NWA-TNA PPV #9 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

In the latest NWA-TNA Sunday Night Retroview we feature NWA-TNA PPV #9. We open tonight’s show with a flashback to Ron “The Truth” Killings winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Ken Shamrock. The opening graphics play, and we are greeted by Mike Tenay. Next, Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces The Truth.

Truth takes the mic and tells the crowd that they wanted the Truth last week, and they got the Truth! This is his house; this is the Impact Asylum! (I see what you did there, Truth) The Truth came to NWA: TNA a bitter man; he didn’t think NWA would give him a chance, just like in his past. You know him from WWF. A senior official told the Truth that he could not make the same mistakes as everyone else because he was a black man in a white man’s world. Well, he’s a black man in a man’s world, and from this point on, he is a damn legend.

Truth is then interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells him to put his dreams away because his worst nightmare is here. Truth has been given the opportunity that’s been robbed of Jarrett week after week. Jarrett wants Truth to give him that opportunity that he was given.

Truth tells Jarrett that he and Jarrett have become friends since he’s come to NWA: TNA. So if he wants that opportunity, then come into the ring and get it.

Before Jarrett can get to the ring, we’re interrupted by NWA official Bill Behrens, who is flanked by security. Behrens says there’s a new sheriff in town; Ricky Steamboat couldn’t make it tonight, so he’s in charge! And Behrens doesn’t care if Jarrett and Truth brawl all over the arena tonight; the NWA will not sanction a world title match between them!

Jarrett steps toward Behrens, but security gets in the way. Brian Lawler then blindsides Jarrett. Lawler assaults Jarrett all around ringside and back to the ramp. He goes to take a chair from a fan, but the fan refuses to let go. Lawler gets into a tug of war with the fan until security eventually breaks them up. Security separates Jarrett and Lawler while Lawler is screaming, “I know what you did!”

After a quick break, we’re back to the ring; Jeremy Borash introduces our contestants for our first match.

Match #1 –
Kid Kash, Shark Boy, and Slim Jay vs. S.A.T

Kid Kash and Joel Maximo start off, and they exchange holds. They then exchange arm drags and finally exchange slaps to the face. The back and forth continues until Kash dumps Joel to the outside. Then, Kash hits a hurricanrana to the floor. Jose comes after with a dive, as does Shark Boy.

Slim Jay and Amazing Red are in the ring now. After a back and forth, Slim Jay takes Red down with a head scissors, goes to the top rope, and hits the competitors on the outside with a moonsault. Red follows up with a running dive over the top rope of his own. Kid Kash is in the ring, signals for a dive, and hits one of his own. Kash rolls Jose back in the ring and hits a springboard leg drop for a two count.

Kash tags in Slim and drops Slim on Jose. Slim goes for a standing corkscrew, but Jose rolls out of the way. He picks Slim up in the torture rack. Joel with a double stomp from the top rope. Red follows with a stomp of his own and goes to combo into the hurricanrana on Kash but messes up it badly. Shark Boy is in the ring now, and he gets dropped and set up on top of Slim, and the Maximos apply double submissions to both men! Amazing Red with a dropkick to the face of Slim Jay and gets a two count.

Red stays in with Slim. Red goes for the crossbody but misses. Slim counters with a kick and gets the tag to Kash. Kash appears to pick up Red for a piledriver, but he turns it into a powerbomb and follows with a standing elbow drop for a two count. Kash to the top rope, Red follows. After an exchange, Kash hits a power slam off the top rope, but again only a two count.

Slim Jay is in now and goes for the phoenix splash off the top rope and misses. All men hit the ring and brawl. We get a sequence where each man hits a move and follows with a false finish until the Maximos get Slim Jay up on the top rope and hit the Spanish Fly. Red follows with the InfraRed and gets the pin for the win.

Winners: S.A.T

Goldylocks is in the back with The Dupps. They’re in front of an outhouse; they’re talking about the Dupp Cup. 2002 comedy ensues. I have a word limit to keep, and this wastes that.

Back to the ring, and Miss TNA Bruce comes out to the ring. Bruce informs us that what’s under his dress is more woman than any of your wives here and at home could be and that the husbands here, like Mike Tenay, and watching at home are fantasizing about what they could do to Bruce. So Bruce offers an open challenge to any woman ringside for the Miss TNA crown and $5000 if they can beat him. Eventually, he settles on a woman. She signs the waiver and gets in the ring.

Match #2 –
For the Miss TNA Crown
Bruce vs. “Random” Fan

The woman catches Bruce by surprise with a spear and starts throwing him around like a rag doll. I’m beginning to suspect these random crowd folk might be plants. After a minute or two of Bruce trying to run and the woman dragging him back, she goes for a power slam, and Bruce counters with a roll-up for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: AND STILL Miss TNA – Bruce

Goldylocks is with Jarrett now and asks him about what Lawler was referring to at ringside. Jarrett has no idea what the hell Lawler is talking about and will deal with him in due time. But, right now, he’s focused on Truth and the NWA World Championship. He storms into the bathroom as the camera follows and pulls Bill Behrens out of the stall and roughs him up. As Jarrett goes to leave, there’s a stare-off with Lo-Ki.

