NWA-TNA PPV 17 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

On Wednesday, October 16th, 2002, Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to NWA-TNA PPV 17. They recap what happened several weeks ago between Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada, they show a video package of the feud between Siaki and Estrada. Siaki threw his Flying Elvises jumpsuit in a metal trash can outside the TNA Asylum during an interview conducted by Goldylocks and set the metal trash can on fire.

Tonight Jorge Estrada faces Sonny Siaki. Tag Team Grudge Match Miss TNA Bruce and Jeff Jarrett faces BG James and Hermie Sadler. Tenay mentions that tonight Sonny Siaki will take on Jorge Estrada. Another video airs promoting a tag team match which will see Jeff Jarrett and Bruce taking on BG James and Hermie Sadler. The video shows the important parts of the segment last week.

Another video airs hyping up the NWA-TNA World Tag Team champions “Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris defend the NWA World Tag Team against Chris and Rick Michaels. They also promote AJ Styles challenging Syxx Pac for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship. Ron “The Truth” Killings defends the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Curt Hennig in the main event.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada. Estrada says he has two huge announcements. Estrada introduces his Priscilla. Goldylocks says we all know Siaki has left The Flying Elvises, Jimmy Wang Yang is over wrestling for All Japan Wrestling. Estrada says he will be looking for a new Flying Elvis member. In the background Syxx Pac is seen leaving a locker room.

Brian Lawler walks over and gets in Goldylocks face asking where his girlfriend April is? I know you two are friends. Goldylocks says she doesn’t know where April is. She’s not her handler. Lawler says that he will hold Goldylocks responsible if anything happens to his girlfriend April. At the end of the interview, April is seen opening the door that Syxx had just left.

Here comes Lawler’s girlfriend April down, the ramp as if she just arrived to the TNA Asylum. Lawler grabs a steel chair at ringside sets it in front of the announce table tells April to sit down. Lawler with obscene gesture to the fans before, he gets in the ring.

Brian Lawler vs. David Young

Young catches Lawler in a School Boy gets two. Young with three DDTs to Lawler goes for a pin-fall gets two. Lawler asked his girlfriend April for his goggles she hands them to him, Lawler goes to the top rope hits The Hip-Hop Drop but, he took too much, time Young moved out of the way. Lawler’s girlfriend April waved at Young distracted him, Lawler with a Reverse DDT off the middle rope goes for a pin-fall gets 1-2-3!

Winner: Brian Lawler

After the match, Lawler calls his girlfriend April into the ring. Lawler poses in the ring while still being verbally abusive towards his girlfriend April.

A video promoting the feud between Sonny Siaki and Jerry Lynn is shown. The rivalry started when Siaki screwed Lynn in a match against Killings several weeks ago. The attack two weeks ago is also shown where he and AJ Styles beat Lynn up backstage. Siaki injuring Lynn last week is also shown.

Jerry Lynn limps down to the ring as he is going to address the fans. Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash introduces Jerry Lynn. And holds the ropes open for him. Lynn will give the benefit of the doubt for Siaki saying that he holds himself responsibility for the injury. However, Jerry Lynn says that he won’t be held responsible next week. Lynn continues by saying he has taken care of people like Siaki for the past fourteen years.

Jerry also says that Siaki is everything wrong with this business, saying that Siaki has “earned nothing in this business.” Lynn will give Siaki a reality check, and that will happen next week. Lynn says that Siaki will have a new found respect for the business and for Jerry Lynn. Sonny Siaki’s music hits and Siaki shows up at the top of the entrance ramp.

Siaki says that he doesn’t respect anyone and that he will not be a mid-carder for the next fifteen years. Instead, Siaki will start at the top and will finish at the top. Lynn says that after life comes death. Siaki runs down to the ring and works on the injured right knee of Lynn. Ace Steel, Derek Wylde, David Young and Norman Smiley run down pulling Siaki off. Lynn attacks Siaki as the wrestlers and security try to hold them away from each other.

Jorge Estrada and Bob Armstrong run down to the ring as well. Siaki is shoved to the floor by Don Harris. Earlier in the day, Mike Tenay sat down with Syxx Pac. Tenay mentions Pac’s matches in the GWF with Jerry Lynn. Tenay says that Pac was “the X-Division before the X-Division existed.” Pac says that the division is extreme, and exciting. Pac puts over Jerry Lynn as a great wrestler.

