NWA Hard Times 3 Review (11/12/2022)

On Saturday, November 12th, 2022 NWA Hard Times 3 PPV took place and aired on FITE TV we have 16 matches 10 Title matches & 4 Pre Show matches

NWA Hard Times 3
Television Title #1 Contenders Match
Mims vs. Anthony Andrews (Pre-Show)

The match starts off with Anthony Andrews getting the heat on Mims then Andrews hit a neckbreaker, but Mims kicked out at 2 and soon thereafter Mims hit the Big Strong Slam for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The Television Title: Mims (5:08)


NWA Hard Times 3
WildKat Tag Team Title Match
Slime SZN (c) vs. The Miserably Faithful (Pre-Show)

J Spade & Sal The Pal starts the match then Bu Ku Dao tags in but Sal The Pal stomped his chest and hit a kick to this face for a 2-count before tagging out to Gagz The Gimp.

Bu Ku Dao managed to hit some chops on Gagz but Gagz choked Dao on the ropes while Sal hits a Tiger Feint Kick. Dao shoved Sal away with his legs sending Sal crashing into a headbutt in Gagz’ lower regions an tagged out.

J Spade came in but it was a less than warm tag and Gagz hits The Finish on Spade but the referee caught Sal holding Spade’s feet down and broke up the pin. Spade then did a backslide on Gagz after Sal slapped him for the win.

Winners & Still WildKat Tag Team Champions: Slime SZN (6:58) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!) 

Backstage May Valentine is with Thom Latimer was with May Valentine backstage, and she described his match with EC3 as highly anticipated; Latimer talked about how he was going to bring Hard Times to EC3 & Kamille was going to dominate her Women’s Title match.

Joe Galli & Tim Storm ran down the card, highlighting the Junior Heavyweight Title Match.

NWA Hard Times 3
6 Man Tag Team Hardcore War Match

Mercurio, Alex Taylor & Jax Dane vs. The Pope, JTG & Anthony Mayweather (Pre Show)

JTG & Alex Taylor starts the match off then Jax Dane proved to not be dumb by pulling JTG to the floor and attacking him while his teammates looked on. JTG fought back without help from his teammates, then hit the Brooklyn’s Edge in the ring to eliminate Alex Taylor.

Mercurio was next in the ring and he hit a vertical suplex onto his own knee before going for a springboard moonsault, but missing it. Jax Dane entered the ring and hit his pop the trunk lariat with a chain to the back of JTG’s head, and Mercurio pinned him. Mercurio hit Anthony Mayweather with a book in the back of the head. Pope entered the ring, and hit Mercurio with some cookie sheets and a trashcan.

Mayweather going after Dane, and Pope used that to his advantage to get after Mercurio. Pope put Mercurio in the tree of woe and dropkicked him in the face with a chair for the pin.

Jax Dane hit Pope with a clothesline with the chain around his fist and pinned him, so Anthony Mayweather and Dane were the last two left. Mayweather made a brief comeback with a spinebuster, but Dane low blowed Mayweather.

Dane hit a clothesline with a chain and refused to pin Mayweather, waiting for the referee to count him out. Mayweather stood up and dodged an attack from Dane, driving him headfirst into a chair that was in the turnbuckles. Mayweather followed up with a Death Valley Driver on another chair and then an elbow drop to get the victory.

Winners: The Pope, JTG & Anthony Mayweather (10:30)

May Valentine is with Matt Cardona and he talks about how he had to win tonight to save the NWA because he needed his World Heavyweight Title back.

NWA Hard Times 3
Television Title Match
AJ Cazana vs. Jordan Clearwater (Pre-Show)

Jordan Clearwater went right after AJ Cazana then goes after the right arm of Cazana. Clearwater removes the brace. Clearwater did several 12-6 elbows on Cazana’s shoulder for a 2 count.

Cazana fired up and hit a shoulder tackle to the leg of Clearwater and hit a spinebuster, but took too much time getting the pin so Clearwater kicked out. Clearwater attacked the shoulder and hit the Midas Touch to put away Cazana.