The camera follows outside, and we see Bo Dupp walking. He bumps into Teo and says, fine, they’ll settle this in the ring.

Match #3 –
For the Dupp Cup
Bo Dupp w/ Stan (c) vs Teo

This is contested under Dupp Cup rules; they’re not worth reviewing. First, Teo hits Borash; both men use weapons from the crowd for points. Next, Teo chases Stan Dupp and makes him “scream like a p**sy” for negative five points because Stan is afraid of little people.

Eventually, Bo drags Teo up to the outhouse to dunk him in there for the win, but out pops Puppet and hits Bo with a kendo stick. Puppet then chases Stan off and Teo dunks Bo’s head in the toilet to reach ten points and the win.

Winner: AND NEW Dupp Cup Champion, Teo

We get a montage of highlights from over the last few weeks of the rivalry between Monty Brown and Elix Skipper. All this leads to tonight’s Detroit street fight.

Elix Skipper is out first and says that the ring is his house, and Monty Brown doesn’t even deserve to be in his house unless he says so. So Elix is begging Monty to come out so he can throw him out of TNA forever during NWA-TNA PPV #9.

Match #4 –
Elix Skipper vs. Monty Brown

Elix heads up the ramp to jump Monty from the right entrance, but Monty comes from the left entrance! Monty Brown tosses Elix down the ramp and eventually back into the ring. He lays into Skipper for a little bit and tosses him over the top rope with the t-shirt around Skipper’s neck.

Elix Skipper chokes out Monty Brown with a chain at ringside [Photo: TNA Cross The Line Podcast]
Brown goes for the diving forearm smash off the apron, but Skipper hits him with a chain. Skipper chokes Brown with the chain and then starts laying into him with a trash can lid. Back in the ring, and Brown misses a running crossbody and lands awkwardly on a trash can. Brown rolls out of the ring, and Skipper places a trash can on top of him. Skipper with a springboard corkscrew over the top rope onto the can and Brown. Pin attempt outside the ring gets a two count.

Skipper rolls Brown back inside and hits him with a stop sign. He goes for another shot, but Brown punches through the stop sign and hits Skipper in the face. Brown picks him up and hits the Alpha-loution. Brown sets up a trash can and hits Skipper with the Alpha-bomb through the trash can, and gets the pin.

Winner: Monty Brown

We’re in back again with Goldylocks talking to the Flying Elvises. Jorge Estrada tells us no matter what, they’re still a team. They’re wearing black armbands commemorating the 25th anniversary of The King’s death. Jimmy Yang says whenever he gets down; he remembers what is written on his wrist tape, WWKD, What Would the King Do? Siaki takes the mic and says The King was nothing but a pill popper who died on the toilet. The Flying Elvises are only about one thing, Sonny Siaki.

Back to the ring, and the competitors come out for our X Division title match.

Match #5 –
Four-Way Elimination Match for the X Division Championship
– Low-Ki vs. Jorge Estrada vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Sonny Siaki

Siaki sends Estrada and Yang to the apron; he’s got this. Low-Ki and Siaki have a solid back and forth sequence, and finally, Siaki is able to hit a powerbomb and get a two count. Siaki backs up, and Estrada tags himself in. Estrada hits Low-Ki with a standing moonsault and only gets a two count as well. Low-Ki gets control briefly with the kicks, but Estrada drops him and goes to the top rope. Siaki bumps him, and Estrada drops to the mat. Low-Ki goes for the pin, but Siaki breaks it up.

Estrada tags in Yang. Low-Ki gets a brief comeback, but Yang cuts him off. Low-Ki is up, but Estrada with a blind tag, and we get Elvis vs. Elvis. A great back and forth showing off the amazing technical prowess of Estrada and Yang. Eventually, Yang gets the upper hand and locks in the Boston Crab, and Estrada taps out.

Low-Ki gets in, and after a few shots, Yang takes back control of the match. Yang goes to the top rope, but Siaki knocks him off just like he did with Estrada. Low-Ki gets Yang up and hits the Ki-Crusher for the pin, and Yang is eliminated.

Siaki is in and gets the jump on Low-Ki. Low-Ki is back up, and both men start trading blows. Eventually, Low-Ki is down, and Siaki goes to the ropes for a move but is hit by Yang. Low-Ki rolls up the stunned Siaki for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: AND STILL X-Division Champion – Low-Ki

We cut to footage from earlier today with Goldylocks and Jerry Lynn. Lynn has Goldy get in his car with him. She asks about Lynn and Styles, and Lynn says it’s just a matter of respect. Lynn stops the car, gets out, and assaults AJ Styles. He tells Styles it is a matter of respect, and he will respect Lynn.

