NJPW STRONG Preview for 4/30/21 (LA Dojo Showcase)

The NJPW Cup USA is over, and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is the new STRONG Openweight Champion. After beating Brody King in the final and staking his claim, Lawlor is officially “the guy” in New Japan of USA. This week, however, we shift our focus. Being dubbed as a “Dojo Showcase,” this week will give promises some fresh faces. Some of the most promising up-and-coming trainees of New Japan’s LA Dojo will compete in what should be an exciting card. All the competitors involved know that a win could very well mean more screen time, which means more opportunity. While the casual fans may not know very many names on this week’s show, they will soon. This is the NJPW STRONG Preview for 4/30/21.


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Opening Match:
The DKC vs. TJP

Experience vs. Youth. Wisdom vs. Desire. Two of the oldest stories ever told. And two stories that will be in full effect in this week’s opening match. A graduate of the original LA Dojo, TJP will be taking on the newest member of the modern dojo, The DKC. The DKC is fully aware of what a win against the Fil-Am Flash could mean with so many eyes watching.

TJP is the consummate pro. He has traveled all over the world and wrestled in pretty much every major promotion you can list. That being said, that experience may prove to be too much for the youngster. TJP isn’t looking to be upset by such an unproven opponent and isn’t one to take any opponent likely. The DKC will need to bring his A game, and if he does, it will be the biggest win of his career.

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NJPW STRONG Preview for 4/30/21
Second Match:
Ren Narita and Fred Rosser vs. Alex Coughlin and Kevin Knight

The LA Dojo captain will be heading into battle tonight in tag team action, as Alex Coughlin teams with new trainee Kevin Knight. They will be taking on the dangerous Ren Narita and a very motivated Fred Rosser. While Narita has been on his excursion from the Noge Dojo, he has been nothing but impressive.

After clinching a berth in the NJPW USA Cup by defeating Misterioso, he put up a very inspired performance in a loss to the eventual winner, Tom Lawlor. Heart is something that will never be questioned of Narita, which makes him a perfect pairing for Fred Rosser. That being said, they will have their hands full with the hard-hitting team of Coughlin and Knight. This should have some quality tag team action.

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NJPW STRONG Preview for 4/30/21
LA Dojo Showcase
Main Event:
Clark Connors vs. Karl Fredricks

The name Katsuyori Shibata demands respect. And respect is exactly what some of his earliest students are looking to earn tonight. Karl Fredricks has been especially impressive lately, winning the 2019 Young Lions Cup. Although Connors fell short in the Young Lion’s Cup, he was able to redeem himself by winning the Lion’s Break Crown in September of 2020. This match-up could certainly be a glimpse into the future of STRONG and pro wrestling in general, as these guys are undoubtedly two of the hottest young performers in the world. Both men will be looking to prove that they are THE premiere trainee, not just another prospect.


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