NWA Super Powerrr for 5/12/20

This was taped months ago and scheduled to be broadcast in March, the NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr episode will finally be shown. The show was conceived to hype the Crockett Cup. In a perfect and healthy world would have been held in Atlanta on April 19th. It was pulled and archived. The conscientious move by the organization, worthy of praise.

There is no word as yet as to when and where the Crockett Cup will be held. It is to be in conjunction with ROH. The latter federation is also on hiatus. The PPV has been built around the rivalry between NWA’s Strictly Business faction and ROH’s Villain Enterprises.
Nick Aldis and arch-rival Marty Scurll are at the helm of the respective stables. The Crockett Cup will see Aldis defend his NWA title against Scurll. The high stakes stipulation being that if Scurll fails in his quest, he will have to fork over half a million dollars to Aldis. Like the Billie Holiday classic, ” nice work if you can get it”.

The curtain raises this evening with Sean Mooney interviewing the Rock’N Roll Express. Ricky Morton underscores the team’s 35-year career coupled with their will to carry on. The Crockett Cup would put an exclamation point on the careers of the 9 time NWA tag team champions. Tonight though they are challenged by Aron Stevens and the Question Mark. The aforementioned pair looking to knock off the legends to stake their claim to a championship duel with Eli Drake and Cowboy James Storm.


Rock n’ Roll Express vs Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Better luck next time to Stevens and the Question Mark. After taking the early advantage, a couple of miscues hampered the team in question. There was an excellent comedic moment mid-way through the match. Aron Stevens found double teamed by the Express. This resulted in a well-executed delayed flop. Close to Chaplinesque and pleasing to those who enjoy humor in wrestling.

Winners: Rock n’Roll Express

After Trevor Murdoch, Stevens’ nemesis showed up at ringside, Stevens grabbed the mic to call a time out. He brought out his insurance policy, Question Mark jr. , a mountain of a man who looked to be close to 400lbs.  Aron Stevens was hit with a Schoolboy and pinned. No playing around with Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.

Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Allysin Kay Confrontation

Next up was a summit on the state of the Women’s championship. Melina appeared first and stated that she deserves to face Thunder Rosa for the title. Stating her case she mentions being a living legend and deserving of the chance because former champ Allysin Kay has been unsuccessful twice against Thunder Rosa. Out, comes Ms.Kay who couldn’t disagree more. She refers to Melina as a coward stressing the title means everything to her.

The champion, Thunder Rosa got the last word. She also got the biggest pop of the evening. Rosa stated that she didn’t need anybody’s help to win the title. Her commitment is to bring honor to the federation, her dojo, and her family. She then challenged both Melina and Kay to a 3-way championship dance at the Crockett Cup. Book this for the not too distant future!

NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr

Tim Storm vs Jax Dane

Tim Storm finally got his chance to attempt to exact revenge against Danny Deals. Backtracking a bit, Deals angered Storm by impersonating and mocking 95-year-old Momma Storm. Storm sought immediate revenge. If Storm wins he will have five minutes with Deals. He then said the opponent would be 289 pounds Jax Dane, a very muscular and intimidating former champion.

This match was as hard-hitting as a runaway freight train. As he made his entrance, Storm was ambushed. He was thrown into the ring. Storm was then hit with Gut Wrench Suplex. James Storm would counter by driving Dane into the steel steps. In no time the action spilled into the crowd as both men went to the top of the grandstand. Great quote by Stu Bennett” Both men fighting like two old school monsters .”

Storm stumbled halfway down the stairs, both men found themselves at the announce table. They shoved each other face-first into the venerable Crockett Cup. After that, a classic exchange of loud and stinging chops. Back in the ring, Dane takes a steel chair and inserts it into the corner. This is a guaranteed backfire. This is followed by a Perfect Storm meant it was Danny Deals’ rendezvous with destiny. Storm getting five minutes one on one with Deals.

Winner: Tim Storm

The wily smooth-talking Deals put on a wig, glasses, and housedress to try to appease Storm by dressing up like his mom. Of course, that would backfire as well. After an insincere hug, Storm removed the costume and crushed deals with two Perfect Storms. Karma bringing the last laugh to Storm. Almost bringing last rites to Deals.

NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr

Ashley Vox vs Marty Belle vs Tasha Steelz

The next match featured an element of surprise. It was a three-way Woman’s match featuring Marty Belle, Ashley Vox, and Tasha Steelz. While dominated by Belle, Steelz grabbed the victory by administering an out of nowhere stunner. The surprise here lies in the fact that Tasha Steelz has just made her first appearance on IMPACT after signing with the rival organization. We can look forward to friendly greetings on Locker Room Talk and by Susie.

The main event was preceded by an interview featuring Eddie Kingston, Eli Drake, and James Storm. Kingston throwing his support behind the champions because they are two men who just love to fight. Emotion seconded by the Cowboy who stated that while we love to entertain we love to brawl as well.

A very “over” Eli Drake issued a championship challenge to any team from any federation, universe, etc for the titles at the Crockett Cup. Don’t expect to see the Roc-Ness Monsters from the Nebular Emissions Spiral. Much at stake in the main event. Marty Scurll and Brody King, one half of Villain Enterprises squaring off against Strictly Business comrades Nick Aldis and Thomas Latimer. The tensions running sky high between these two dominant factions.

NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr

Marty Scurll and Brody King vs. Nick Aldis and Thomas Latimer

The match commenced with Scurll and Aldis in the ring but the National Treasure tagged Thom Latimer in almost immediately. In no time after that Brody King was tagged in as well. The two mastodons exchanging heavy artillery. When Marty Scurll was tagged in, he hoodwinked Dave Hebner by feigning to have received a Double Knee from Nick Aldis.
We then witnessed successive exchanges of double-teaming and tandem wrestling from both sides. Brody King would then nail Nick Aldis with a Piledriver. Thomas Latimer breaking up the count promptly.

Mayhem would follow. Kamille distracted the referee allowing Nick Aldis to abscond with Marty Scurll’s loaded umbrella. Said weapon promptly seized by Scurll who clubbed Royce Isaacs with it. He then took out Isaacs with a Suicide Dive.

In the ring though, trouble aplenty for Villain Enterprises. The official’s back conveniently turned. Nick Aldis would follow up with a top rope Elbow Smash. Tainted victory for Strictly Business on its home turf. They truly appear to have Villain Enterprises’ number.

Winners: Strictly Business

Very good to see fresh content from the NWA. The show had some very good moments but on the whole, was far from outstanding. It is hard to keep interested and momentum ablaze when you lay low for weeks on end. When you add to that the return of a show that aired two months ago. The NWA not seemingly interested in putting on empty studio shows, or so it would seem.

NWA Super Powerrr ending with an intriguing yet vague announcement from owner Billy Corgan. The fed’s owner stating that e showing fresh content and new matches is the ultimate goal. In the interim, the Tuesday 6:05 slot will be filled by a new show entitled “Carnyland”. Oddly, no mention or hint at all as to what the concept is.

We will review it for you in 7 days while pondering what it might feature. A pleasant and easy distraction indeed!