#NEWS: Rhyno and Kazuyuki Fujita Set to Make NOAH Debut

Pro Wrestling NOAH is sure making some big changes and moves this year as we had an announcement and a surprise appearance that took place during their show on August 29th with the additions of Rhyno and Kazuyuki Fujita.

Firstly, NOAH has aired a video package which announced that former WWE and current Impact Wrestling Superstar, Rhyno is going to be making his NOAH debut on the big show on September 16th. Rhyno coming to NOAH is something I would never expect to happen and it looks like he wants to come by to cross something off of his list. No word yet on what his match will be at this time but expect a tag match to get things started before he starts more stuff if he chooses to come back. I personally hope it’s not a one time deal as I would love to see him face Takashi Sugiura.

The next thing that happened on this show was that NOSAWA Rongai has promised to bring in more friends for Sugiura-gun and has done that with when he brought in someone who is called The Last Disciple of Antonio Inoki. Kazuyuki Fujita. Kazuyuki is a three-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and also a former MMA fighter and he looked like he’ll be challenging Yoshiki Inamura to a match at the September 16th show as well.

We have those two huge announcements to get hyped for their show on September 16th, which will also be the finals of the N-1 Victory Tournament as well along with a couple of title matches. It looks like we got a stacked card on our hands and I cannot wait for it to unfold once it arrives. If you can find it, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out on it as it’s shaping up to be a solid card so far with the additions of Rhyno and Kazuyuki Fujita.