#NEWS: Bray Wyatt Returns to RAW

At this past week’s edition of WWE, Monday Raw at the end of the Finn Balor and Samoa Joe match up a familiar face made his official return in Bray Wyatt. After week’s of his Firefly Funhouse vignettes airing on both Raw and Smackdown Live, Bray Wyatt emerged on this night as his darkest secret much to the delight of those in attendance in Long Island, New York.

Wyatt’s return comes on the night after the WWE Extreme Rules pay per view. It also signifies a time when the Raw brand moves into a new direction creatively as now Paul Heyman will help to direct what is next for upcoming feuds moving forward. The appearance of Wyatt certainly is a new and refreshing change as the company moves into a less PG-rated direction with a much edgier character reflective of something that may have been equally successful in Heyman’s ECW.

Madison’s Mindset: Wyatt’s return to Raw comes at no better a time. After his tag team with Matt Hardy dissolved last August (2018) the Deleter’s of Worlds and the Raw tag team championship it seemed as though creative had no direction for him or his character. What was needed was a complete reset of the Wyatt character as we knew it. So with the Firefly Funhouse fans were showcased a much darker and hunting character that was unlike the Wyatt fans had come to know. Was he going to be a children’s show host with that suspiciously dark side fans should fear?

What has emerged is a new level of fear and someone it a great deal of attention could be put towards as his arrival was highlighted multiple times because of its significance. We aren’t sure if a rekindling of a feud with Finn Balor is in the cards or rather simply using Balor as simply a lamb to slaughter. It appears as though the requests to LET HIM IN has been answered and the FIEND has emerged.