NJPW STRONG Preview for 6/4/21 (Ignition Fires Up)

The Ignition series of events for STRONG are upon us, and they are sure to deliver some great match-ups. Last week, Tom Lawlor made his first defense of the STRONG Openweight Championship against Chris Dickinson. Last week also saw El Phantasmo pick up a win over Wheeler Yuta, as well as Clark Connors defeating AJZ. This is the NJPW STRONG Preview for 6/4/21.

Looking forward to this week, I am very excited to see NJPW legend Satoshi Kojima in tag team action. We will also get to feast our eyes on the always exciting TJP, as well as Adrian Quest, Barrett Brown, and Kevin Knight. All world-class competitors, this sure is shaping up to be an exciting card.


NJPW STRONG Preview for 6/4/21
 Opening Match:
TJP vs. Kevin Knight

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TJP has gained quite the reputation of putting on some star-making performances with trainees at the LA Dojo. He looks to make sure Kevin Knight is no exception. If you have followed TJP’s time on STRONG, you would be sure to notice that he takes on a certain pride in elevating young talent to high levels. Kevin Knight seems to be a perfect fit to be elevated. He has demonstrated incredible athletic prowess in his still-young career. While certainly the underdog, a win over an internationally renowned competitor such as TJP would be sure to get more eyes on this exciting young man. TJP will likely be aware of how motivated Knight will be, leading to what should be a fantastic match to open the night.

Second Match:
Adrian Quest vs. Barrett Brown

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The tension between Quest and Brown has long been simmering. This week, we have the pleasure of finally seeing it boil over. After both men struggled to find a footing on STRONG, they began teaming together to moderate success. Winning matches didn’t seem to be enough for Brown, though, as he began to become frustrated that his partner was the one picking up the win for their team. In a match against the Young Lions, Quest tagged himself in while Brown was dominating, once again picking up the victory. Brown had seen enough and relentlessly attacked Quest after the match. This confrontation has been all but inevitable, and we will finally get to see how it shakes out this Friday.

NJPW STRONG Preview for 6/4/21
 Main Event:
Satoshi Kojima and Karl Fredericks vs. Team Filthy (JR Kratos and Danny Limelight)

Photo / NJPW1972

After falling to Karl Fredericks on the 6/21 episode of STRONG, Danny Limelight is looking to avenge his loss. He will have ample help as he teams up with his ultra imposing Team Filthy stablemate, JR Kratos. Fredericks will have some reliable backup of his own, as New Japan legend Satoshi Kojima will be in his corner. Kratos and Limelight surely have the tag team chemistry advantage; however, whenever a veteran with the accomplishments of Kojima is involved, experience is sure to play a role. Fredericks will look to continue his assertation of being one of the most dominant heavyweights on STRONG, and Team Filthy will look to snuff out his momentum. It should be interesting to see how Fredericks adjusts to tag team action, as he is typically quite the loner.

All of that factored in, and we have another incredible main event on this week’s episode of STRONG. If this first card is any indication, all signs point to an incredible IGNITION over the coming weeks. As always, make sure to follow Pro Wrestling Post across all social media (links above). Let’s hear what matches you’re excited to see this week or who you would like to see receive the next shot at Lawlor’s title.

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