Academic Exposure | Notorious Notes: Chapter 5

In the previous chapters of Notorious Notes, I’ve spoken from my own experiences and attempted to tie it back to wrestling. That’s kind of the point of this whole blog; to discuss my thoughts and feelings and how they relate to wrestling. That can also be a very self-centered concept that, in today’s social media-centered culture, seems par for the course. And while I can only ever share my own experiences, I can also discuss my peers. I am sorely lacking in show experiences to share for this edition. As I have no shows booked in the month of July. But that does not mean I am lacking of content to share. I will take this opportunity afforded to me by my lack of bookings to shine the spotlight on someone who truly deserves it. Someone who will soon be afforded the platform to show why and academic exposure.

The Academy is now open.

My associate and tag-team partner, The Educated Enforcer: Thom Alman, is truly a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he monstrous in size, but he is also the hardest work in the room, which has led to him being one of the best wrestlers in the room. If the moniker “the Pacific Northwest’s best kept” secret applies to anyone aside from Johnny Flynn, it’s definitely Thom. And if I’m being truly honest, if one of us could be labeled an athlete, the term is much more accurate when applied to him. 

Chapter 5: Academic Exposure

Thom is All Man.

Mister Alman has only had a handful of matches as of this writing but has successfully impressed onlookers and peers alike with every in-ring performance he has given. It is *extremely* rare for Thom to miss a training session at the Buddy Wayne Academy in the years since he began attending and he even attends Lucha Libre Volcanica classes at Evolv Fitness in Seattle. My guy has also put in the work to completely transform his body since he started training and has become an absolute beast. I know it seems like I’m just here to toot my partner’s horn, and to an extent I am cause he’s is legit one of my favorite wrestlers and a peer that I admire a lot, but I am also building to a point.

One of my favorite companies to work for in the whole of the pacific northwest, Project 42, is building to have their latest show at El Corazon in Seattle on August 3rd. Project is this awesome hybrid of music and wrestling, the true epitome of a variety show. At these shows, you’ll see live music, hardcore violence, silly comedy, technical wrestling, and dance performances. There will also be live poetry readings (from yours truly), and you just might learn a thing or two along the way. Plus, it’s free! For this show, titled “THE 4K 4-WAY”, I will be in the main event and competing in the titular four-way match against HBQ Quiz, Sonico, and Rebel Kel. And while I’m excited for that match, among others on the card, I am truly the most excited for another match on the card that will, without a doubt, steal the show:

Thom Alman vs. Ethan HD.

Academic Exposure
Follow this. (Oh wait, I have to…)

When I first started training to be a wrestler, Ethan was one of the first people I admired and wanted to emulate and be friends with. He was funny and athletic and liked Power Rangers. Clearly best friend material. Nowadays I feel extremely fortunate to call him my friend but also, in a way, my peer. Everyone knows how good Ethan is. He’s been to India and New Zealand to train new wrestlers. He even currently runs classes at the aforementioned Evolv Fitness for 321 Battle. As the Amerikan Gunz, he and Mike Santiago have helped shape DEFY Wrestling into the huge success it is today. My point is, Ethan is really, really good at wrestling.

Do you know who else is really, REALLY good at wrestling? That’s right, Thom Alman! Not only do I know that match is set to be a wrestling symposium, but it will be Thom’s first real public outing in singles competition. And his first opportunity to really show what he can do. After this show, people in the Pacific Northwest will know who Thom Alman is. That is if they didn’t already of this academic exposure.

Gosh, that sure was a lot of talking about how great people are!

I think I’ve earned enough good faith to remind you that I have a ton of merch available that you should definitely check out! There’s pins, stickers, t-shirts, 8 x 10 pictures (signed or unsigned). Heck, I’ll even take commissions to write custom erotic poems! (The Academy merch coming soon????) This was academic exposure.

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