NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22 – Tournament Semifinals Begin!

Welcome to another NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22. It’s something of a special week as we celebrate the 100th episode of NJPW STRONG. With the illustrious G1 Climax tournament well underway, we’re likely to see fewer stars from the main roster over the coming weeks. However, with a great deal of established stars busy in the tournament, we’ll see the debuts of brand new Young Lions.

Indeed a new Young Lion steps into an NJPW STRONG ring for the very first time this Saturday night at The Vermont Hollywood. Also, on Saturday night, the semifinals of the NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championship Tournament kick off. With just a few short weeks until NJPW STRONG High Alert, we still have just 3 matches remaining to determine the inaugural Openweight Tag Team Champions.

We’ll find out half of the finals match this Saturday night on a brand-new NJPW STRONG.

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22
Jordan Cruz vs JR Kratos

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22
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SoCal indie standout Jordan Cruz makes his NJPW STRONG debut in something of a trial-by-fire against JR Kratos. The 25-year-old has impressed many over his 4 years in the industry with a trifecta approach to pro wrestling. Cruz has agility and technical acumen in spades, but don’t let that distract from his power game. That power wrestling will do him good against a hulking brute like JR Kratos.

The muscle of Team Filthy, Kratos, has been campaigning for a singles match against rival Alex Coughlin. However, with Coughlin’s leg injury keeping him out of action, it looks like The Most Feared will have to take out his frustrations on Jordan Cruz. Will Cruz topple the big man of the LA Dojo, or will he become just another body for JR Kratos?

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22
Mascara Dorada, Rocky Romero, & David Finlay vs Negro Casas, Adrian Quest, & Lucas Riley
– 6-Man Tag

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The legendary luchador Negro Casas makes his NJPW STRONG debut for this special 100th episode. With 99 episodes already on the books, the history and legacy of the LA Dojo’s weekly show is growing. And nobody embodies history and legacy quite like Negro Casas. The 42-year ring veteran makes his debut alongside up-and-coming prospects Adrian Quest and Lucas Riley.

The young high-fliers will be looking to impress the legendary luchador as he once again shares a ring with Mascara Dorada. While their feud began in 2008, Negro Casas and Mascara Dorada haven’t appeared in a televised match together in 6 years. While Mascara Dorada will be looking to put away his old rival, his partners Rocky Romero and David Finlay will be just as eager.

Finlay even moreso, as The Rebel continues his push to the top of the G1 Climax. A fitting match for the 100th episode of NJPW Strong this Saturday night!

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 7/23/22
Christopher Daniels & Yuya Uemura vs. TMDK (Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls)
– Tournament Semifinal

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Just two weeks ago on NJPW STRONG, we saw these two teams compete in the first round of the Openweight Tag Team Championship tournament. Despite their impromptu pairing, Christopher Daniels and Yuya Uemura overcame the odds to topple Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto of QT Marshall’s factory. That same night, The Mighty Don’t Kneel brought their a-game to defeat the much larger duo of Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson of the West Coast Wrecking Crew.


This week, the two underdog teams share a ring. While Nicholls and Haste have the experience advantage, that didn’t prevent Daniels and Uemura from pulling out a surprise victory. Will, the duo of youth and experience turn heads again this Saturday night? Or will TMDK prove to be the dominant force in NJPW STRONG’s burgeoning tag team division?

Who do you think will advance to the tournament finals? Who would you like to see go from the LA Dojo to the spotlight of the G1 Climax? Let us know in the comments.


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