Winner & New Television Champion: Jordan Clearwater (10:45) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)

NWA Hard Times 3
Voodoo Queen Casket Match
Max The Impaler vs. Natalia Markova

Natalia Markova starts the match off by prancing around with her crown but Max The Impaler quickly takes it and destroys it. Markova tries a spinning heel kick in the corner, but Max The Impaler catches her and throws her down. Father James Mitchell goes and trips Markova while running the ropes.

Markova tries to punch her way back but Max The Impaler is able to outpower her easily and starts licking her in the corner. Markova goes to the top ropes and knocks Max down with a missile dropkick but Max The Impaler comes right back with a big clothesline, followed by a gutbuster.

They take it to the outside where Markova tries to chop her way back, but Max The Impaler grabs her and presses her against the post, but Markova is able to push Max into it as well. Markova gets on Max’s back, but Max The Impaler is able to toss Markova off her and almost lands right on Joe Galli ringside.

They head up the stage, where Max The Impaler body slams on the floor and tries to put Markova in the casket but she kicks her way out and starts slamming Max The Impaler face first into the casket. Markova comes back and hits a tornado DDT off the casket to the floor.

Markova goes to open the casket again but this time Sal The Pal hops out as Mitchell sprays the Voodoo Dust into Markova’s face. Max The Impaler slams Markova onto the casket, before dropping her into it and closing the lid to win the match.

Winner: Max The Impaler (8:14)

NWA Hard Times 3
MLW National Openweight Title Match
Davey Richards (c) vs. Colby Corino

Match kicks off with Davey Richards & Colby Corino go back & forth with some offense before Corino is able to reverse a suplex from Richards and hits a double stomp to the stomach before shots in the corner. Corino follows this with a flying forearm from the top rope for a two count.

Corino bounces right up from a German suplex and hits a high knee as both men get knocked down from that exchange. They start exchanging slaps and kicks until Corino hits a Saito Suplex and a clothesline for a two count.

Corino tries the Sun Setter but Richards reverses it and puts an ankle lock transitioning into a kick. Richards goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp but Corino somehow kicks out at two.

Richards follows with a brainbuster then goes for a cover but it gets a two. Richards goes right back into the ankle lock, as Corino tries to fight out but is in the middle of the ring and has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission & Still MLW National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards (6:42) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

After the match, Richards goes to shake Corino’s hand but Corino refuses and rolls out of the ring.

Before the match begins Aron Stevens gets on the mic but is scared of JR Kratos but mentions how Kratos does not have a manager’s license and says he needs to go which the referee adheres to.

NWA Hard Times 3
Mask vs. Mask Match
Question Mark vs. Question Mark II

Question Mark goes after Question Mark II in the corner with chops and chokes. Mark II is able to fight out and hits a hip toss and knocks Mark to the outside. Stevens distracts Mark II, as Mark takes advantage and tosses Mark II into the turnbuckle.

Mark stays in control and tries multiple pin attempts on Mark II as he kicks and clubs away while putting on sleeper holds. Mark II is able to fight out and hits a bunch of chops before hitting a big splash but is unable to make the cover.

Stevens gets on the apron, but Kratos comes back out and chases Stevens to the back. Mark II ducks Mark and hits the Mongrovian Spike to score the win.

Winner: Question Mark II (6:00)

After the match, Aron Stevens runs back out and says that Question Mark won’t take his mask off. The referee says he has to, as it’s the rules. After much resistance, they take the mask off, but before you can see his face, Stevens puts a towel over his face as commentary plays dumb on who it could be.


NWA Hard Times 3
Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Homicide (c) vs. Kerry Morton

We get this match going with Homicide is inn control then in the corner hitting a couple of boots to the face and a scoop slam for two count. Kerry Morton comes back with a dropkick. Homicide takes back control, hitting a suplex then mocks the New Orelans crowd for their Rock N Roll chants before flipping them off with both middle fingers.

