Money in the Bank 2015 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On June 14th, 2015 the WWE presented Money in the Bank 2015. The show began with an in-memory of for the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. The entire roster stood atop the entranceway as they would toil the bell ten times. All would stand showing their respect for the American Dream and applaud him for his contributions to the WWE and wrestling as a whole. It was a nice moment to commemorate the life of the dream. We see the promotional video focusing on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and John Cena as the WWE presents Money in the Bank 2015.

Money in the Bank 2015
Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. Neville vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Lana vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

With all competitors in the ring the bell rings with almost everyone pairing off. That was until Kofi set up a ladder and was attempt to sneak up and everyone beats down on him. But everyone at one point or another attempts to make their claim for the title. Reigns and Kane jockey for position. It then leaves Sheamus and Kane in the ring. Sheamus decks Kane but as soon as he gets to the top of the ladder, Kane stops him. Kane is then caught by Ziggler.

Dolph climbs to the top but is stopped by Sheamus. Sheamus is then caught with the White Noise. The ring was temporarily cleared until members try to make their way in the ring. Sheamus clears house as fans chant ‘You look Stupid’. As Kofi attempts to get the briefcase, Sheamus pushes the ladder over forcing him off the top. New Day sucks chants began to fill the arena as well. Kofi then hits a series of kicks to Sheamus’ thighs. Kingston then attempts a crossbody until Neville hits a dropkick.

Kingston recovers with trouble in paradise. He then sets up the ladder attempting to get the briefcase but is stopped by Neville. Neville then attempts to flip Kingston who climbs the ladder. But Neville is stopped by Reigns who begins to hear a series of boos in the process. Reigns is then stopped by Kingston but is caught with a boot and a punch and finished with a powerbomb on a leader.

Reigns then catches Neville who is power bombed on top of Kingston who is still on the ladder! Kane then stops Reigns who is climbing atop the ladder. Both men battle on the ladder. As Kane comes down he proceeds to chokeslam, Reigns in the process. Kane then climbs the ladder as Randy Orton stops him and hits an RKO. Orton begins to climb the ladder as Kofi Kingston stops him but gets caught with an RKO too!

Neville leaps over Orton and onto the ladder and Randy stops him with an RKO. Orton then regains himself and climbs the top of the ladder as Sheamus stops him. Sheamus then has his hands on the briefcase but Orton stops him. Both men battle on the mat exchanging fists in the process. Sheamus throws Orton into the ladder and then hits a brogue kick on Orton. The Celtic Warrior sets up the ladder as Ziggler chases Sheamus up the ladder with his hands on the briefcase.

The two men battle atop of the ladder. Ziggler hits a series of headbutts on Sheamus. But the two continue to battle. Sheamus then teases a White Noise on Ziggler but Ziggler turns it into a sleeper and ultimately both men crash to the mat. Neville climbs the top rope and hits a Red Arrow on a prone Sheamus. Ziggler and Neville remain in the ring both attempting to get atop the ladder. As both men climb on opposing sides of the ladder they exchange fists in the process. Neville had his hands on the briefcase and Ziggler throws headbutts stopping Neville as well.

Neville drops Ziggler’s head on the top of the ladder causing him to fall to the mat. Ziggler and Neville work together to try and stop Kane but that’s momentarily. Kane then hits a dropkick knocking both men down. Reigns then sees everyone on the floor and hits a leaping tope suicida over the top rope wiping out everyone on the floor. Xavier Woods and Big E help Kingston to win the match. They rolled him in and encourage him to set up the ladder as they watch the floor.

Kingston begins to climb the ladder as Reigns comes around and hits his driveby dropkick on both Woods and E. Reigns then pulls at Kingston who is continues to climb the ladder again. Kingston is then tossed to the floor. Reigns spears  Orton who attempted an RKO a moment earlier. Reigns sets up the ladder and climbs it all alone until…Bray Wyatt appears and pushes him off the ladder and hits Sister Abigail. Fans will hot for what was taking place.

Bodies are all over the place as Sheamus climbs into the ring and begins to set up the ladder. Sheamus climbs the top of the ladder as Neville tries to stop him and continues to fight for the briefcase. Neville is then pushed off the ladder as Sheamus unhooks the briefcase and winning the match.

Winner: Of the 2015 Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match, Sheamus

Money in the Bank 2015
[Photo: Just Talk Wrestling]
After the match, we see the events leading up to the final result including the interference of Bray Wyatt costing Roman Reigns. We then see Sheamus celebrating as all the remaining competitors in the match begin to look on.

