NWA Powerrr Playback for Episode #20 (Strictly Chaos)

When an episode is entitled Strictly Chaos, expectations run high. This installment of NWA Powerrr surely did not disappoint.

The show opened with Tim Storm being interviewed on the edition titled Strictly Chaos. The ex-champ is irate over the fact that two weeks ago after a hard-fought loss to Thom Latimer of Strictly Business, 95-year-old Mama Storm was the object of disrespectful mockery.

Thom Latimer suddenly appeared and gave Storm a tongue lashing over the former accusing Storm of driving a wedge or attempting to between Thom Latimer and Nick Aldis. Storm opening that Latimer has championship aspirations of his own. We all know how unhealthy these interstable jealousies can be. No need to be a Psychology major here.

Before this story develops any further, Danny Deals appears. Slick talking used car salesman type. Could they have not come up though with a more original name for the character?

Deals want to talk business with Tim Storm. He offers him one of two choices and mentions he found him a perfect and accomplished tag team partner. Deals promised Storm that his proposed tag team partner would lead him to a sure championship.

Our friend from Pine Bluff was not at all impressed with the proposition.

Deals then gave Storm the following scenario. Square off against the proposed partner. If the latter would prevail, Storm would have to use his stroke in the NWA offices to have the victor signed to a contract. On the other hand, should Storm win, he would get 5 minutes in the ring with Danny Deals.

We then were presented Storm s forthcoming foe, one time NWA champ Jax Dane, a 300-pound powerhouse. Storm, of course, accepts to fight Dane. There are no lengths a man will not go to defend his Mother’s honor.

Matt Cross is then interviewed and states that the NWA exemplifies history, heart, and spirit and that he is in it for the long haul. He takes to the ring for a three-way non-title bout with TV champion Ricky Starks and the Outlandish Zicky Dice. For those who have been following the game for several years, the outlandish one is a dead ringer for Mike Davis of the team Rock and Roll RPM’S .

Matt Cross vs. Ricky Starks

The match begins with a flurry of punches all around. Then, Starks head is rammed into the ring post and lays prone in the ring.  Matt Cross was able to inflict a cross cutter as well as shooting star press.

Matt Cross was about to pin Starks but the party was spoiled by Zicky Dice. Dice tossed Cross out of the ring and pounced on the prone champion to earn himself the victory.

The next segment saw a new feature called May Valentine s Diary. The generic blonde bombshell talked about how proud she is of Royce Isaacs, that Sal Rinaro is her BFF and that Kamilla is not that intimidating after all. This feature really needs to be worked on. When your show runs 50 minutes, there is little time for weak sauce content.

Things improved considerably with the appearance of NWA National Champion, Aron Shooter Stevens. Stevens let us all know that he is a third-degree Champion owing to his expertise in Mongrovian Kata -TAY. Heavy emphasis on the last syllable.

Says that he is a fighting champion notwithstanding the fact that he s bolted from the ring in all but two of his title defenses. Stevens then calls out his sensai, The Question Mark who by the way has a 10th-degree black belt in Mongrovian Kara-TAY.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Question Mark

Off to the ring, we head once more to see the Question Mark challenged by Trevor Murdoch. The burly brawling Texan chomping at the bit for a shot at the National championship. This match, over in a heartbeat. The Question Mark misfires with a Mongrovian spike. This allows Murdoch to ascend to the top rope and unleash a perfectly executed bulldog.

Immediately after the count of three, Murdoch is laid out by Stevens and the Question Mark. The issues though, far from over.

Sean Mooney then welcomes a handsomely attired Nick Aldis who took no time to mention that he is decked out in Hugo Boss garments because he is the boss and has the sharp end of the stick.

He sets out his most recent accomplishments and declares that we no longer talk about trickle-down economics but NICK el down economics. He then calls out Marty Scurll and generously allows the Villain the chance to back out of their Crockett Cup encounter by merely admitting that Aldis is the better man.

Scurll replied that he is not backing down from anything. He tells Aldis that there is no need to wait until April 19TH, we could face off right now.

Scurll takes to the ring while Royce Isaacs appears to seemingly do the National Treasure’s bidding.

Blows are exchanged, Strictly Business is out to make a statement. Their attempts were thwarted when Brody King emerged from the audience. Fisticuffs ensued outside the ring. This mayhem takes us into the break. Strictly Business and Villain Enterprises will be seeing a lot of each other and not engage in jovial banter. Between all involved, there is strictly chaos.

Upon our return, Eddie Kingston is being interviewed by David Marquez. Homicide s long time friend is taping his fists and calls out the Pope, Elijah Burke. Bad blood flows between the two.  The Pope lets us know that he was carved from granite and coated in gold. He also claims to have the money and power to do anything he wants and at any time.

Kingston calls out the Bouncers who he recruited to confront the Pope’s team, the Dawson Brothers. In a fiendish scheme, the Bouncers have become mercenaries for Burke and promptly take out an unsuspecting Eddie Kingston. Like the Stranglers tune, life shows no mercy.

NWA Women’s Championship

Thunder Rosa vs. Melina

Next on the slate, a prelude to the Thunder Rosa vs Melina championship encounter and the announcement of two championship matches for next week. Zicky Dice vs. Ricky Starks for the TV title and the Bouncers challenging James Storm and Eli Drake for tag team supremacy.

Melina and Thunder Rosa will finally square off. In an odd situation, the two are in the same stable. Melina is at the helm of the group and 20-year-old Thunder Rosa one of her protogées. As Stu Bennett aptly noted, this is like a family falling apart.

Strickly Chaos
Photo / NWA

The bell rings but there is no physical contact, merely quiet conversation. Melina appearing to pass a message on to the native of the graveyards of Tiajuana. Melina decides to vacate the ring, walks into the crowd and takes a ten count. Walk in the cemetery for Rosa.

Melina is surprised by the appearance of Allyson Kay, former champion and re-packaged with a grittier look. Melina is chased back into the ring but out of nowhere, the silent Kamille from Strictly Business appears and spears Allyson Kay out of her boots so to speak. Thunder Rosa and Kamille engage in a cross ring stare down as the music comes on and the credits roll and all this chaos is strictly over.

The highly entertaining spectacle which saw further seeds being planted, slowly but surely for the Crockett Cup. This was strictly chaos.