Homicide starts choking Morton on the middle rope raking his back, but Morton comes back with a couple of roll-ups that Homicide kicks out of. Morton comes right back with a DDT, and Homicide kicks out at one.

Homicide ends up on the outside and catches Morton who tries to dive on him, slamming him against the apron, before wrapping him in the apron and punching him as Ricky Morton tries to break it up, but Homicide knocks him out and starts attacking him.

They head back inside, where Homicide hits a superplex on Morton. They head back to the top, where Morton bites Homicide and hits a top-rope bulldog. Morton comes right back with a knee strike and a steamroller heads to the top rope and hits a top rope splash for a 2 count.

Morton calls for the high knee and drops the knee pad but Homicide ducks it and hits the Koji Cutter then goes for the cover but Morton kicks out. Homicide goes for the Cop Killer, but Morton escapes and gets an elbow to the head as a result. Morton ducks a clothesline and hits a clothesline and his own Koji Cutter to put Homicide away.

Winner & New Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton (10:02) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)

Kyle Davis brings out Odinson, who was originally supposed to wrestle Nick Aldis on this show. They don’t mention Aldis, but do mention there was ‘change in plans’. Davis says ‘your opponent is not here tonight’ and asks how Odinson feels not having an opponent. Odinson says the entire locker room fears him and his Odin blood flowing in his veins as we hear music play and Thrillbilly Silas Mason comes out with a referee.

NWA Hard Times 3
Odinson vs. Silas Mason

As soon as the bell rings Odinson goes after Silas Mason by clotheslining him in the corner, but Mason comes right back with clothesline of his own. Odinson ducks the Thrill Ride and dropkicks Silas into the ropes, getting him tied up in them, and starts hitting him with uppercuts.

Odinson comes back with a belly 2 belly suplex that gets a two count. Mason hits the snake eyes and a big boot to the face then gets the hook of the leg but it gets a two count. Odinson takes control, hitting a bunch of Asgardian uppercuts and a neckbreaker for a two-count.

SMason comes back with a powerbomb for two. Mason takes Odinson’s special spray and sprays himself with it but it doesn’t seem to work as Odinson ducks him and hits a back suplex followed by a Pounce attempt but Mason catches him and hits the Thrill Ride to get the win.

Winner: Silas Mason (4:43)


NWA Hard Times 3
United States Tag Team Title Match
The Fixers (c) vs. The Spectaculars 

The Fixers attack The Spectaculars before the bell rings then the match officially begins with Jay Bradley & Rush Freeman starting. Wrecking Ball Legursky goes after Brady Pierce and attacks him with elbows for a two count before tagging in Bradley and dropping him on top of Pierce, then goes for the cover but Pierce kicks out.

Pierce is able to dodge Bradley in the corner and tags in Freeman who gets hit with snake eyes in Bradley’s corner. As the referee’s back is turned, Rolando Freeman hits Bradley with a top rope axe handle to the back but it does nothing so he kicks him down low as Pierce goes for the pin and gets a two.

The Spectaculars hit a double leg sweep on Bradley as Pierce gets a two-count. Wrecking Ball Legursky tags in and splashes Pierce in the corner, but he’s able to tag out to Freeman. Legursky tosses The Spectaculars into each other as Rolando tries to fly off the top rope again just to be caught and splashed down, rolling to the outside. Bradley tags in Legursky as they double-chokeslam Freeman to get the win.

Winners & Still United States Tag Team Champions: The Fixers (9:15) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!)

NWA Hard Times 3
National Title Match
Cyon (c) vs. Dak Draper

The match begins with Cyon & Dak Draper running the ropes, with leapfrogs before Draper hits a handstand into an elbow drop. Cyon comes right back and knocks Draper off the top rope. Cyon stays in control and works on the left arm of Draper.

