#NEWS: New Trademark Hints at AEW TV Show Date

PWInsider reported that All Elite Wrestling  ( AEW ) applied for the trademark, “Wednesday Night Dynamite.” This lends credence to the idea that AEW will air its TV show on Wednesdays, possibly in a competing timeslot with WWE NXT. It’s worth noting that AEW previously applied for the trademark, “Tuesday Night Dynamite,” but the promotion seems to be sticking to Wednesday. Whether this is a competitive move by AEW, a decision by TNA to not conflict with its NBA schedule or some other factor entirely is unknown.

The official announcement of AEW’s weekly TV show was made this past May. AEW and Turner made the announcement in question 10 days before Double or Nothing. Back then, little was known about the show other than it would air on primetime and AEW initially filed for the aforementioned “Tuesday Night Dynamite” trademark. For the time being, expect AEW to air every Wednesday once the show hits the air.

AEW Trademark
Photo / All Elite Wrestling

Sutter’s Synopsis: First and foremost, the clever name for AEW’s weekly show must be commended. For a program that will air on TNT, a wrestling program featuring “Dynamite” is a stroke of genius.

The idea of AEW airing every Wednesday can be considered a safe move. While many fans argue that NXT is the best weekly program that World Wrestling Entertainment has to offer, the truth is that it’s not viewed by nearly as many people as Monday Night RAW. What this means is that, if AEW airs on Wednesdays, there will be less competition. Despite the success of All In and, more recently, Double or Nothing, AEW remains an entity that must prove itself.

While AEW will air on primetime, a specific time slot has yet to be confirmed. AEW President and CEO Tony Khan confirmed that the show will be two hours long, so it’s safe to assume that will either run from 8 to 10 PM or 9 to 11 PM. Even with primetime, the show won’t be successful unless it’s regularly promoted by TNT. With the scope that TNT possesses, AEW Wednesday Night could end up catching people’s attention like wildfire.