Paige is then interviewed backstage by Renee Young and shares how she hasn’t been the best allies. She shares how they play one way in front of the camera and another one behind the camera. Paige then shares what a win by her tonight will make the change the Divas division needs.

Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

The Divas champion is the first one to make her way to the ring. She is followed to the ring by the former Divas Champion, Paige. We see a recap of what took place a couple of weeks earlier with how Brie Bella switched places with her sister costing Paige a chance to recapture the title. The bell rings signalling the start of their match. Nikki and Paige lock up and it leads to Nikki getting the early advantage.

This leads to Nikki retreating to the floor. Paige then proceeds to follow her and toss her to the floor. Paige then climbs the barricade but gets caught by Nikki dropped atop the barricade face first. Back in the ring, Nikki rolls Paige in and goes for the pinfall attempt. Both women work their way to the floor leading to Nikki working over Paige but then taunting her from inside the ring.

The entire women’s division were watching from the backstage area. Back in the ring, Nikki has a rear chinlock on Paige. Paige then attempts a roll up but its short lived leading to only a two count. The two exchange pinfall attempts. Nikki then hits a slingshot suplex on Paige. She goes for the pihnfall but only for a count of two. The champion then locks in a body scissors on Paige in the middle of the ring. Paige attempts a pinfall attempt but Nikki kicks out.

The two battle between the ropes with Paige wearing Nikki out. Nikki goes for the pinfall attempt but again only for a count of two. The champion locks in a rear chinlock working on the neck of Paige. Paige comes back and hits a superkick and attempts a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Nikki takes her eye of Paige and that’s the advantage the challenger needed. She then proceeds to lock in a variation of an STF but Nikki kicks out.

Back in the ring, Nikki hits the Alabama slam and goes for a pinfall attempt. Paige then goes for her Paige turner submission. But she can’t lock it in leading to Nikki getting to the turnbuckle. Nikki then hits a kick off the second rope. She goes for the pinfall but only for a count of two. Nikki then gets caught with the RamPaige. The challenger goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count. Nikki goes to the corner. Paige then hoists her up on the turnbuckle. the two battle atop the top rope and this leads to Brie Bella to switch places with her.

Paige gets caught with in a roll up but then reverses it on Brie and gets the three count. Brie then pleads her case to the referee. Paige then see’s its Briet that was the one that switched places. It leads to Nikki coming in from behind decking her and hitting the rack attack. She makes the pinfall and retains the title.

Winner: AND STILL Divas Champion, Nikki Bella

After the match, we see the switch take place and how the finish that she achieved in the past wasn’t to be this time around. A distraught Paige looks on as Nikki and Brie leave the ring in celebration of their retaining the title.

We then see how there was an Elimination Chamber that took place 2 weeks prior and how the vacated Intercontinental Championship. Ryback captured the title and the next day it was supposed to be Ryback to face The Miz for the title but The Big Show knocked him out before the match begun.

The Miz then comes out and addresses the people of Ohio. He then shares that he left Ohio because in LA or New York that you don’t matter. He then shares his thoughts about the upcoming title match.

Money in the Bank 2011
WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Big Show vs. Ryback (c)

We then get a flashback of the past week’s edition of Miz TV and how Miz got involved in the situation between Ryback and The Big Show. It then flashes to the present day, and the match begins immediately. Ryback hits a meathook. He then hits a clothesline knocking the Big Show over the top rope to the floor. The Miz is then attacked at ringside by Ryback. Back in the ring, The Big Show spears Ryback. The Big Show then works over the chest of the big guy.

The Big Show and Ryback begin to exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Show hits a shoulder tackle on his back. He then teases a chokeslam that Ryback turns into an armbreaker. Ryback recovers with a suplex and then a splash on The Big Show. Then as fans begin to chant feed me more, Ryback charges in but gets chokeslammed. The Big Show goes for the pin but only gets a count of two.

With Ryback trying to recover, The Big Show teases the WMD but Ryback stops it. A stiff right to the chest of Ryback knocks him to the floor. But as The Miz swears off not doing anything he then attacks The Big Show costing Ryback the match.

Winner: via disqualification, The Big Show

But due to the result, Ryback is able to retain the title despite losing the match. We then see talk of the upcoming rematch between Kevin Owens and John Cena as Owens defeated him a couple of weeks prior.  With their upcoming match we see highlights of their confrontations leading into this rematch. Cena shares how the three words that define Kevin Owens are in fact ‘Never Give Up’. Owens says that Cena is delusional that he was portrayed as a real life Superhero.