As Cyon is distracting the referee, Austin Idol attacks Draper on the outside and rams him into the ring post. Cyon stays in control, attacking Draper in the corner. Draper is able to come back with a back elbow and a dropkick off the ropes before taking Cyon down with a clothesline, a boot, and a leaping axe handle.

Draper hits a power slam, but his injured left arm prevents him from going for the cover. Draper fails to lift up Cyon so Cyon drills Draper to the match with a Death Valley Driver to get the win.

Winner & Still National Champion: Cyon (6:01) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)


NWA Hard Times 3
Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Pretty Empowered (c) vs. Madi Wrenkowski & Missa Kate

Pretty Empowered & Madi Wrenkowski & Missa Kate starts the match together, as Pretty Empowered gets dumped to the outside, and Wrenkowski whips Miss Kate into them with a baseball dropkick to the outside, before Kate tosses Ella Envy inside for a two count.

Wrenkowski tags in but Envy is able to fight her off. Wrenkowski & Kate stay in control, keeping Envy in their corner and going for pins. Envy is able to escape and tags in Kenzie Paige. Pretty Empowered is now in control, choking out Wrenkowski in their corner, double teaming her. Pretty Empowered hits Wrenkowski with a double team chokeslam, as Paige gets a two count.

Wrenkowski is able to finally escape and make the hot tag to Kate who knocks Paige down with a superkick, but Envy runs in and breaks up the count. Kate pushes Paige off but she goes right into Wrenkowski as Kate & Wrenkowski have some words as a result.

Pretty Empowered tries to take control but Kate fights them off taking them down with a double clothesline and goes to tag in Wrenkowski but Madi jumps off the apron. Kate turns right into a 3D from Pretty Empowered on Kate gets the win.

Winners & Still Women’s Tag Team Champions: Pretty Empowered (8:12) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)


NWA Hard Times 3
EC3 vs. Thom Latimer 

Thom Latimer hits a side slam and tries to get the crowd behind him. EC3 gets on the mic and tells Latimer to not conform to them because he has potential and says this is not about move sets, this is about him. EC3 says this is personal and you don’t talk about it online, but you take it straight to somebody’s face.

EC3 tells Latimer to hit him and says I know you want to punch me then proceeds to say the only time Latimer hits somebody is when he’s drunk. EC3 says maybe they will take it to the streets and get the cops involved and the only time he’s good at fighting is when he’s resisting arrest.

EC3 says maybe Latimer can’t hit him because he has a limp fist to match his limp dick. EC3 says maybe he found happiness because he found ‘her’ and is in love with another woman but the problem is everything that you touch burns and he will self-destruct and will go down.

EC3 says he knows how this ends, and she will never love you. Latimer finally has enough and starts attacking EC3. Latimer snaps and puts a crossface on him but the referee tries to break him up only for Latimer to attack the referee and get disqualified.

Winner By DQ: EC3 (8:31)

After the match, Latimer puts the Crossface right back on and eventually lets go.

NWA Hard Times 3
NWA World Tag Team Title Match
La Rebeilon (c) vs. Hawx Aerie 

Bestia 666 & PJ Hawx starts the match off but Luke Hawx & Mecha Wolf quickly tag in as Luke hits a back body drop for a two count before tagging PJ back in. Bestia is able to distract PJ as La Rebelion starts stomping away at him.

La Rebelion gets double teaming PJ, hitting him with double knees before showboating to the crowd. As the referee is distracted, Damian 666 takes a couple of cheap shots on PJ. PJ is able to escape and make the hot tag to Luke who comes in and goes to town on La Rebelion in the corner.

PJ comes in and hits a spinning heel kick on Bestia 666 but Wolf breaks it up. Bestia pushes PJ into a forearm and knee strike from Wolf as they knock him down with a clothesline and a double team neckbreaker/splash combo but Luke breaks up the pin attempt from Mecha.

Luke heads to the top rope, as Wolf is on at the same time and they both hit 450 Splashes before taking each other down with a double clothesline. PJ Hawx goes for the pin but Damian 666 breaks it up, before the referee tries to eject him.

