Natsumi Maki & Mina Shirakawa Are Leaving TJPW

The world of professional wrestling is very unpredictable. Talents in any promotion could decide to leave for a variety of reasons. It seems that is exactly what happened in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling recently as two of their top Joshi competitors, Natsumi Maki and Mina Shirakawa, are set to leave the promotion this month.

The two competitors are who will be leaving are Natsumi Maki and Mina Shirakawa, whom TJPW fans are well acquainted with. They will be letting their Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling contracts expire and will be ending their run with the company on September 21st, 2020.

Natsumi Maki is a veteran in the Joshi world. She made her debut in 2015 and has competed in virtually every major Joshi promotion out there. This includes promotions such as TJPW, Stardom, Actwres girl’Z, Sendai Girls, and many more.

Natsumi Maki & Mina Shirakawa Are Leaving TJPW

She also displayed her in-ring prowess earlier in the year as she took on Sareee, who is touted as one of the best professional wrestlers in the Joshi world. Maki held her own against Sareee that certainly made her popular with fans. She is only 25 years old, so she has her entire life ahead of her and could very well head to Stardom. Natsumi also won the International Princess Cup last year.

Mina Shirakawa made her debut in 2018. She has competed in promotions such as TJPW, DDT, and Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling. At 32 years of age, perhaps she is thinking of lacing up her boots and focusing on her projects. She does also has a career in acting and modeling.

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