#NEWS: Karl Anderson on how The Club should be in WWE

With the reformation of The Club and the announcement that both Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have recently signed a new five-year deal with the company comes to a new sense of enthusiasm and purpose. While rumors had been swirling that the duo of Anderson and Gallows had rejected a multi-year deal the belief that was the duo would ride off into the sunset without any adulation from the fans. It is no secret that many fans that have followed their careers during their time in New Japan Pro-Wrestling often questioned the booking decisions that followed them. Whether they were used as comic relief or not at all it seemed all the ‘magic’ that followed Anderson and Gallows to the WWE had disappeared.

However, with a recent heel turn on the part of AJ Styles, it seems the reformation of the group has brought about a new sense of purpose and use for not just Gallows and Anderson but Styles as well. For the past few years, the face that ran the place was the top face on Smackdown Live. With his move to Raw though it also meant he couldn’t hold the same role with the likes of Seth Rollins being the top face of the brand.

Madison’s Mindset: The tweet seemed very pointed in that its directed all the critics that followed Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows WWE run with The Club. To suggest they are going to be unhinged may mean that all the qualities that made Bullet Club as dominant a force in New Japan Pro Wrestling will be unleashed in the WWE. It feels as though it will be less the humor or insults such as ‘nerds’ and rather a group of men bent on showing what they are capable of doing. This is a refreshing change that will only help the case of all the men involved.