Bestia 666 sprays the mist into PJ’s face but he still kicks out at two. Luke puts water into PJ’s eyes to help him who escapes from a powerbomb attempt and hits a German suplex to Mecha.

PJ makes the hot tag to Luke who hits a stunner to Bestia 666 on the ropes followed by a springboard moonsault from the outside of the ring back inside, but before he can make the 3 count Wolf sprays mist into Luke’s face as Bestia 666 rolls up Luke to get the win.

Winners & Still NWA World Tag Team Champions: La Rebeilon (10:48) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)


NWA Hard Times 3
Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Kamille (c) vs. Kilynn King vs. Chelsea Green

The match starts off with Kilynn King & Chelsea Green dumps Kamille to the outside as soon then Geen goes after King’s arm and goes for the pin getting a two then as Kamille comes back in, her and King double-team Green but she’s able to take them both down with double headscissors before curb stomping Kamille into the bottom turnbuckle for a two count.

Green & King trade pin attempts back & forth until Kamille takes them both down with a double German suplex. Kamille tries to suplex King off the apron but she’s able to block it and take Kamille down, and puts her into a crossface.

As Kamille is tapping out, Green is distracting the referee on the outside then all 3 women start trading offense as Green hits a Stunner, but King breaks it up hitting a frog splash on both of them.

King blocks the Unprettier and hits the Excalibuster but Kamille is able to break up the pin. Chelsea is able to come back and hit the Unprettier on King but as she turns around Kamille hits her with the spear to get the 3 count.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Kamille (8:59) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

Before the match Kyle Davis introduces one half of the legendary tag team The Fantastics in Bobby Fulton who comes out in his Fantastic vest and bowtie. Fulton says that he has fought and battled throat cancer and is a throat cancer survivor. Fulton says he’s excited about being here tonight and it’s been a fantastic pay-per-view and asks who will walk out as World Heavyweight Champion tonight.


NWA Hard Times 3
World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match
Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Matt Cardona vs. Tyrus 

Trevor Murdoch asks Tyrus for 60 seconds with Matt Cardona & Tyrus grants it, but Cardona escapes to the outside. Cardona tries to plead on the outside but BLK Jeez tosses him back inside as Murdoch goes after him with punches in the corner. Tyrus comes in and locks up with Murdoch, but Murdoch is able to fight back and hit a bulldog, but Cardona puts Tyrus’ foot on the ropes to break it up.

Cardona dodges a running Murdoch who falls to the outside and starts attacking Tyrus. Cardona takes off his wrist tape and starts choking Tyrus with it. Murdoch comes back in and hits a spinebuster on Cardona & Tyrus breaks up. Murdoch gets tossed shoulder first into the post and falls to the outside, as Tyrus slams Cardona down and says call my mama before hitting a splash on Cardona then goes for the cover but Cardona kicks out.

Chelsea Green runs out and distracts the referee, as Cardona hits a low blow on Tyrus then hits the Radio Silence but Tyrus kicks out at two. Cardona goes and grabs the World Heavyweight Title and tries to use it on Tyrus, but Murdoch rolls up Cardona for a two.

Murdoch hits Cardona with a Full Nelson slam and a sit out powerbomb for a two. Tyrus hits exploder suplexes to both Cardona & Murdoch, followed by splashes to them in the corners. Tyrus tries a double Tongan Death Grip but Murdoch & Cardona work together and hit Tyrus with a double suplex.

Cardona hits a Reboot on Tyrus but Murdoch catches Cardona right after into a DDT. Murdoch takes Cardona to the outside and hits a DDT on the floor. Murdoch tosses Cardona back inside but Tyrus puts the Tongan Death Grip on Murdoch with a chokeslam to put Murdoch away.

Winner & New World Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus (10:03) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)

After the match, Idolmania Sports Management comes out as they hold 3 titles now (World Heavyweight, National & Television Titles) and spray Tyrus with champagne.

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