His happily ever after is garbage. To that he says if Cena wants some he come get some.

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena

Owens is first to make his way out to the ring. He is then followed out to the ring by the United States Champion, John Cena. Owens holds the NXT Championship overhead while Cena holds the United States Championship overhead. As the bell rings the two lock up, with Cena having the early advantage. But that is momentarily as Owens knocks him down with a shoulder tackle.

Cena then ties Owens up with an armbar but Owens breaks free. With Owens gains the advantage over Cena with a rear chinlock. The fans are rabid in this match either for or against Cena. Cena breaks free but Owens counters Cena’s attack and hits him with his Cena’s moves. He does the five knuckle shuffle to Cena. But Cena recovers and ties in the STF on Owens who scrambles to get to the bottom rope.

Cena then hits a reverse suplex on Owens and went for the cover. But Owens hits a codebreaker on Cena and goes for pinfall on Cena but only for a count of two. Owens then attempts a pop up powerbomb. But Cena then hits a set up to a five knuckle shuffle on Owens. He then attempts an AA but Owens reverses it into German suplex and follows up with a cannonball. Owens then begins to pace himself as he and Cena begin to exchange blows. But he catches Cena in a white noise like drop on him. Owens goes for a pinfall but only for a count of two.

Owens then attempts a swanton onto Cena who gets his knees up stopping him in the process. Both men are battered and bruised trying to get to their feet. Cena then hits an electric chairdrop on Owens and goes for a pinfall. But only for a count of two. As both men get to their feet, Cena attempts an AA and goes for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two! Cena begins to argue with Mike Chioda that it was three. Rather than focusing his attention on Owens he focuses on Chioda.

Cena recovers and sets up Owens to attempt an AA from the top rope but Owens lifts him on his shoulders. He twists him around and finishes it into an powerbomb. Owens goes for a pinfall attempt but he too gets a count of two. With Cena still on the mat, Owens gets to his feet first and attempts a pop up powerbomb but Cena turns it into a hurricanrana. As Cena follows up he is met with a superkick by Kevin Owens. Owens goes for the pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two.

Cena is then resting in the corner as Owens charges in he catches him with a tornado DDT. He follows up with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Cena then climbs to the top rope and attempts a leg drop and Owens hits a package powerbomb. Owens follows up with a  pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. With Cena dragged to a corner, Owens hits a moonsault but Cena moves. Cena then hits another AA and goes for a pinfall attempt but he kicks out at two.

Cena then drags Owens over to a corner and proceeds to pick him up, and rests him on the top turnbuckle. He then attempts a suplex, but Owens reversed it mid-air and hit Cena with it. Fans are behind this match! But Cena catches Owens and locks in an STF in the middle o the ring. Owens finally gets to the bottom rope. Cena then hits a code red on Owens and goes for a pinfall attempt but again for a count of two.

Fans are cheering, and then Owens hits a pop-up powerbomb on Cena and goes for a pinfall attempt. Owens gets a count of two. Both are recovering on the mat but Owens is the first one up. Owens then picks up Cena and drives a fist knocking him down. But Cena recovers with a springboard stunner and hits a AA finishing him off with a three-count and the win.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena stands in the middle of the ring, looking at Kevin Owens, telling him to listen to the audience take in the reaction from the crowd. Cena then hands Owens his NXT Championship. He then offers his hand to Owens, who shakes it and then kicks Cena in the process. Cena falls to the outside, and Owens hits a powerbomb on the ring apron.

Owens goes back in the ring and lifts the NXT Championship high overhead. Owens then proceeds to take Cena’s title up the rampway and then tosses it back toward him. Referees tend to the fallen Cena as Cena is recovering at ringside. We then see a replay of what took place after the match with Cena being beaten down. Owens laughs at his handi-work as he heads back.

Renee Young then shares that John Cena is being tended to as she interviews Dean Ambrose, who holds the WWE Championship. He shares how he was being robbed by the Authority ruled world so it’s important for him to take it back. Ambrose shared that he earned it with his blood and his sweat but was robbed of what he deserved in life. He shared that they will hold that title above and Rollins will have to face him in a ladder match for the WWE title later.

The commentary team shared their condolences of the passing at the time of late ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes and his contributions to the industry including NXT. We then see a video montage of excerpts from his promos and moments of his matches in his career. It remains one of the classiest video montages the company ever presented.

