NWA Cancels Crockett Cup And Future Episodes Of Powerrr

These are strange days and troubling times. Most of us are in lockdown at home. Unless you drive for Uber Eats, many challenging weeks ahead. Smells like Quaran-teen spirit. The NWA has chosen the route of social responsibility – care and caution. The much anticipated Crockett Cup slated for April 19 has been canceled, as well as all Powerrr shows until the crisis seizes. NWA Cancels Crockett Cup And Future Episodes Of Powerrr

Below is the tweet from Dave Lagana with the official statement –

The episode that was slated to air would have featured the in-ring debut of Kamille, a match between Villain Enterprises and Strictly Business, two factions with a lot of business to settle. Aron Stevens and the Question Mark were to have confronted the seemingly ageless Rock and Roll Express. Lastly, the blue-collar pride of Pine Bluff Arkansas, Tim Storm was to challenge Jax Dane. With the stipulation that should Storm emerge victoriously, he would get 5 minutes one on one with the smarmy Danny Deals. The same Deals who mocked nonagenarian Mama Storm after one of Tim’s recent appearances.

NWA Cancels Crockett Cup And Future Episodes Of Powerrr

It is actually too bad that the company did not do a major editing job. Show the matches nonetheless with flashing notices on the bottom of the screen reminding us NOT to order the Crockett Cup PPV. Maybe bumping promos hyping the April 19TH show for short messages from the talent? Possibly out of character, encouraging us to be socially aware and engaged.

This past Monday on via Youtube, Nick Aldis expressly mentioned that he was speaking to us out of character, as Nick. The father, son, husband, brother, etc. He explained that the NWA is putting its activities on pause while urging us to remain safe, calm and conscientious. Prudence, not panic, an example to follow.

The website specified that Powerrr will not be broadcast in its original form this evening.  No matter how things play out, you will the first to know.

The NWA promises to provide further updates and ad hoc programming as time goes on. Until then, lets all follow the wise Nick Aldis. Take all necessary steps to remain healthy and strong while not forgetting the vulnerable in our entourage and localities.