North American Fireworks | Coming Up NXT Preview for 6/24/20

Three weeks removed from a historic event of NXT Takeover: In Your House on the WWE Network, NXT continues to deliver Takeover-like matches on another edition on the USA Network on Wednesday nights. Last week we saw eyes on the prize, a new face of the division, and a new ‘priest’ on life, all building to another climactic clash in one of pro wrestling’s deepest roster. But on this week’s show, we find out who will step up to the challenge of carrying two divisions at once become the definitive face of the black and gold brand! We should anticipate North American Fireworks! It’s time for us preview what’s to come in this edition of Coming up NXT for the 6/24/20 episode.

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NXT Preview – North American Fireworks
Time Clocked

Karrion Kross has been on a devastating warpath since debuting in NXT in the Spring, including an impactful statement win over Tomasso Ciampa. Then Kross, through his medium, Scarlett, sent another statement to the NXT Champion, Adam Cole.
But through his path he ran through a monster of a man in the Australian Bronson Reed… and Reed, after destroying Leon Ruff last week, the ‘Thicc Boi’ called out Kross demanding a rematch.
On this week’s NXT, Reed brings the fight to him as Kross places his title aspiration on a rain check.
Can one NXT strongest big men get a sense of retribution over Karrion Kross? Or will the master of time add Bronson to his list of stopgaps on his way to a future NXT Championship opportunity? And will Adam Cole add a rebuttal of his own after Kross’ idle threat?
North American Fireworks
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NXT Preview – North American Fireworks
Paths Cross Again

Damian Priest has taken his loss to Finn Balor in stride. One of his most impressive showings since being in NXT, the ‘Archer of Infamy’ has discovered a new lease on his infinite life.
Cameron Grimes on the other hand, continues to live life by any means. The technically savage superstar with ‘confidence’ as a middle name has taken his opportunities against some of NXT heavy hitters and put it on front street to anyone with a microphone that would listen.
Until he crossed Priest’s path, who is all about less talk and more action. In this week’s edition of NXT, on a night where the North American title is on the line, two former challengers for the prestigious title now lock horns. Will Priest continue his now winning ways and keep all eyes on him in NXT with a win? or will Cameron Confidence Grimes keep making a name on others misfortunes against him and ‘cave in’ his way to a victory?
North American Fireworks
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NXT Preview – North American Fireworks
For A Shot At History

Johnny Gargano. Keith Lee. Finn Balor. In many ways, these three men represent the past, present and future of the NXT brand. Finn Balor literally wrote the book on delivering on the big stages in NXT. From London to Brooklyn, Balor is synonymous with NXT’s history forever. But if Balor wrote the book, Johnny Wrestling read it and perfected it. A staple in almost every main event in NXT for the past 4 years, there is no one more qualified to carry NXT than Johnny Gargano. And then there’s the man whose re-writing the book as we speak. Keith Lee has went from NXT Takeover pre-show undercard to WWE Survivor Series in a matter of 2 years. The man has shared the ring with a whose who of WWE superstars all while holding court as ‘The Moment Maker’ and NXT North American Champion.
In the surefire main event, all three men earn a chance to permanently make their mark as NXT legend. For the North American Championship, Keith Lee defends his title against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor. For the winner, the title that has skyrocketed many NXT superstars to the main event in its very short existence, and a shot at the championship that is held by Adam Cole.

A Shot At History

Can Johnny Gargano once again regain the North American Championship and once again challenge the one man he cannot beat when the lights are bright in Adam Cole? Will Finn Balor finish his redemption story in NXT and not only become only the 3rd man in NXT to become a Triple Crown Champion but face Cole for the title he once made famous? Or will Keith Lee continue to show why he’s a future legend in the making by defeating two of NXT’s finest and finally get his chance to fully end the prophecy of Adam Cole and become NXT Champion?
Also on the show, we hope to get an update on Drake Maverick after Santos Escobar and his new crew dismantled him on last week’s episode. Io Shirai has put all women’s divisions in WWE on notice: she runs the women of NXT. Will Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley or her championship partner Sasha Banks have a reply to the Genius of the Sky? And after Imperium’s win, which tag team will step up to face the champions? And has Robert Stone gained an unlikely client in Aliyah?
That was Coming Up NXT for 6/24/20. Tune in Wednesday as NXT is only on the USA Network!
John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.