#NEWS: Moxley shares Brock Lesnar suggestion to alter conclusion to SummerSlam 2018

In a recent interview with PWTorch’s Wade Keller. Moxley divulged how the plans for how the match result ultimately came to be and it wasn’t of his own accord but involved a current Money in the Bank briefcase holder in Brock Lesnar. In fact, the end result was agreed upon by Vince McMahon after Lesnar’s suggestions were made only a few hours before the show. In the world of pro wrestling or sports entertainment, the most talked about performer at the moment is unquestionably Jon Moxley.

At 6 p.m. before the show, everything was supposed to happen, the Shield coming out, this awesome stuff that the writers have been working on tirelessly to have this perfect ending to SummerSlam that was good,” Moxley recalled. “Brock comes in at 6 p.m. and changes everything. Vince is like, we are going to go with Brock’s idea. It made everyone else look stupid but Brock.

“And the writers are just sitting there watching it in the room and they’re like ‘Come on, we had it, we had this great ending.’ Everyone is suffering, again not my problem, anymore.”

Madison’s Mindset: The wrestling world continues to be abuzz of Moxley’s continued reveal of things that took place behind the scenes in the WWE’s creative department. While Moxley shared that it isn’t his problem anymore there is still a modicum of frustration felt it not for himself but for his colleagues and wife that still remain with the company especially if Brock Lesnar wasn’t part of the planning process leading up to the event. Was his frustration that creative including himself took the time to create an ending only for it to be usupred suddently be a bone of contention? It could have been.

Moxley recently revealed his longstanding frustration with WWE’s creative process among other topics including Vince McMahon while he was there. He recently signed a multi-year deal with new promotion All Elite Wrestling. Moxley has been quite outspoken recently in regards to his departure from WWE. Jon Moxley will be facing Joey Janela at AEW’s upcoming Fyter Fest.