#NEWS: Super Strong Style 16 – Jonathan Gresham Joins The Battle

PROGRESS have announced the first competitor in this year’s Super Strong Style 16! Current Ring of Honor tag team champion Jon Gresham joins the battle!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Super Strong Style 16 is the annual tournament hosted by PROGRESS comprised of 16 entrants. Over a three day period they compete in an elimination tournament to crown a winner who can claim a Unified World Title shot at a date of their choosing. This usually happens at the biggest show of the year which takes place in September, but this tradition seems to be rather up in the air at the moment.

Previous winners of the tournament have included Will Ospreay, Tommy End, Travis Banks, Zack Sabre Jr and David Starr. Interestingly enough, only Ospreay and Banks were successful in their subsequent title matches so perhaps SSS16 is a poisoned chalice. The tournament also tends to attract talent from across the globe. Standout turns in previous years have come from the likes of Jeff Cobb, Flamita, Darby Allin and Tommaso Ciampa. Expect this year’s edition to feature a similar roll call of high calibre talent.

Jonathan Gresham has been somewhat of a regular for PROGRESS for the last several years. Usually partnering with CCK teammate Chris Brookes, he is a former PROGRESS Tag Team Champion and last wrestled for the company at Alexandra Palace in September 2018 in the Proteus Rumble. He is known for his excellent technical acumen and a willingness to use underhanded techniques whenever possible. Gresham is a welcome returnee to the company.

Might this be the year of the octopus? That remains to be seen as there are still 15 more entrants to be announced for Super Strong Style 16. Jonathan Gresham will bring strength and style to Alexandra Palace from the 23rd of May (and a kickass mask). We’ll update you when more combatants are announced.