#NEWS: All Elite Wrestling Welcomes Sadie Gibbs and Luchasaurus

Today was an eventful day for All Elite Wrestling on social media. Roughly three days removed from their inaugural pay-per-view event, Double or Nothing, AEW took to Twitter today to announce two new members of their talent roster, Sadie Gibbs and Luchasaurus.

The first talent that was announced was Sadie Gibbs, who has been making an impression in the U.K. independent scene. She has also been actively involved in the Joshi Puroresu promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. Furthermore, Gibbs brings a sense of athleticism, honed by such endeavors as track and field, gymnastics, and CrossFit, that will only strengthen the AEW women’s division.

Several hours later, AEW welcomed Luchasaurus to its roster. Luchasaurus was announced as a competitor for the Casino Battle Royale, which took place at the Double or Nothing pre-show “Buy-In.” Not only was the half-man half dinosaur grappler one of the final four men in the match, but he had one of the spots of the match where he chokeslammed Joey Janela out of the ring and through a table to the outside.

Sutter’s Synopsis: With Double or Nothing officially in the books, All Elite Wrestling will have to move forward. To this end, it makes sense for the promotion to sign additional talent, especially as its weekly TV show draws near.

The signing of Sadie Gibbs is a strong one for the women’s division. Gibbs has been lauded for her athleticism, and though it can be argued that she can learn more, the potential she holds is undeniable. For those that are unfamiliar with Gibbs’ work, it’s worth looking her up on YouTube. There aren’t many women’s wrestlers that can flip and leap as she can.

Luchasaurus is perhaps the more intriguing addition to AEW’s roster. Those that have watched the Casino Battle Royale took notice of this unique character, especially following the aforementioned table spot. This signing is also unique in the sense that it provides a contrast to the promotion’s focus on sports statistics, analytics, and the like. Luchasaurus is a character, through and through, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares.

Sadie Gibbs and Luchasaurus are officially #AllElite.