#NEWS: AEW on TNT Start Date Announced

Earlier today, WarnerMedia announced the start date for AEW on TNT. According to the media titan, All Elite Wrestling’s weekly TV program will air every Wednesday night, starting on October 2. Furthermore, it will air live from 8 PM to 10 PM EST. The first episode of AEW on TNT will take place in Washington, D.C., from the Capital One Arena, but it will take place in numerous cities like other touring brands. AEW’s final live event, before going to primetime on TNT, will be All Out, scheduled for August 31.

This is notable for numerous reasons. First, it finally provides AEW fans with confirmation regarding a TV starting date. While AEW President and CEO Tony Khan said numerous times that they planned to start airing during the fall, specifics weren’t provided until recently. Second, with this start date in place, AEW will debut on TNT two days before World Wrestling Entertainment has its first show on Fox. Though far from the days of the Monday Night Wars, this shows that competition in professional wrestling is far from extinct.

News regarding ticket pricing and on-sale date for the first AEW television live event will drop on July 29. For those interested in attending the first show in D.C., further information will be shared on social media.

Sutter’s Synopsis: With this news, AEW fans have something to look forward to once All Out is in the books.

To say that AEW’s partnership with TNT is big would be an understatement. This was made clear when it was formally announced that the two entities would be working together. For months, however, fans didn’t know when the wrestling promotion’s weekly TV show would begin. Come October, however, those that have been following AEW since the beginning and others that have just recently gotten into it won’t have to wait much longer.

For many wrestling fans, however, this can create a conflict in terms of the shows that they wish to catch live. Keep in mind that, with AEW airing on Wednesday nights, it will essentially go head-to-head with WWE NXT, which airs on the WWE Network with a one-hour timeslot. Granted, NXT can be watched on-demand, so this may make the decision of many viewers easier. Nonetheless, this isn’t a certainty, so it will be interesting to see what follows come October.