Back to the Asylum with the Disco Inferno and another episode of JiveTalkin”. Disco gave Pauline the night off because Discodoesn’tt have a wrestler on the show tonight; he has a legit Hollywood star. From the legendary family, Dean Baldwin.

Dean puts over the X Division. Disco asks about the Dupps and Goldylocks, and both men snicker. Then, Disco asks about the movie Dean is working on in Hollywood; no, it’s not Pearl Harbor 2; it’s Urban Heartthrob. Dean is working with some famous names, like Frank Stallone and Carrot Top.

Disco wants to know what happens between Alec and Kim Bassinger. Dean wants to know if Disco wants to talk about his movie. Discodoesn’tt, he wants more salacious talk about Alec and Kim. They’re interrupted by Brian Lawler. Lawler is still going on about Jarrett and what he’s guilty of. Dean takes the mic from Lawler and big shots him, and Lawler drops him with a punch and throws him through the set. Security comes out and subdues Lawler.

We cut to Goldy and the Dupps. Stan is done with NWA; he’s never coming back. Bo says they need to win the Dupp Cup back. Unfortunately, this angle has met their cousin, Wash DupIIIIIII’veeeldIII onto that joke for weeks.

Back to the ring, and we get the introductions for our main event.

Match #6 –
NWA Tag Team Championship
Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett and The Truth

Truth and Jarrett jump Lynn at his entrance, and it seems like Jerry Lynn is defending the titles by himself. Truth and Jarrett take advantage of the two-on-one situation. Styles hits the ring for the save, and the odds are evened up.

AJ and Jarrett are in the ring, and Styles has a clear advantage. Styles dumps Jarrett out of the ring and hits a springboard moonsault. Lynn and Truth are on the other side brawling and make it back to the ring, where Lynn gains the clear advantage. Eventually, Lynn hits a second rope bulldog and goes for the pin, but Jarrett is back in the ring to break it up.

Styles is back in the ring and lays out Jarrett. Jarrett counters the double move, and we finally get some order in the ring. Truth tags in Jarrett and lays into Lynn. Pin attempt yields a two count, and Jarrett tags Truth back in.

Lynn gets a brief comeback, but Truth gets a low blow while Jarrett distracts the ref. Jarrett is back in the ring, and Lynn blocks the Stroke, Jarrett locks in a sleeper, but Lynn breaks out and goes for the Figure 4. Jarrett reverses it immediately, and Lynn grabs the ropes to break the hold.

Truth back is and hits a scoop slam and a cocky pin for a two count. Lynn gets a bit of momentum going, but Truth cuts him off quickly and keeps control of the match. Truth puts Lynn up on the top rope and taunts the crowd. Lynn takes advantage and hits a tornado DDT. Both men are down and drag themselves to the corners for the hot tags.

Styles gets control and goes for the Styles Clash, but Truth breaks it up. Lynn lays out Truth, and both men are finally working together, and Styles goes to pick up by Truth. A double-team move on Truth, and the pin gets broken up by Jarrett. Styles is sent to the ropes, but spears referee Scott Armstrong on the way by, and the ref is down. In the chaos, Lynn hits an inverted attack ref to count the pin.

Truth goes after Lynn, but Lynn counters with the cradle piledriver but again, no ref to count the pin. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Lynn; Styles hits the Spiral Tap on Truth. Both men pin their opponents, another ref slides in as Armstrong comes to, both an official winner.

The match is ruled a No Contest.

The refs are arguing in the ring, and Bullet Bob Armstrong hits the ring. The tag belts will be held up while the NWA sorts this out. Bullet Bob tells Truth he has a world title match against Monty Brown next week. Bullet Bob tells Styles and Lynn that they need to resolve whatever their issue is. Lynn wants a falls count anywhere match. Styles wants a no DQ match. Bullet Bob makes a two-out 3 falls match between the two. The first two falls are each of their stipulations. If it goes to a third fall, it will be an iron man match.

Jarrett grabs; what about me?  Bob tells him he has a bumpy ride. Jarrett runs off with the tag titles as Bullet Bob chases him to the back.

Don West takes the to defend the X Division title against the S.A.T. in the same match type we saw tonight, and we also get Sonny Siaki vs. Jimmy Yang.

We cut to the back, and Jarrett is arguing with Bullet Bob and the officials. Jarrett goes to leave, but Brian Lawler grabs him by the throat now that the X Division is the driving force of the shows in; his ringwork is amazing, and storylines are simple enough to justify the matches we see. Lynn and Styles are the clear-cut stars, and their apparent blow-off match has a ton of expectation behind it during NWA-TNA PPV #9.

The Truth and Jarrett are entertaining, but is it too early for Monty Brown to be competing for the NWA title? The problem with NWA: TNA is while the good is really good.  PPV #10 seems to be a loaded card; join me next time as we continue through the Asylum years on the NWA: TNA Retroview!


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