Out on a Limb | Notorious Notes: Chapter 7

In a past editions of Notorious Notes, I discussed the idea of luck — the idea that we create our own luck by preparing for the moment an opportunity arises is an oldie but a goodie in my opinion. I formerly talked about how I was afforded opportunities to do extra work for WWE. And to read poetry on a prominent platform at a Prestige show. Now I would like to revisit the concept of opportunity by mixing it with another topic previously visited within my blog. Thom Alman and his first singles outing at Project 42, going out on a limb.

Out on a Limb
Photo / Ethan HDart

Thom was afforded a huge opportunity to showcase what he can do against one of the best in the Pacific Northwest, Ethan HD and he truly excelled. Mr. Alman and Mr. HD ended up having in my opinion — the match of the night that night. Everyone in attendance and a lot who weren’t, learned what I and everyone at the Buddy Wayne Academy already knew: Thom is a phenomenal wrestler and one of the best big men in the area. Deservedly, Thom was the main topic of conversation the following week. In-person and on social media, people were making sure everyone knew how good he was. We knew we had to strike while the proverbial iron was still hot. 

Chapter 7: Out on a Limb

The Academy: Beach Patrol

The following weekend, The Academy was scheduled to appear at Reign Pro Wrestling’s pre-show get together but that was the extent of our bookings during that period. And while it was a great time, featuring some of my famous poetry and Thom’s first public speaking role (oh yeah, he’s a great talker too). It was a non-competitive appearance. No matches were scheduled for “Day Drinking with Reign”. It was just a means to introduce fans to some of the talent. And hype up the card for Reign’s upcoming debut show in September.

Not ideal for The Academy, who had “match of the night” AND effectively ran the second half of Project 42 the week before. But I’ve learned that wrestling, like a lot of entertainment gigs, is a business of ebbs and flows. When things are thin, they’re very thing but when it rains, it pours and it’s starting to become more than a light drizzle for The Academy.

A few days before the weekend an unexpected booking came from an unlikely source, effectively bringing about a new chapter for Thom Alman, Nick Radford, The Academy as a whole, and to an extent, Pacific Northwest wrestling. Friday, the night before Reign’s big get-together down in Tacoma, The Academy made our presence known in front of one of the most enthusiastic crowds we’d performed in front of since our formation.

The Academy

Housed in the halls of Evolv Fitness (where The Academy had previously educated the likes of Nick Wayne and Jordan Oasis) — 321 Battle received a surprise visit from The Educated Enforcer and The Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling and were treated to a live rendition of one of my newest poems, while Mr. Alman simultaneously dominated a Five-Way Tag-Team Battle Royal. While The Academy would eventually be cheated out of a victory by The Hall Sisters, almost every single elimination belonged to Thom while nearly every minute of commentary belonged to my dulcet tones (no thanks to Cody Von Whistler and his incessant interruptions).

Out on a Limb

Being afforded the opportunity to branch out to a brand new (to us) promotion has ensured that brand new eyes are on The Academy. Especially with their reach via Twitch. Let’s say that perhaps some people had heard the good things being said about Thom’s performance at Project 42; what good would that do if no one saw from him again for a few weeks? The hype would die down and modern people’s short attention span would move on to the next big thing.

Plus judging from the reactions the Battalion gave us — I don’t think 321 has seen the last of The Academy. Overall, going out on a limb to invade 321 was a very positive experience. Thom continued to show his dominance. I got the platform to read more of my poetry. We got a chance to be seen by Twitch-viewers and new fans. And the door is open for more branching out in the future, going out on a limb.

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