NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23 (NEMESIS)

Last week, NJPW STRONG kicked off 2023 in a major way by crowning a brand new #1 Contender to the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship, currently held by Fred Rosser, as we preview NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23. This #1 Contender’s match took place under unusual rules. Dubbed the “Strong Survivor” match, 16 competitors entered and were eliminated in battle royal fashion.

The final four competitors, Christopher Daniels, Blake Christian, Wheeler Yuta, and KENTA, then had to eliminate each other via pinfall or submission. That night, KENTA last eliminated Wheeler Yuta with a Go 2 Sleep to secure a title match against Fred Rosser in future.

That match could be sooner rather than later, as this Saturday night, we will see the beginning of the Nemesis series. Over the next few weeks, we will see the young lions of the NJPW LA Dojo battle to establish themselves against NJPW megastars and indie standouts alike. What will the first show of 2023 have in store? Find out in this week’s breakdown on the NJPW STRONG Synopsis!

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23
Mascara Dorada vs Che Cabrera

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23
[Photo: NJPW]

2023 begins with a little Latin action on NJPW STRONG as CMLL luchdor Mascara Dorada faces off with “Latino Meat” Che Cabrera. While Cabrera’s 2022 saw major exposure on the West coast indie circuit, he has yet to put together a win on NJPW STRONG.

2022 was also an exciting year for Mascara Dorada, who burst back onto the US indie scene following his release from WWE. Both men are hoping to secure a piece of the all-important momentum for themselves at the start of 2023, but only one man can get the first win of the year this Saturday night on Strong.

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23
Homicide, David Finlay, & Eddie Kingston vs Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Bobby Fish & Danny Limelight)

[Photo: NJPW]

In the closing months of 2022, we saw New York City native Homicide embark upon an ambitious feud with “The Filthy One” Tom Lawlor. Ambitious is the only way to put it, as to pick a fight with the inaugural NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion is to pick a fight with his friends, as well.

“The Notorious 187” already has a win over Lawlor, picking up a 3-count victory at Showdown in October. Not satisfied with a simple notch in the win column, Homicide attempted to assault the former champion with a fork. That night, Danny Limelight came in to save Team Filthy’s leader from the sadistic silverware enthusiast.

The following month, at Detonation, Limelight faced off with Homicide in an attempt to avenge his leader. That night, Danny Limelight met a similar fate, although this time it was the debuting Bobby Fish who made the save, making it clear that Fish’s allegiance lies in Team Filthy.

What also became clear is that the next match in this series would be a six-man tag team affair. This Saturday night, Homicide teams with best friend Eddie Kingston, and another hungry competitor in, David Finlay, to take on his toughest challenge to date on STRONG: A united Team Filthy.

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 01/14/23
Jeff Cobb vs Bad Dude Tito

[Photo: NJPW]

2022 was perhaps the biggest year in the career of one Bad Dude Tito, who went from West Coast indie standout to full-fledged member of The Mighty Don’t Kneel. “Big Teets,” as his Australian teammates call him, is keen to do TMDK proud as he begins what is sure to be an equally eventful 2023.

His first challenge of 2023 is a match against United Empire’s Jeff Cobb. Now, Tito can go toe-to-toe with “The Imperial Unit” when it comes to size and strength. However, Jeff Cobb is not only a hoss of a wrestler, but he’s also an Olympic-level athlete.

By comparison, Bad Dude Tito’s style focuses more on brawling. It is a rare occasion when a brawler can outperform a technical master, but not unheard of. Just ask that Steve Austin fella. But can Bad Dude Tito pull out a victory in his first main event in NJPW STRONG? Find out this Saturday night!


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