NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21 (Autumn Attack)

NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21. What. A. Week. The first show of the Autumn Attack series on NJPW STRONG was downright incredible. After an explosive main event that saw Karl Fredericks fall just short of defeating Will Ospreay, LA Dojo original TJP turned his back on the dojo and joined Ospreay’s United Empire. On top of that, Alex Coughlin, BULLET CLUB, Juice Robinson, and the rest of the LA Dojo put on great performances.

This week is no different, with yet another phenomenal card. The main event on STRONG will feature Juice Robinson continuing his feud with the BULLET CLUB in a Texas Bullrope Match against the menacing Hikuleo. Also, on the show, Will Ospreay will team with a mystery partner to take on LA Dojo members Karl Fredericks and Clark Connors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as NJPW has an exciting event lined up for fines this week.

NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21
David Finlay, Fred Yehi, Wheeler Yuta, Will AllDay, and Brogan Finlay vs. Ryusuke Taguchi, Ren Narita, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, and the DKC

[pictured from above-left top to bottom]Brogan Finlay, Will Allday, Wheeler Yuta, Fred Yehi, and David Finlay do battle in this week’s edition of STRONG against Ryusuke Taguchi, Ren Narita, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, and The OKC [Photo: NJPW1972]
The first contest of the evening will see two young competitors make their New Japan STRONG debuts in Will AllDay and Brogan Finlay. Will AllDay has recently made several appearances on AEW programming and is one of the fastest-rising independent names on the scene.

Brogan Finlay is the younger brother of former IWGP and IMPACT! Tag team champion David Finlay. Both will be making to make a great first impression in this exciting ten-man tag team match. With so much youth in this match, every competitor will be looking to stand out in what should be an excellent opening bout.

 Robbie Eagles and Chris Dickinson vs. Bey-F-F’s (Chris Bey and El Phantasmo)

Chris Dickinson & Robbie Eagles (pictured on the left) do battle against Bullet Club members El Phantasmo & Chris Bey in this week’s edition of STRONG [Photo: NJPW1972]
The BULLET CLUB’s newest member Chris Bey returns to NJPW STRONG in the second match of the evening, teaming up with stablemate and newfound best friend, El Phantasmo. They will be facing off against Robbie Eagles and Chris Dickinson in a match that could get real personal, real quick. Before he joined CHAOS, Bullet Club was courting Robbie Eagles.

That Eagles declined, their invitation has never sit right with BULLET CLUB leader Jay White, who defeated Robbie Eagles two weeks ago. Still seeking more revenge, “Switchblade” will have surely told Bey and ELP to brutalize their opponents. That won’t be easy, though, as Eagles’ partner Chris Dickinson has been on quite the hot streak lately. With his history in GCW, Dickinson is more than capable of brutalizing an opponent in return.

 Karl Fredericks and Clark Connors vs. Will Ospreay and ???

Karl Fredricks and Clark Connors (pictured on the left) do battle with Will Ospreay and a mystery partner in this week’s edition of STRONG [Photo: NJPW1972]
Will Ospreay’s mystery partner is hardly a mystery after last week’s edition of STRONG. After Will Ospreay’s fantastic match with Karl Fredericks, TJP attacked Fredericks after seemingly coming to his aid along with Clark Connors. He would align himself with Ospreay’s United Empire in the process. TJP and Ospreay laid out both men and stood tall in the ring to close the show.

That leads us to this week and, precisely, this potentially explosive tag match. The “real IWGP World Heavyweight Champion” Will Ospreay is out to continue the United Empire’s reign of dominance, which should be a more attainable goal with the backing of TJP. Fredericks and Connors, on the other hand, will be looking to get revenge for not only last week’s beatdown but for the weeks of disrespect towards the LA Dojo coming from Ospreay.

NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21
Juice Robinson vs. Hikuleo
(Texas Bullrope Match)

NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21
Juice Robinson (pictured on the left) and Hikuleo do battle in this week’s edition of STRONG [Photo: NJPW1972]
In the final match of the evening, we have yet another match with a ton of animosity and emotion behind it. Juice Robinson has been at odds with the BULLET CLUB for months. The BULLET CLUB’s newest member, Hikuleo, has been on a tear as of late. At last August’s Resurgence, the 6 foot 8 monster demanded some “real competition.” Juice Robinson was quick to jump at the opportunity.

After months of back-and-forth, last week’s STRONG saw Hikuleo team up with his BULLET CLUB brethren to take on Juice Robinson, TJP, Clark Connors, and Lio Rush. After an exciting, competitive match, Hikuleo blasted Juice, a texas bull rope. The same bull rope that Robinson had brought to the ring in an attempt to play mind games, leading to a disqualification win for Juice Robinson and his team.

After the encounters these two have had other the last several months, this match will surely be hard-hitting and very violent. A win over a former IWGP United State Champion in Juice Robinson would be the biggest win of Hikuleo’s career. However, Juice has quite the experience advantage and has proven to be a tough opponent to keep down.

NJPW STRONG Preview for 10/23/21
Autumn Attack

If you haven’t been keeping up with NJPW STRONG, this week is the perfect week to start. The first two shows of the Autumn Attack series have been awe-inspiring, and this week is sure to be no different. This is truly a can’t miss show.

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