Luck = Preparation + X | Notorious Notes: Chapter 4

Solve for X. There were a couple of titles for this chapter that I went back and forth on. I originally wanted to make an allusion to the idiom, “patience is a virtue” but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory play on it. Patience also isn’t the main thing I want to discuss today. I want to discuss what X represents in our little math problem. The old adage goes “luck is preparation meets opportunity”, therefore X equals opportunity and I had a couple of big ones come up since the last edition of Notorious Notes that I would like to discuss as Luck = Preparation + X.

Most consecutive conga lines in the Pacific Northwest.

First off, the one that objectively seems like the bigger opportunity of the two (and in some ways it is); working as extra talent for WWE. Recently the WWE came to the pacific northwest for a loop of shows that included the pay-per-view event Stomping Grounds in Tacoma, WA, Monday Night RAW in Everett, WA, and Smackdown! Live in Portland, OR and I was one of the lucky few that were selected to work as extra talent for these events.

This was my third time in a row, and fourth time overall doing the extra talent gig. My previous three experiences are highlighted by multiple times being a part of No Way Jose’s conga line (longest running conga line member in the Pacific Northwest and proud of it!) and teaming with three other men to face Braun Strowman on Monday

Luck = Preparation + X

Luck = Preparation + X
vs. …Local Competitors

Night RAW. That Strowman match happened my first ever time working for the company and the first result when you google “Braun Strowman vs Local Competitors” is a nice shot of my singlet-clad booty. This time around, I got to put another notch in my conga line belt, making me a three-time conga line member, got to chat with some old friends from the area in the Singh Brothers, and received excellent feedback from WWE talent.

Getting to work as extra talent for WWE is definitely a big opportunity and I will always be grateful for the chance to see how the machine runs from the inside, learn from the people who are literally living the dream, and eat all the wonderful catering BUT I had another big opportunity come up this week that I am excessively proud of.

When Prestige Wrestling was first pitched to me, I was skeptical. The concept of a wrestling show in Hermiston, OR (two hours from where I grew up in Baker City) seemed impossible. There are so few people out in Eastern Oregon, how could you ever hope to fill a venue? But I was also excited about working in Eastern Oregon, knowing this was the closest I would ever get to a “hometown show,” so I took it. And I’m so glad I did.

From their first show, Prestige was a success. They have objectively filled the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center for every show they’ve had. I was lucky enough to be on the first few shows in Hermiston, as well as Prestige’s debut in Corvallis, OR. After a brief hiatus, where the company would also make its debut in Spokane, WA and I went through a bit of a transition to become the Nick Radford we all know and love today, I was granted the opportunity to be a part of Prestige’s debut in my adoptive hometown: Portland, OR. So this past weekend I headed back down to Portland with my poetry book in hand, ready to make an impact. This was more than just a re-debut for me in Prestige, this
“Big Moves” Radford

was my first opportunity to debut my live poetry in front of a crowd who would appreciate it. I have previously done live poetry readings to fans at Project 42 and Without A Cause, as well as some non-wrestling fans at a comedy show, but they clearly didn’t appreciate the arts. I knew that Prestige and Portland were the perfect mix to bring in people who would not only appreciate my style of erotic fan-fiction but would clamor for more.

Luck = Preparation + X
The book is more over than I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The match was a four-way dance; Nick Radford vs. Drexl vs. Dave Turner vs. Jaiden. I had written a special little poem that included my three opponents in all their glory. My goal going in was not to win, not to hurt my opponents, but to prove love is real in my own special way. At first, the crowd didn’t know what to make of my poetry but after I was rudely interrupted (as usual), Drexl took a liking to my writings and would eventually set up a chair for me to continue reading. And the audience cheered.

They were excited to hear more of my little story, but after a few more lines left my mouth, I was unfortunately cut off again. The end of the match would see me taking drastic measures to eliminate my interrupters and look to finish my poem once again. Sadly, I was one stanza away from reaching the climax of my art before I was interrupted a third time and squished within a trash can.

Match loss and not being able to finish my poem aside, the fact that the crowd appreciated my poetry and cheered every time I prepared to read and became respectfully silent as the prose began to escape my lips, proves what I’ve known all along; I’ve got something here. Something different that nobody else is doing. All it took was the right opportunity to show it off. I’d been preparing for just such an opportunity for a while. Now I will look for new and bigger opportunities to display my art. Thank you Prestige Wrestling, for giving me the platform to showcase my talents.Therefore, Luck = Preparation + X

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