#NEWS: Paul Heyman discusses Brock Lesnar his appeal and marketability

In a recent interview with Chuck Carroll of CBS, Paul Heyman spoke of an array of different topics in regards to Brock Lesnar. of which they included the WWE, UFC and the beast’s time away from the company after WrestleMania. One of the most intriguing comments Heyman gave was of Brock Lesnar’s overall marketability and appeal since it has been reported that his UFC career has come to an end.

When asked about said marketability to the WWE, Carroll also asked about his importance as it relates to a television deal and the process to which negotiations between the companies involved are concerned.

What does he mean to WWE in terms of marketability? How important of a figure is he at a time when billion-dollar TV deal are being negotiated?

Billion-dollar TV deals are based on the authenticity and credibility of a brand. Brock Lesnar, as I’ve said forever, is the only being in history to hold the NCAA Division I Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and the top titles, whether it’s the WWE Title or Universal Title, in WWE. When you take a look at that, there’s a reason for it: Brock Lesnar is a once-ever athlete. If Daniel Cormier could be WWE Champion, I assure you he would be. But he can’t pull them both off. If John Cena could have been UFC Champion, I assure you he would have been. Be he couldn’t pull both off.

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Madison’s Mindset: Whether some chose to agree or not, something is said about Lesnar who has continued to be a dominating character to the company since his return in 2012. He has achieved success for arguably two to of the biggest companies in their respective combat sports in both the WWE and UFC. To think if even conversations were still taking place with Lesnar returning to the octagon that is enough of a motivator to keep fans watching, listening and talking.

Is Brock Lesnar a once-ever athlete as Paul Heyman says? Let us know in the comments below.