Tenay asks Pac if he thinks he can have the same success in TNA as he had in WCW and WWF. Pac doesn’t really answer the question. Instead he says people will not be able to recreate the New World Order or DX. Pac says that he felt bad for the comments made about Low Ki a few weeks ago. Syxx Pac says that AJ Styles will get his attempt to get respect tonight. Pac will prove that he is the NWA-TNA X-Division Champion.

Sonny Siaki vs. Jorge Estrada

With a Springboard Leg drop off, the middle rope, Estrada goes for a pin-fall and gets two. Estrada with a Sprinboard Moonsault off the top rope goes for a pin-fall gets two. Siaki goes for a pin-fall gets two. With a Springboard Moonsault off the top rope, Estrada goes for a pin-fall and gets two. Siaki with a Lariat goes for a pin-fall gets two. Estrada with a Side Effect goes for a pin-fall gets two. Finally, Siaki hits a Springing Neckbreaker, goes for a pin-fall, and gets 1-2-3!

Winner: Sonny Siaki

After the match, Jerry Lynn comes from the back and attacks Sonny Siaki. TNA security, TNA referees and wrestlers come from the back to the ring to pull apart Lynn and Siaki in the ring. NWA representative “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and NWA official Bill Behrens come to the ring. Head of TNA security Don Harris gets Siaki out of the ring.

Derek Wylde vs. Ace Steel with Mortimer Plumtree

Wylde takes Steel down with a hurricanrana as that was the first move that wasn’t a hip toss or wrist lock. Wylde botches a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Steel backdrops Wylde up against the ropes but Wylde takes Steel down with a head scissors on the floor. Back in the ring, Steel crotches Wylde on the middle turnbuckle and connects with a running dropkick.

Steel follows up with a superplex off the top and drives Wylde down with several double under hook face busters onto his knee. Steel follows up with the Twist of Cain and goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ace Steel

After the match, Steel and Mortimer Plumtree celebrate their victory in the ring. Before the next match, BG James does something similar to what he use to do in the WWE for several years. BG also cuts a promo saying that he will be proving himself right tonight when they beat Jarrett and Bruce. BG is coming for Jarrett while Sadler will be going after Bruce. Jarrett says that he was at the race this past Saturday.

Apparently, the race didn’t go so well for Sadler. Jarrett says Sadler will be cast in a new movie, “The Last and Furious.”

Jeff Jarrett and Miss TNA Bruce vs. BG James and Hermie Sadler

Jarrett and James start the match off with Jarrett working on James with several right hands and a hip toss takedown. James knocks Jarrett down with a flying forearm smash and a dropkick to the back of Jarrett goes for a pin-fall gets two.

Miss TNA Bruce gets tagged in and does some taunts. Sadler gets tagged in and is taken down by Miss TNA Bruce, twice. Miss TNA Bruce continues his offense with a arm drag, but Sadler comes back with a hip toss. James tags himself in. James goes for the pump handle slam, Miss TNA Bruce appears likes it! Jarrett hits James and Miss TNA Bruce regains control stomping away on James.

Jarrett enters and nails James with a kick to the back of the head goes for a pin-fall gets two. Jeff tags Miss TNA Bruce back in who stomps away on James and chokes James in the corner. Jarrett and Miss TNA Bruce stomp on James in the corner. James ducks a clothesline and delivers several jabs and right hands to Jarrett and Miss TNA Bruce. James with a knee drop coming off the ropes on Jarrett goes for a pin-fall gets two.

Sadler enters and takes Miss TNA Bruce down with a snap suplex. Hermie hits a clothesline on Miss TNA Bruce as James and Jarrett brawl to the back. Sadler with a back body drop on Bruce for a near fall. Lawler shows up with a trash can and hits James over the head on the entrance ramp. Miss TNA Bruce with a back suplex on Sadler as Lawler and Jarrett work on Miss TNA Bruce.

Jarrett hits Miss TNA Bruce with the trash can. Sadler blocks a sunset flip attempt from Miss TNA Bruce to roll Miss TNA Bruce up 1-2-3!

Winners: BG James and Hermie Sadler

After the match, Sadler checks on BG James at the top of the entrance ramp. Miss TNA Bruce and Jeff Jarrett are not happy in the ring. Jarrett is yelling at Miss TNA Bruce in the ring. Miss TNA Bruce hugs Jarrett but Jarrett low blows Miss TNA Bruce and drops him, with the Stroke. Jarrett leaves the ring as Miss TNA Bruce is left laying in the ring.

