New Champions Crowned At Extreme Rules The Horror Show | #AndNEW

At Extreme Rules The Horror Show, we saw new champions crowned. The nearly three-hour event saw several matches take place, but new champions crowned. While another one suggests that there is a new champion holding the title, we will have to see what the fallout will be on tomorrow’s edition of Raw. The first set of champions crowned was, a long time coming.

Two of arguably the best performers on either roster captured a tag team championships. To start the program, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura faced Kofi Kingston and Big E for the WWE Smackdown Championships. The two teams squared off against one another in a match culminated with this evenings’ title defense. It was a see-saw affair. This past week it was decided that the two teams would face each other in a Tables Match. The result was Kofi Kingston massively going through a table to declare new champions in Cesaro and Nakamura.

While this is Nakamura’s first time co-holding a WWE Tag team championship, it is now the seventh collective reign for Cesaro holding either the Raw or Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

New Champions Crowned At Extreme Rules The Horror Show

The other match which will acknowledge as a new champion being declared. This is however, until further notice regarding a women’s championship. Asuka faced Sasha Banks for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. The belief was that we were on the verge of something special. If  Banks did win, we would have an instance where both Bayley and Sasha would be double champions. As the match was approaching its closing moments, Asuka inadvertently sprayed the referee with her green mist. The spray incapacitated the referee.

These proceedings caused Bayley to hit Asuka from behind with the title knocking her out. Bayley then proceeded to remove the referee’s shirt and put it on. The Role Model then proceeded to count Asuka down for the one..two…three. Bayley called for the bell and handed Banks the championship. However, as an unrecognized official, the question is, will this win stand? At present, Banks left the match as the champion much to the delight of her co-WWE Women’s tag team champion Bayley.


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