#NEWS: Stardom Make Massive Announcement Regarding Wrestle Kingdom

In an announcement made earlier today, Stardom stated that they would have a special matchup that is set to take place. Stardom announced that they will have a match as part of NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14.

For those unaware Wrestle Kingdom would be the equivalent to Wrestlemania for the WWE. It showcases the best talent that New Japan Pro Wrestling has to offer. The event showcases each of their championships such as the IWGP Heavyweight, IWGP Intercontinental, and the IWGP Tag Team Championships. Each of these matches hold great significance.  They generally lay out what is to take place throughout the duration of the year.

With the inclusion of Stardom, this appears to be groundbreaking. Their inclusion may be the first of its kind in the all-male event.

Madison’s Mindset:

We here at Pro Wrestling Post are so excited for Stardom and their inclusion in this event. While we aren’t sure who will be involved in the match or where on the card it is set to take place, we may have an idea. Prior to this announcement tweet by Stardom, they made another tweet. This tweet was of an impending challenge that is set to take place.

Now while there is no certainty that this is the case it is interesting in its timing. Only five minutes after this post was their announcement for an upcoming Stardom match at Wrestle Kingdom. Fan reaction to this announcement on social media has been quite positive. The match appears unprecedented as Stardom and New Japan Pro Wrestling have worked together.

In discussion with our own Mathew Sarpracione, he pointed out that New Japan had only one showcase at the Tokyo Dome and it was with All Japan Wrestling. This took place in 2002. As a testament to Mathew’s passion for all things Stardom, their matches never disappoint. Regardless of whom the match is between it is sure to be an amazing contest. We also agree with his sentiment that the match is a great way to have more eyes on the product. Again it has been seventeen years since women were in a match at the Tokyo Dome.