Ron Harris vs. Norman Smiley

A few moments into the match, Smiley dropkicks the knee of Harris and attempts the Big Wiggle, but Harris elbows out of that. Harris nails Smiley with a big boot. Smiley continues to work on the knee of Harris but doesn’t really affect Harris. Next, Norman Smiley hits a clothesline and a swinging scoop slam. Smiley follows up with the Big Wiggle.

Harris becomes furious and delivers a big boot and follows up with several running clotheslines in the corner. He plants Smiley with a side slam, goes for a pin-fall, and gets two. Harris quickly hits a cobra clutch slam goes for a pin-fall 1-2-3!

Winner: Ron Harris

After the match, Harris beats down Smiley. However, Smiley comes back with several forearm shots and is screaming like a psycho. Smiley begins to choke Harris until TNA head of security Don Harris runs down to stop the beating. Don Harris and Ron Harris trade shoves and get in each others faces.

NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Chris and Rick Michaels vs. “Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris (c).

Storm and Rick Michaels start the match off with Storm knocking Rick down with a shoulder block. Chris Michaels enters after Rick Michaels bails to the floor. Storm backdrops Chris Michaels over the top on Rick Michaels. Harris enters and elevates Storm over the top onto Chris Michaels and Rick Michaels on the floor. Chris Harris also leaps over the top connecting with a cross body on the floor.

Harris backdrops Chris Michaels down and tags in Storm. Rick Michaels delivers a knee to the back of Storm and sends Storm into the guard railing. The challengers control Storm for several moments. Chris Michaels hits Storm with a standing leg lariat goes for a pin-fall gets two. Storm takes Rick down with a hurricanrana and manages to tag in Harris. Harris cleans house with clotheslines taking both opponents down.

Chris Harris drives Rick Michaels down with a running bulldog as well. Harris leaps off the top connecting with a cross body on Chris Michaels goes for a pin-fall gets two. Storm drives Rick Michaels down with the Eye of the Storm but the referee is distracted. Chris Michaels leaps off the top and connects with a leg drop on Storm. Rick Michaels goes for the cover, but Storm manages to kick out.

Harris clotheslines Chris off the apron on the announcers table. Storm connects with a super kick on Rick Michaels goes for a pin-fall gets two. Chris Michaels shoves Storm off the top onto the guard railing. Rick Michaels with the Double Shot on Harris and Chris leaps off the top hitting a elbow drop goes for a pin-fall gets two. Harris manages to hit “Wildcat” Chris Harris with the Catatonic and picks up the win for his team.

Winners: ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris and ‘Cowboy’ James Storm

[Photo: TNA Cross The Line Podcast]
After the match, the Hot shots run down to the ring and attack the champions. Chris and Rick Michaels also return to the ring and help beat down the champions. Several officials enter the ring trying to break up the beat down but are unable to. All four men beat down on security before leaving the ring.

NWA-TNA X-Division Championship Match
AJ Styles with Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx-Pac

AJ Styles kicks the hand of Syxx-Pac away as he tries to shake hands with Styles. Syxx-Pac with a the crotch chop as well to continue to taunt Styles. Styles with a arm drag takedown, and Syxx-Pac mock applauds Styles. Styles does the same move but Syxx-Pac doesn’t applaud this time. Syxx-Pac takes Styles down and slaps the back of Styles head. Styles delivers a shot to the chest of Syxx-Pac as he was up against the ropes.

Styles manages to take Syxx-Pac down with a snap hurricanrana. Syxx-Pac with several chops as Styles played to the crowd. Syxx-Pac with a jumping back kick in the corner. Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but Plumtree pulls his client of the ring. Syxx-Pac takes Styles down with a arm drag once Styles returns, but Styles bails to the floor. Styles is back dropped onto the apron but lands on his feet.

Styles trips Syxx-Pac up and drives him groin first into the ring post. AJ gets a two when he returns to the ring. Styles jumps onto the back of Syxx-Pac who is hovered over the middle rope. Plumtree proceeds to choke Syxx-Pac behind the referees back. Syxx-Pac attempts to fight out of a chin lock but is driven down to the mat with a hair pull by Styles.

Styles sends Pac through the middle rope to the floor, where Plumtree continues to deliver cheap shots. AJ comes off the ropes, connects with a somersault dive onto Syxx-Pac on the floor, and gets a two-count back in the ring. Styles delivers a leg drop to the back of Syxx-Pac head as he was hunched over. Styles misses the Spiral Tap off the top. Syxx-Pac with a standing spin kick, twice.

