McIntyre vs Murphy: Raw Rebound for 5/4/20

Monday Night Raw comes to us again from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The last Raw before Sunday’s Money in the Bank Pay-per-view opened with MVP. in the ring ready to conduct his VIP Lounge.  Asuka, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler were his guests and will represent Raw in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match after winning their qualifying matches last week. Murphy vs Drew McIntyre is the featured match on tonight’s episode.

Will Murphy vs McIntyre spell the end of the Scottish Psychopath tonight?

McIntyre vs Murphy

MVP asked each of the women about how they planned to win the Women’s Money in the Bank match. Nia basically claimed she was too dominant to lose, Asuka insulted Nia’s ‘big booty’ and Shayna claimed she let her actions do all the talking. The Queen of Spades then called out Asuka, who stood up aggressively, yelling in Japanese. The two stood nose-to-nose for a few seconds. They both gave Nia Jax, who was sitting, a side-eye; then both ladies nailed Nia with superkicks, made her chair to fall over and sent her rolling to the outside of the ring. After dispatching Nia, Shayna and Asuka tried to square off, but MVP stood between them, encouraging them to save it for Money in the Bank. Apollo Crews suffered an injury last week and would need to be replaced on the Raw side of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Gauntlet Match

A gauntlet match would determine who was going to replace Crews. Bobby Lashley without Lana took on Titus O’Neil to start things off. The All-Mighty set the tone with a pretty quick and convincing win over Titus, after a devastating spear.  Tozawa was the next competitor in the gauntlet match, but he suffered the exact same fate as Titus, falling victim to a spear and a three count for Lashley.  Shelton Benjamin was the next superstar to face Bobby and despite an early flash of moves that seemed to stun the big powerhouse, his fate was also sealed after a vicious spear. 

Humberto Carrillo was the next competitor in the gauntlet match, which looked more like a showcase of The All-Mighty. But after beating Humberto down in the corner and refusing the referee’s instructions to break in the corner, Lashley found himself disqualified and eliminated from the gauntlet match. Incensed, he tossed Carrillo around and speared him before exiting the ring. Angel Garza was the next competitor in the gauntlet match and after seeing Humberto left in a heap by Bobby Lashley. He thought he’d have a pretty easy go of things. He beat Carrillo down even more but shockingly fell victim to a quick roll-up and a three count. 

Another of Zelina Vega’s young guns, Austin Theory was the next competitor in the gauntlet match.

He tried to superplex Humberto. But was countered into a rollup for another surprising win, as a result for an all but decimated Humberto Carrillo. The final competitor in the gauntlet match was a returning A.J. Styles. Carrillo, as he had the previous three matches, gave it his best but Styles was too fresh and picked up the win with his Calf Crusher. A.J. Styles will go on to replace Apollo Crews for the Money in the Bank Ladder match this Sunday. 

Winner: AJ Styles

Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink vs Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink with their new mouthpiece MVP, looked to defeat the team of Ricochet and Cedric Alexander after being on the losing end of the things throughout the last few weeks. MVP didn’t accompany them to ringside, but they wouldn’t need the extra man advantage this week. With the power and strength advantage to offset the quickness of Ricochet and Alexander, Vink picked up the huge win for himself and Thorne after turning Ricochet inside out with a massive boot to the face. 

Winners: Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink

The Street Profits vs The Viking Raiders

The Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits took on former champions The Viking Raiders in tag team action. Montez Ford cut a promo before the match began. He started the contest on fire but once the Viking Raiders took control, it would be a while before he was able to tag Dawkins. After a couple of near falls from both teams, Ford found himself tossed outside the ring. Dawkins was left all alone to feel the wrath of the Viking Experience. The former tag team champions picked up a crucial non-title win over the Street Profits.  

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Charlotte Flair vs Liv Morgan

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair started a promo only to be interrupted by Liv Morgan, who claimed Charlotte inspired her change and challenged The Queen to a match. Liv gave it a great shot but was clearly fighting out of her league against Charlotte, who secured the win with her patented Figure Eight. 

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Murphy vs Drew McIntyre

The main event saw the Monday Night Messiah’s number one disciple Murphy vs WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Seth Rollins sat in a chair at the top of the ramp during the match. Murphy wanted to make Seth proud but it just wasn’t in the cards against the Scottish Psychopath. He even tried to appeal to the Messiah for some kind of strategy while in the midst of the match. Only to have McIntyre knock him to the ramp with a big boot to the face. After about seven minutes, a Claymore kick finally put Murhpy out of his misery. He likely never saw it coming either!

However, as soon as the bell rang, Seth Rollins delivered a devastating superkick to the WWE Champion.  He yelled “It’s not about you!” at the fallen champion several times. He then looked to put the final touches on his assault by hitting a Curb Stomp. But Drew had other plans. He ducked the stomp and connected with a Glasgow Kiss, which knocked Seth to the ground. McIntyre lined up Seth for a Claymore but Rollins was able to escape as the show went off the air. This show certainly leaves fans wondering what will be next. As a result, Money in the Bank is slated to take place this coming Sunday, May 10th.

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