#NEWS: CM Punk open to facing ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin

In a tweet sent out by the WWE on Fox Twitter handle, the handle posted the comments there are few bigger matches in WWE history than CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Punk replied to this with a twitter gif of his infamous pipebomb segment that aired. What is interesting to note was that when recently interviewed about the possibility of facing Stone Cold Steve Austin he actually had another preference.

During Sportsnet’s 31 Thoughts Podcast on Sportsnet with Jeff Marek and Elliot Friedman, Punk said he would prefer to face Austin’s previous character in World Championship Wrestling. Austin was unceremoniously released from WCW. From WCW, Austin competed briefly in ECW and then the WWE. After becoming ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, the rest, as they say, is history.

“Obviously everyone knows him as ‘Stone Cold’ – I would probably rather wrestle ‘Stunning’ Steve. Yeah, he was the best wrestler at that time (in WCW), like ’94. There was nobody better. For the sake of the big match, I think CM Punk/Steve Austin from the attitude era. But I always felt like I was a man out of time and I was told that by a great many legends – Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Terry Funk, so many old school guys”.

These statements reflect Punk’s appreciate for the history of the sport and its previous eras. Unlike simply jumping on what is the more popular incarnation of a character, Punk has swayed away from that.

Madison’s Mindset:

Whether or not the long-rumored match between the two is set to take place remains to be seen. What fans can be assured of that longstanding teasing and of the match won’t go away any time soon. With both Punk and Austin being involved in WWE related content rumors will continue to swirl. Whether as part of the WWE Backstage program on Fox or Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network, rumors may simply intensify. In an ideal world, at the right price, the right story and the conditions being what meets all parties’ needs we could see that match happen.

Please credit WrestlingInc.com with the transcription.