NJPW STRONG for 9/25/21 (Fighting Spirit Unleashed Week 2)

In the second of three “Fighting Spirit Unleashed” shows, NJoA is bringing an action-packed card with some top-level talent. While the first week’s card was nothing to scoff at, this week’s is taking it up a notch. With Bullet Club member and international favorite Jay White on the card, along with Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita, and Wheeler Yuta, fans should expect an exciting hour of professional wrestling this Saturday. Such is becoming the norm when watching episodes of NJPW STRONG. Here is the NJPW STRONG preview for 9/25/21.


NJPW STRONG for 9/25/21
Yuya Uemura & Yuji Nagata vs. The DKC & Kevin Knight

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To begin this electric night, we’ll see a recent LA Dojo acquisition, Yuya Uemura, team up with legend Yuji Nagata. This will be the true beginning to Uemura’s excursion after the LA Dojo official signed him at Resurgence. Their opponents are fellow Dojo members and fan favorites The DKC and Kevin Knight.

All four members of this match have tremendous respect for each other, but that doesn’t mean that anyone will pull their punches. Uemura will be eager to prove he belongs, while his opponents will surely prey on his inexperience. Even with the legendary Nagata in his corner, this will surely be a tough challenge.

“Switchblade” Jay White vs. Wheeler Yuta

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The second match of this night features the NEVER Openweight Champion “Switchblade” Jay White versus the up-and-coming Wheeler Yuta. Some readers may recognize Yuta from his recent appearances on AEW, teaming with the Best Friends. While Jay White’s NEVER Openweight title is not on the line, this is a big match for Yuta regardless. A win against one of the most recognizable names on NJPW’s roster would surely bolster Wheeler Yuta’s stock.

It could possibly even earn him a future title shot. “Switchblade” will know this and could very well have some contingency plans lined up. Having some of his Bullet Club brethren help assure a victory is certainly not beneath the stable’s leader. Although Yuta should be well aware of this, and with the Forbidden Door being kicked open as it has been, he could bring some backup of his own.

NJPW STRONG for 9/25/21
Main event:
Ren Narita vs. Fred Rosser

NJPW STRONG for 9/25/2021
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In the most emotionally charged match of the night, LA Dojo standout Ren Narita will take on “Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser. The two have been on both sides of the ring from each other, as opponents and partners. However, after Narita pulled off somewhat of an upset against Karl Fredericks at the second LA Dojo Showcase, Rosser came out to congratulate him. Narita didn’t take kindly to his tone, though, refusing his handshake.

Having claimed that Rosser “overlooked” him, Narita said he shouldn’t have been surprised with his victory. Narita then took a personal shot at Rosser, calling him a “former superstar,” referencing his days in the WWE as Darren Young. After having successful runs, not only on STRONG but as well as in NWA, Rosser took offense to this. Rosser is going to be ultra motivated to show his opponent that he is no has-been. On the other hand, Narita will be trying to show Rosser that he is here to stay. All of this should add up to a hard-hitting match that could go either way.

As I said, this card is shaping up to be one of the better cards NJoA has put on thus far. It truly is an incredible time to be a fan of professional wrestling! Be sure to comment what matches intrigue you the most, or just any thoughts in general on this Saturday’s show. You can also follow Pro Wrestling Post across all social media for the most eclectic professional wrestling coverage on the internet.

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