NWA Powerrr Episode 20 (Stand And Defend)

Every Tuesday is Super Tuesday for the 193,000 subscribers to NWA Powerrr which takes to the airwaves weekly via the magic of YouTube as of 6:05 pm. Today’s episode is titled Stand and Defend, let’s see what happens in this weeks show!

Sean Mooney introduces the show informing us that there will 2 championship matches held tonight. In the first, the Outlandish Zicky Dice will vie for the Television Championship vs Ricky Starks. Later on, tag team supremacy will be on the line as Cowboy James Storm and Eli Drake are slated to defend their belts against the burly and able Bouncers of ROH.

The in-ring action commences with the aforementioned TV championship tilt. Keep in mind that these matches have a six-minute and five-second time limit. No time to waste, swift and effective strikes are needed. This concept seems to be lost on Mr. Dice. At the outset Dice is having a blast posing and pandering to the crowd. He even performs a few star jumps. I suddenly feel nostalgic pangs for grade 8 gym class.

We are down to 3 minutes and the action has heated up. The champion Starks hits a Falcon Arrow after a thwarted Northern Lights Suplex but only gets a 2 count. One minute later and time becoming a true factor, Starks goes for the Stroke, but his finishing move was neutralized by Dice. He performs a cleanly well-applied roll up for the victory. We have an Outlandish and brand new belt holder.

As Dice celebrates with Dave Marquez, he is interrupted by Thom Latimer of Strictly Business. He calls out play-by-play commentator Joe Galli. Latimer informs us that on the next show, his wife, Kamille will finally speak. My guess is that she will issue a challenge to Thunder Rosa seeking a crack at her Women’s championship.

We then are shown highlights of the Crockett Cup press conference which was held in Atlanta last Wednesday. Marty Scurll was at the podium first. He stated that wrestling is his life, that he is a master of the game and he guarantees victory on April 19th. Nick Aldis then spoke stating he was thrilled to headline a PPV card being held in a brand new American arena. Both he and the NWA promise to over-deliver once again.

Back to the studio we go. Aron Stevens is interviewed along with the Question Mark by Dave Marquez. The eloquent 3rd degree National Champion informs us that he and his Sensai partner are looking to pick up some tag team gold as well. They issue a challenge to the venerable Rock N Roll Express as a proving ground, a means to an end. Stevens with the line of the night…. “would somebody kindly please wake them up backstage”.

Never ones to back away from a good brawl, the challenge was accepted by Ricky and Robert. There will be some business done on the next broadcast.

On deck, a good old fashioned loser leaves town match. A tag team tilt fought under Tornado rules. As Stu Bennett noted, hungry men fight hard. The participants are the Dawson twins and opposing the North Carolinian tandem is Caleb Conley and 27-year veteran C.W Anderson.

The Dawsons attacked at the sound of the bell but Caleb Conley used his speed and agility to ward off this early threat. The momentum turned, but rather short-lived. The Dawsons were unable though to seal the deal. Yes, they did manage to get a couple of 2 counts but we need not be reminded of the cliché involving horseshoes and hand grenades. Almost will not get it done.

Conley and Anderson get a vital second wind. The latter executes a spine buster while Conley follows things up with a moonsault from the top rope. This match is in the books and the Twins are brushing up their resumés as we go to press.

The next episode of Powerrr is then previewed by Sean Mooney. It will take place in two weeks as next Tuesday we will be shown episodes two and three of the Circle Squared. Exciting action in a fortnight it seems. Tim Storm will face Jax Dane and perhaps get his five minutes with that disrespectful charlatan Danny Deals.

Moreover, Aron Stevens and the Question Mark will face the Rock N Roll Express. The legendary duo is hoping to avoid a Mongrovian massacre. In the main event, Villain Enterprise members Marty Scurll and Brody King will square off against Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer of Strictly Business. A nice appetizer as we wait for the Crockett Cup.

Joe Galli is at the announce table and his guest is May Valentine. The latter is romantically linked with Royce Isaacs but chums around with her BFF, Sal Rinauro. May plugs her blog and new line of lingerie. Rinauro whose arm is in a cast refers to his injury as a lucky break because it allowed him to get to know May.

Valentine is offered the chance to do a live vlog and gladly accepts. In a matter of seconds, and wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt straight out of Bash at the Beach, out pops an irate and jealous Royce Isaacs. The Denver native gives May more than a piece of his mind. He threatens to break Sal Rinauro’s good arm. May does not back down and Isaacs releases Rinauro from his grip.

While pseudo-love triangles and apparent spousal threats are conventions in wrestling, I’d like to think that in this day and age they should be expunged from plot lines. One can portray a heel very effectively without having to resort to verbal abuse and the spectre of escalation.

With this expendable segment out of the way, we head to the broadcast area where Dave Marquez has The Pope, Elijah Burke and the Bouncers from ROH as his guests. The Pope proclaims do not cross the cashier. He is bringing change to NWA. He implores the Bouncers to seize this unique opportunity. To take the tag teams from Eli Drake and James Storm. That match is next.

Eddie Kingston accompanies the champions to the ring. He yearns to get his hands on Elijah Burke. As the match commences and through its early stages, the Bouncers are very much the dominant team. Even when Storm and Drake are at their most resourceful, they are unable to get the Bouncers off their feet. Especially the 400lb Milonas. Eli Drake would get involved in a matter of moments. He clotheslined the Beer City Bruiser and followed it up with a missile dropkick. The Bouncers flee the ring but the Cowboy went airborne toppling the mammoth pair.

The advantage went back to the regrouped ROH tandem. Milonas administered a sidewalk slam to Storm but only got a 2 count. Milonas set up for a 2nd rope suplex. It’s usually followed by a massive 3rd rope frog splash by the Bouncer. But he potentially devastating move was thwarted and turned into a double body slam. Eli Drake then landed a stiff elbow on the Bruiser for the count of three.

Caveat here, James Storm and Brian Milonas were the legal men in the ring. Bit of a sloppy end that went totally undetected. Eddie Kingston once again called out the Pope but Burke quickly ran for the exit. The change that he talked about before the match turned out to be very small change indeed.

All in all a good show some enjoyable moments but far from the best the NWA has to offer. Hoping for a nice turnaround on their next broadcast.