#NEWS: AEW Dynamite Canada TV Deal Announced

With the debut episode of AEW Dynamite being mere hours away, the wrestling world has been abuzz regarding TV deals in other regions including Canada. While the promotion’s weekly TV program will air on TNT in the United States, fans across the world wondered where they would be able to access it. For those that live in Canadian, rest assured that your questions have been answered and that, yes, AEW will air live for you as well.

As reported on PWInsider, as well as confirmed by Dave Meltzer, AEW Dynamite will air live on TSN each Wednesday night. For those that don’t know, TSN, or The Sports Network, is a Canadian sports channel. As the name implies, TSN focuses largely on sports-oriented programming, including live broadcasts and talk shows. AEW Dynamite will be added to the channel’s spring of programs starting this week.

AEW Dynamite will debut this coming Wednesday, on TNT, at 8 PM EST.

Sutter’s Synopsis: While it seems like news of a Canadian TV deal came closer than expected to AEW’s primetime premiere, this should ease the concerns of Canadian viewers.

This is optimistic news, to say the least, especially following backlash regarding AEW’s airing in the United Kingdom. Late last month, news spread of AEW being broadcast on ITV. However, this news was shortly met with ire, as it was discovered that the show would air not on Wednesdays, but on Sunday, meaning that there would be a four-day delay. AEW President Tony Khan took to social media to declare that he would be working with ITV in order to have the show air on Thursday. While this is far from an ideal situation, it’s certainly a better compromise than Sunday.

Back to the subject of AEW Dynamite being aired on TSN, the network is sizable, to say the least in Canada. In fact, if one were to compare it to a network in the United States, it would effectively be Canada’s answer to ESPN. Though Canada has a few sports channels, TSN stands as one of the heavy hitters, which means that AEW will be in more households around the world. For those looking forward to AEW Dynamite, rest easy knowing that you won’t have to rely on shady streams on the internet.