#NEWS: Dark Side of the Ring Season Two Announced

Earlier today, it was announced that “Dark Side of the Ring,” the series of professional wrestling documentaries produced by Viceland, has been renewed for a second season. This was confirmed by Guy Slattery, the President of Viceland, who was on a press tour this past Tuesday. At the moment of publication, the second season is already in production.

Not much has been confirmed in terms of specific content, but Viceland elected to share details. For example, season two will feature 10 episodes, each approximately an hour-long, that will cover different events in professional wrestling. What these events entail has yet to be confirmed, but it’s fair to expect that the more controversial side of the industry will be discussed.

“We were thrilled with the positive response to Dark Side when it debuted,” said Slattery. “The enthusiasm from fans and non-fans alike was contagious. We can’t wait to tell more of these stories.”

Sutter’s Synopsis: For professional wrestling historians, long-time fans, and newcomers that simply desire to learn, the announcement of a second season to “Dark Side of the Ring” is sure to excite.

While World Wrestling Entertainment has taken to creating its own line of documentaries, each with high levels of quality, they tend to ignore or overlook some of the more provocative topics in the industry. In the first season of “Dark Side of the Ring,” it became clear that the minds behind the series aren’t afraid to go where other companies avoid. Topics such as the murder of Bruiser Brody and the death of Gino Hernandez are just a few examples of the content “Dark Side of the Ring” covered.

When it comes to topics that season two of “Dark Side of the Ring” will cover, it’s fair to speculate what the creators have in store. Perhaps we will see them cover the infamous steroid trial that the World Wrestling Entertainment was involved in during 1994. It may also not be out of the question to see them tackle the double-murder and suicide of Chris Benoit. Whatever topics may be covered, expect “Dark Side of the Ring” to deliver with the same level of quality and attention to detail intact.