NWA Presents Carnyland for 5/19/20

At the very end of last week’s Super Powerrr 21st and season-ending episode, Billy Corgan enthusiastically promoted a new weekly show as, the NWA presents Carnyland for 5/19/20. There isn’t any indication as to what the show would entail, which makes for sky-high anticipation. It’s like that massive box under the Christmas tree with your name on it.

This show will run weekly until the NWA gets back to staging and posting new content. The world is slowly getting back to a more”normal” modus vivendi. Several States and Provinces are discussing how and when to resume sporting activities. The German Bundesliga, as well as Taiwanese baseball, are staging events in empty stadiums. No word, however as to what the NWA plans to do. More questions than answers, but the wheels are in motion.

This is Carnyland

Photo / NWA

In the interim, we take up residence in Carnyland. Yours sincerely, in no rush to sign a long term lease! After watching the initial episode, a great quote from Oscar Wilde came to mind. “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” Sordid details following.

This edition is primarily anecdotal off the wall comedy show. Or it is an attempt at one anyway. Imagine the love child of The Firefly Funhouse and SCTV. A series of comedy skits featuring NWA talent in character.

The first segment was enjoyable and refreshing. Nick Aldis is telling an anecdote about one of his first American experiences. He was booked on a Bristol, Tennessee card and promised that his motel room. The room would be paid for by the promoter, who turned out to be unscrupulous. The rationale was for failing to pay for his accommodations. A classic case of to live and learn.

Our next step was to enroll in Carnyland College, where Allysin Kay gave a lecture on how to cut a promo 101. “The more cichéd, the better” was her pearl of wisdom.
This followed up by a preview of the Eli Drake show. It is where the host let’s know that he’s been fired from every promotion he’s worked for. The reasons include; talking too much and saying the wrong things.

Tim Storm Gives A History Lesson

NWA Presents Carnyland for 5/19/20

Real-life pedagogue Tim Storm then gave us a history lesson on the life of Benjamin Franklin. After learning about his real-life feats, Storm went on to tell us that he was very fond of flatulence and authored a book entitled” How to Pick a Mistress.”You may be catching on to my vibe. This is Carnyland, expect the outrageous and humor that might be very much appreciated by a Grade 9 gym class.

Right after history class, Dave Marquez hosted a segment entitled “The Carnyland Translator.” Or, how to decipher phone messages left by promoters and talent. “When a promoter tells you the cheque is in the mail what he’s saying is I need the thirty dollars to put a deposit on a replica championship belt. ”

Jocephus plugged a forthcoming book “How to be a Champion,” yet stated that since he hasn’t captured any gold, however, you can purchase the bookstand for $19.95.
Nick Aldis re-appeared to plug “What”s Causing Aldis.” The first episode will feature the National Treasure, Thom Latimer, and Crimson. They will be talking about failed characters portrayed in their careers.

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