NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22 (Crowbar on a Pole Match)

On Tuesday, January 11th, the Bron Breakker reign officially begins as we preview NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22. Three matches are officially scheduled to take place, coming on the heels of last week’s NXT New Year’s Evil event. Each of the matches fans will witness all stem from rivalries that have been building over the past few weeks.

How will Solo Sikoa fair against the unpredictable Boa? Then, will Grayson Waller shock the world as he faces the Phenomenal AJ Styles? Finally, will Pete Dunne carve into Tony D’Angelo if he gets his hands on the crowbar? All this and more in this week’s edition of NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22.

NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22
Solo Sikoa vs. Boa

Over the last few weeks, fans have witnessed the metamorphosis of Boa. With the spirit of Mei Ying within him, Boa is set to put all his energy and focus on doing away with Sikoa. For Sikoa himself, the Polynesian streetfighter has been caught off guard on more than one occasion by Boa. This match is sure to clear the air between the two. It is as much a match about ensuring one of these men moves further up the card.

Who among them is sure to make themselves stand out before, during, and after their match? If there is any time for one of these men to move into title contention, it is in this match here.

In a crowbar on a pole match, Pete Dunne (shown on the left) battles Tony D’Angelo (shown on the right) in the latest edition of NXT 2.0. [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22 
Crowbar on a Pole Match
Pete Dunne vs Tony D’Angelo

This match has been building since they were both involved in the War Games match. For Tony D’Angelo, it’s been about doing things that would showcase he is just as dangerous as the cruiserweight. The difference here is that while no title is on the line, what does appear to be at stake is an effort to show how relentless one man is willing to be against the other.

Fans have long been aware of how Dunne will systematically tear his opponents apart limb by limb. Finally, he faces someone that is as willing to do the same but uses unscrupulous means to do so. Who among them will manage to be the one to take hold of the crowbar on a pole and use it on their opposition?

AJ Styles (shown on the left) battles Grayson Waller (shown on the right) in the latest edition of NXT 2.0. [Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT 2.0 for 1/11/22 
AJ Styles vs. Grayson Waller

From their face-to-face confrontation before New Years Evil to Waller’s appearance on Monday Night Raw to their finally coming to blows at New Years Evil, it is time to put up or shut up. Grayson Waller has made himself public enemy number one since attacking Johnny Gargano towards the end of 2021 on an episode of NXT 2.0.

Whether it is in the ring or in the locker room, Waller has ensured that it is not about earning your way but cutting to the front of the line. For AJ Styles, it is no secret what he has done throughout his career. Whether it be his time in WCW to becoming the franchise of NWA-TNA/IMPACT to the multiple championships, Styles is truly elite.

Will this be the night that Grayson Waller shocks the world, or will AJ Styles will once again show why he is phenomenal?

What To Expect

  • More information on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
  • Bron Breakker addresses who his first challenger for the NXT Championship
  • Does Elektra pick Quinn over Legada El Fantasma?


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