Money in the Bank 2015
WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) (c) vs Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil)

The tag team champions came to the ring first and shared how Kofi Kingston was robbed earlier in the evening. Big E shares that cheaters should never win Ohio especially when they first come off of probation referring to the states Ohio State Buckeyes. He says that Kofi needs the power of positivity now more than ever and gives him the clap therapy that he needs. As they share that ‘New Day Rocks’ fans chant ‘New Day Sucks’.

Woods begins to lose a gasket to which Big E calms him down in the process. This brings out their opposition. He shares that no one will deter them, including the PRime Time Players. Once Young and O’Neil the match is set to begin. Darren Young and Xavier Woods lock up first. Woods tags in Big E who hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Young. Big E and Woods exchange repeated tags stomping on Young who is lying prone in the corner.

New Day work together to beat on Young, who isn’t able to make a tag. They have Darren Young cornered off, beating on him and stretching him in the process. Big E then hits a belly-to-belly on Young again and makes the tag to Xavier Woods. Woods comes in and begins to lock up Darren Young in a cobra clutch-like clasp. He then attempts a pinfall but only gets a count of two. Woods then locks in the clutch once again.

Young fights him off and attempts a pin but is caught by Big E, who hits an uranagi on DY. Big E then attempts a gut wrench suplex, but Young reverses it and hits the corner turnbuckle. It’s the opening Young needs as he makes the tag to Titus and Xavier is tagged in as well. With O’Neil in, due to the hot tag, he comes at both the tag champions. Titus then hits a backbreaker and tosses Woods to the side.

Titus follows up with a splash and then a pounce. O’Neil then follows up with a pinfall attempt but Big E stops it. Darren Young tries to make the save but Big E spears him through the ropes to the floor. Woods tries a roll-up but Titus kicks out at two and it’s a powerbomb finish for a pinfall and the win.

Winners: AND NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Prime Time Players

It was an upset win but certainly, a special one as it was their first title win. After the match, we get a replay of the events that took place as they celebrate in the crowd with their titles in hand. We then see the MITB kick-off show panel including Booker T, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Renee Young.

The four-person panel discusses the events that have taken place over the course of the show to this point. They then follow up with what they anticipate to have happen during the balance of the show. We also see that Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt in an upcoming event set to take place shortly. They then preview the upcoming match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Money in the Bank 2015
WWE Championship Ladder Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

We then see Seth Rollins backstage with J & J Security backstage along with Kane. Kane confronts Seth and shares with him the future is history. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon then stop shares that the weight of the company on his shoulders. Triple H says to him that this is what he wanted right? So then show them why he chose Seth Rollins and why he’s the future the WWE World Champion.

That pep talk certainly motivated Rollins as he begins to walk alone backstage, heading towards the ring. But out came Dean Ambrose first making his way to the ring. With Ambrose in the ring he awaits the current WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. Both men then stand in the ring looking up at the title hung above. The bell rings and the two men lock up.

Ambrose is on the attack early on hitting Rollins from every which way. He then locks him up in clutching his legs and then ties up his arm around Rollins’ own head. Ambrose whips Rollins into the corner but he’s caught with a boot. Rollins regains control and he begins to lay in boots in the midsection of Ambrose. But is short lived as Ambrose regains control. He suplexs Rollins in the ring and then puts Rollins in an armbar that turns into a clothesline.

Ambrose then charges into Rollins who catches him and drives him head first into the turnbuckle. Both men make their way to the floor where Rollins works over Ambrose’s back. Rollins then whips Ambrose into the steel steps but it doesn’t stop him. As Rollins makes his way to the other side of the ring, Ambrose charges through the ropes hitting him in the process.

This leads to both men trying to get ahold of the ladder outside the ring. Both men attempt to get the ladder inside the ring but take each other out with it in the process. Ambrose gets the ladder in the ring and begins to set it up. He then begins to make his way up but Rollins stops him. The two repeatedly try to stop each other time and time again trying to climb the ladder.

Eventually, Dean Ambrose stands over the fallen Rollins and begins to work over his hands and arms. They both attempt to suplex the other onto the ladder. This leads to Ambrose hitting a double underhook onto the ladder. Ambrose then hits an elbow on the standing Rollins on the way down. Dean Ambrose then clotheslines Rollins over the top rope to the floor. But Rollins comes back in the ring with a steel chair.

He continues to smash the chair across the leg of Rollins who was climbing the ladder. Now fallen, Ambrose must contend with Rollins who has regained control. Rollins then takes the ladder and lays it on the mat. He proceeds to work over the left leg and knee of Dean Ambrose. Rollins then drives the ladder into the midsection of the prone Ambrose. Ambrose is then hit with a dragonscrew leg whip.

