NWA Powerrr Playback: Episode 19 – The Circle Squared

Cody Rhodes speaking of the AEW, referred to it as the Ellis Island of professional wrestling, providing opportunities for all. The NWA upped the ante if you will by launching the Circle Squared as part of its weekly programming. Here is how the show came to be.

NWA president, Billy Corgan mentioned that since Powerrr took to YouTube airing last Fall, the promotion has been inundated with audition tapes by talent currently working the Indy feds. The driving force behind the Smashing Pumpkins mentioned that the best way to prove your worth is to feel the rush of performing before a live audience. In other words and with deference to Razor Ramon, don’t sing it, bring it.

After reviewing the surfeit of tapes sent in, the powers that be invited the most promising talent to perform live in the Atlanta studio location. Subsequent to their performances, the audience is invited to manifest their preference on the NWA website. Moreover, during the show, we will see live comments from those watching on YouTube. The judging will take place on promo skills, or the promo circle, and subsequently in the ring as well. The squared circle component of the Circle Squared.

All in all, the show comes off as a hybrid of American Idol and Austin Idol.

Before meeting the competitors we are shown a promo for next week’s Powerrr episode and the championship matchup between Melina and her young protegé Thunder Rosa. Two heel stablemates facing each other is a breeding ground for suspense and surprise.

We then get to meet the first competitors, a father and son tag team known as Hawx Aries. P.J. Hawx is the young cruiserweight mat technician type while the senior member of the team has the grizzled ring vet look. Burly, bald and bearded, the proverbial 3 B’s.

Luke Hawx showed his experience in the craft by cutting a tremendous promo with a nice catchphrase. He asserted the Hawx Aries are the ABC and XYZ because they finish what they start. The crowd took to chanting XYZ, XYZ.

Next up, a surprise appearance by the Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff. Koloff mentioning that he knows quite a bit about tag team wrestling. He has actually been coaching the best-kept secret in the wrestling business, the tag team of Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean. Both with the requisite brawler looks, the aforementioned 3 B’s. Michael Elgin and Karl Anderson turning out to be trendsetters, who knew?

Lewis Neal did the talking for the team. He looked and sounded comfortable. Stressing that behind every great athlete is an equally talented coach. And that Nikita Koloff would take them to the next level.

For his part, Tyson Dean was the strong silent type, did not utter a word. That being said, he comes off very well on camera. He has intense piercing blue eyes. Almost comes off like Dr. D David Schultz.

The second set of competitors take to the ring and we are set for the only match of the program. Nikita’s protogés take an early advantage over the younger and smaller P.J. Hawx. Frequent tags, full control.

After the time-honored series of near falls, Luke Hawx would intervene and break up a 2 count. Young P.J. finds a moment of inspiration and adrenaline aplenty and manages to suplex his foe. Luke Hawx is tagged in, administers a power slam and before we know it, the count of 1-2-3. The crowd digging the action repeats its chant of XYZ.

Truth be told, it would be very surprising, if not outlandish should the bi -generational combatants not be the overwhelming choice of the voting public.

The show ended with a big NWA announcement from Sean Mooney. The next PPV will be the Crockett Cup taking place in Atlanta on the 19th of April. The show which will be available on Fite Tv will be held in the brand new Gateway Arena. The venue which opened just three months ago has a concert seating capacity of 5000 and is the home of the Atlanta Skyhawks of the NBA D-League.

Topping the card that night, a confrontation for the NWA championship between current titleholder Nick Aldis and the Villain Marty Scurll. Should the latter NOT take the belt from Aldis, he will have to offer the National Treasure a cheque for $500,000. Could the stakes be any higher?

The show flew by. The Circle Squared provides a nice opportunity for us to discover upper-tier Indy talent while empowering us to choose the performers worthy of being offered contracts. Wrestling is enhanced by innovative concepts of this nature. All credit due to the NWA  for involving and empowering its fan base and providing first-rate entertainment.