Syxx-Pac also connects with a spinning heel kick and goes up top. Pac leaps off the top but is met with a dropkick in midair and Styles gets a two. Styles tries to go for the Bronco Buster but Syxx-Pac pushes Styles over the top to the floor. Syxx-Pac climbs to the top and leaps off, connecting with a spinning back dive of sorts. Pac hits a Northern lights suplex in the ring but only gets a two.

Syxx-Pac avoids a discus lariat and Styles hit’s the referee. Syxx-Pac blocks a power bomb attempt and connects with the X-Factor. Plumtree enters the ring and kicks Syxx-Pac. Syxx-Pac works on Styles as the referee tries to break it up. Pac hits the Bronco Buster and delivers several right hands. Pac pushes the referee away, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: via disqualification, AJ Styles

After the match, Syxx-Pac knocks the referee to the floor. Security enter the ring trying to hold Syxx-Pac back as he goes towards Styles and Plumtree. Plumtree is arguing with Bill Behrens as they head to the backstage area.

Don West gets ready to promote what will happen next week. Sonny Siaki will face Jerry Lynn. Brian Lawler will compete against BG James. Chris Harris and James Storm will defend the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships. We will also see Jeff Jarrett, Ron Killings, Syxx-Pac and AJ Styles. Mike Tenay mentions his sit down interview with Curt Hennig.

We go to the interview from earlier in the day. Tenay mentions the AWA where Hennig competed in several years ago. Hennig says winning his first World Championship and Tag Team Championship with Scott Hall. Tenay mentions gold he held in WWF and WCW. Hennig doesn’t see wrestling the way he would like it, but does in TNA. Hennig was surprised the way the fans reacted to him last week.

Curt Hennig puts over Killings as a good wrestler. Hennig doesn’t see why he can’t have gold here in TNA.

Before the main event, Truth grabs a microphone and says, “It is time for the Truth.” Killings wants to know when the TNA officials will show their faces and stop hiding behind their titles. Ron Killings says he doesn’t hide behind his title. Killings says the officials are punk a** cowards. Killings is not happy with having to defend against a white wrestler. He wanted to give minority wrestlers the opportunity he hadn’t been offered for several years.

Killings says that he doesn’t duck anyone. The Truth says that Hennig is the king of backstage politics. Killings tells the fans he isn’t overrated, but their mothers are. Killings calls out Hennig. Hennig comes out with a microphone. He gives Killings some advice. Hennig mentions respect, tells Killings that no one likes him, and says that Killings can kiss his butt.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Curt Hennig vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings (c)

It was a relatively slow start to the match as they locked up, but nothing happened. Hennig takes Killings down with a go behind and locks in a front face lock. Killings reaches the bottom of the ropes to break the hold and has his back slapped by Hennig. They got to the floor where Killings backdrops Hennig onto the announcers table. Killings clotheslines Hennig over the railing into the crowd.

Hennig hits Killings with a chair to the midsection and back. Killings apparently throws something into the eyes of Hennig, but there wasn’t a clear view as to what it was. Killings drives Hennig down with a running power slam. Mortimer Plumtree, Ace Steel, Ron Harris and AJ Styles are watching the match at the top of the ramp way. Killings works on the knees of Hennig for a few moments.

Killings ducks a clothesline and connects with a leg lariat. Hennig with a knee lift and goes to scoop slam but Killings legs hit the referee. Hennig instead goes for the Hennig Plex but the masked wrestler slides into the ring and beats up Ron Killings and Curt Hennig. BG James and Syxx Pac enter the ring to help Hennig. Ace Steel, AJ Styles and Ron Harris also come down, and a massive brawl ensues.

Bob Armstrong and Bill Behrens come down, breaking up the fight. Armstrong clears the ring and says to restart the match. The match is restarted, and Killings flips out. Killings tosses Scott Armstrong across the ring and hits Jeremy Borash and Bob Armstrong. Killings has a chair and dares anyone to come towards him. Armstrong gives Killings the chance to fight to retain his belt or get counted out and lose it.

Jeff Jarrett comes down and ducks a clothesline from Hennig on the apron and low blows Hennig. Hennig falls back into the ring, and Killings goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: AND STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron “The Truth” Killings.

After the match, Killings raps insulting the fans. After that, NWA-TNA PPV 17 goes for the air.