Rollins then places Ambrose’ leg in between the ladder and continues to work it over repeatedly. Ambrose is favoring his left knee as Rollins hunts him like a wounded dog. Despite a momentary attempt to regain control, Rollins locks in a figure four around the ring post on Ambrose. Rolllins then locks in a figure four leg lock in the ring on Ambrose who is screaming in pain. But at the same time attempts to fight through it and turns it onto Rollins.

This forces Rollins to break the hold. It doesn’t however prevent him from working on Ambrose’s knee. Ambrose is tied up into a tree of woe and Rollins then cracks the chair against Ambrose’s knee. He then climbs to the top and drops down on the prone Ambrose. Rollins then sets up the ladder as Ambrose is tied up. Ambrose is able to free himself from the top turnbuckle and then pushes Rollins off the ladder.

The wounded Ambrose throws fist after fist on Rollins. But eventually both men are knocked down onto the mat. Rollins makes his way up first and proceeds to punish the leg and knee of Ambrose. He smashes a chair across the ladder which is set up across the prone leg. As Rollins attempts to climb the top rope, Ambrose throws a chair at him knocking him down in the process.

Rollins attempts a springboard, and Ambrose sweeps his leg. Ambrose then stood on the second rope himself and hit a lunging clothesline on Rollins. Both men make their way to their feet and exchange fists and boots. Ambrose then clotheslines Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Rollins then crawls back up the aisleway and lures Ambrose to him. He drives Dean’s head into the barricade. Rollins then picks up the ladder and attempts to toss it on Ambrose.

Both men are exhausted. Ambrose attempts Dirty Deeds, but Seth gets away. The two are then battling in the crowd. Ambrose follows Rollins behind the audience on the floor. The two throw hands back and forth. But Rollins gets back to the ring first. He then proceeds to take out another ladder from under the ring. He’s tired as he pauses to take it out from under the ring. Then from out of nowhere Ambrose charges onto Rollins off the announce table.

Ambrose then positions the ladder from the ring onto the announce table. Both men then make their way into the ring continuing their fight. Ambrose then back body drops Rollins over the top rope onto the ladder snapping it in half. This leads to Ambrose getting a ladder from under the other side of the ring and bringing it into the ring. He then proceeds to set it up under the title hanging above. Ambrose is slow to make his way up the ladder pulling himself up to the top.

But Rollins then attempts to powerbomb Ambrose who hits a hurricanrana from over the top rope onto the floor. The two battle on top of an announce table at ringside. Ambrose then hits Dirty Deeds on the announce table to Seth Rollins. The Lunatic Fringe then proceeds to get back into the ring and pulls himself up in the meantime. But Rollins hits Rollins with a TV monitor on the bad leg of Ambrose who was making his way up the ladder.

Rollins then begins to climb to the top slowly, but Ambrose stops him. Ambrose pulls Rollins down off the ladder but Rollins hits a pedigree on Ambrose in the ring. Rollins begins to climb again up the ladder as Ambrose laid on the mat. But Ambrose makes his way up the ladder behind Rollins pulling on his legs. Rollins kicks him off and then attempts to tackle Ambrose but misses and ends up outside the ring. Seth then whips Ambrose facefirst into the ladder and then is powerbombed into the barricade at ringside.

Ambrose’s body looks lifeless. Rollins then picks up Ambrose, again and again, and tosses him into the barricade, reminiscent of a powerbomb. Seth then takes out a series of steel chairs from under the ring. He then powerbombs Ambrose onto the chairs stationed on the ladder.  Rollins then proceeds to burry Ambrose underneath a ladder and a collection of steel chairs.

This leads Rollins to climb into the ring and proceed to climb up the ladder. But Ambrose struggles and makes it into the ring and climbs up behind Rollins. The two battled over the belt. The title comes loose and both men fall to the mat. But it lands in Seth Rollins’s hands!

Winner: AND STILL WWE Champion, Seth Rollins.

A battered champion walks back up the aisleway with the title as Ambrose looks on in the ring. Rollins holds the title overhead as Triple H comes out from the back and embraces him celebrating along the way. We then see a repeat of the events that led to the finish of the match. The champion celebrates with the title held high overhead while the dejected challenger looks on, wondering what could have been.

Jojo then speaks with Rollins if there was anything he wanted to say. He says ‘I told you so and no one can hang with me. I am the greatest WWE champion of all time’.