D’Angelo, he is stepping in the ring with the man that refers to himself as the ‘A Champion’ of the brand. The technical skill of Dunne will be a nice compliment to the more aerial-based Carmelo Hayes.

With that said, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that Hayes can mat wrestle if the opportunity presents itself. The one intangible in this match isn’t inside the ring but outside it. Trick Williams will present himself as a constant distraction. Will that be enough to throw Pete Dunne off his game, or will the bruiserweight walk the NEW NXT North American Champion?

What To Expect

  • Bron Breakker addresses Tomasso Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler, and the NXT Championship
  • Toxic Attraction address the state of the Women’s Dusty Classic Tournament
  • The Creed Brothers and Diamond Mine’s Malcolm Biven address the NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium.


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