Money In The Bank 2013 – WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView

On July 14th, 2013 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WWE presented Money In The Bank 2013. This event had some unique swerves and opportunities for all involved. Since the event was in Philadelphia, you can be assured that the fans will actively share their approval or lack thereof. This is the WWE Sunday Night Pay Per Retroview for Money In The Bank 2013.

World Championship Money in the Bank 2013 Ladder Match
Fandango vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Wade Barrett .vs Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

We kick off the Money In The Bank 2013 pay per view with the World Championship contract match. It begins, strangely enough, with two men already in the ring while the other five others receive an entrance. After the match gets going, fans witness alliances forming on more than one occasion. Swagger and Cesaro work well together. With everyone seemingly taken out, Swagger climbs the ladder just to have Dean Ambrose stop him and take control. Wade Barrett comes in and puts a beating on Ambrose, then quickly tosses him from the ring.

Fandango recovers and wipes out Barrett. Ambrose and Rhodes are going at one another at one point while Sandow and Fandango go at one another on another side of the ring. Fandango then gets suplexed onto a ladder propped up by the turnbuckle. Barrett uses a broken ladder step to beat down Sandow. He then begins to climb the ladder but is stopped by Ambrose. Both Real Americans tried to dispose of Ambrose as he climbs the ladder but the US Champion recovered and wiped them out.

Cesaro bounces back and starts to climb, only to have Rhodes stop him. He hits a muscle buster-like suplex onto the propped up ladder that was still in the ring. Barrett takes out the competition, leaving him the only one standing in the ring. But Swagger intercepts his attempt to climb. Barrett comes back and knocks Swagger from the top of the ladder. Then, he and Fandango start throwing heavy punches at one another. Fandango begins to make his ascent only for Ambrose to stop him and hit dirty deeds (at the time it was a front facing DDT). Cesaro and Swagger are then taken out by the pendulum ladder swinging Ambrose.

Eventually only Swagger and Cesaro are in the ring trying to capture the briefcase, but Rhodes dropkicks them. He goes on to hit everyone with his ‘crossroads’ finisher. Rhodes then goes outside the ring and grabs the biggest ladder he can find and slips it into the ring. He starts to climb but Ambrose stops him. The two men exchange fists at the top of the ladder. Rhodes eventually knocks off Ambrose, but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come to the ring to assist Ambrose.

The Usos then come in and stop Reigns and Rollins. Ambrose climbs and is on the verge of grabbing the briefcase, but is tossed from the ladder to the floor courtesy of Cody Rhodes, as the US champion lands on the teams fighting at ringside. It was once again Cody’s time to climb as he is all alone. But his tag team partner Sandow pushes him off the ladder and claims the ‘Money in the Bank 2013’ briefcase.

Winner of the World Championship Money In The Bank 2013 briefcase: Damien Sandow

Brad Maddox comes out and fills time. He spends time recognizing former Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero but is seen mocking her at the same time.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Miz (c)

At the time, The Miz was a face, while Axel was in the midst of re-emerging as a third generation wrestler that was presented by his new manager Heyman as being better than perfect. Early on in the match, the two men exchange punches, chops, and kicks. The Miz tries to work on Axel’s leg early on. While outside the ring, The Miz acts as though Paul Heyman hit him in order to have him ejected from ringside. ‘We Want Heyman’ chants ring out after Heyman is sent to the back.

Axel regains control despite the absence of his manager. He hits a dropkick and proceeds to work on the head and back of the former champion. On the mat, he applies an armbar. Miz attempts to make a comeback but he’s being challenged by his opposition. He climbs the top turnbuckle, but Axel attempts a perfect plex. Miz counters with a figure four leglock attempt but that is thwarted. Axel then hits the perfect plex but only for a two count. The champion is caught in figure four and eventually taps out.

Winner: And still WWE Champion The Miz

Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) w/Big E Langston vs. Kaitlyn w/Layla

Before the match, they flashback to what AJ and Kaitlyn had gone through in the past. There is clearly lots of animosity between these two former friends. Kaitlyn lifts AJ up in a fireman’s carry, into a gutbuster. She then proceeds to take the fight to her on the outside the ring. However, one wrong move and AJ is able to gain control.  Lee continues to work on the already injured arm and shoulder of Kaitlyn. She also works on her opponent’s back in order to wear her down.

AJ was like a rabid animal at this point. Kaitlyn comes back with a spear but didn’t go for the pin. The champion blocks a suplex attempt and proceeds to work her down. AJ is thrown from the top rope onto Big E but the big man catches her. He puts her back in the ring and Kaitlyn hits her with another spear, but her bad arm prevents her from taking advantage. AJ then curls around and locks in the black widow causing Kaitlyn to fade. A worn-down Kaitlyn finally taps out.

Winner: And still Divas Champion AJ Lee

 Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Interesting booking of Jericho facing Ryback, as the ‘Big Guy’ was booked to be more of a whiner. A flashback to Ryback being hurt in a match against Justin Gabriel, and Jericho calling him ‘Cry-back’. It didn’t seem fitting of his character. Early on in the match, Ryback gets the advantage on Jericho, only for the former WWE champion to regain control. Ryback is quite apprehensive about getting into the ring with Jericho. Once down Jericho hits him from every angle. He delivers a stiff chop in the corner. Ryback then regains control, hitting stomp after stomp. Y2J regains his senses but only temporarily, as Ryback comes back at him.

Ryback applies a rear chinlock and eventually hits a second rope splash. Jericho fights back and tries a rollup but is hit with a meat hook clothesline. Ryback leans in on Jericho, also stepping on his face. He locks in another rear chinlock. The intent is to wear down his opponent, who has to exert energy to get free. Jericho mounts another comeback and tries to get his opponent in the Walls of Jericho, but Ryback stops him. Jericho is caught with a northern lights suplex and another meat hook. Ryback signals for the shellshock, but Jericho fights it off and attempts a codebreaker, but that is blocked. Ryback hits a powerbomb but Jericho kicks out of the subsequent pin attempt.

Jericho goes after the injured leg of the Big Guy, followed by an enziguri. Jericho hits a codebreaker from the ring apron to the floor. He then makes it back in the ring before the count of 10. Back in the ring he climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody only for Ryback to kick out at two. Ryback tries shellshock but Jericho turns it into a DDT. It is a back and forth affair as Jericho lays in fist after fist. He tries for the lionsault but misses, and Ryback rolls him up for a three count.

Winner: Ryback

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Before the match, the preview showcases their history, and how Ziggler battled a concussion and thus lost the championship. During this recap, Del Rio shared how he did everything for the people, but now is doing things for himself. He spoke of how he regained the championship. Ziggler is shown crashing Del Rio’s celebration party, after which he says he is there to take back what is rightfully his.

The match is up next. Ziggler makes his way out to the ring first, but alone, as AJ Lee and Big E are not accompanying him. The champion then arrives. Cole reminds viewers of how Del Rio used the most unscrupulous of ways to capture the championship, targeting the head of Ziggler who was recovering from a concussion.

The match is a back and forth affair with both men getting the better of the other at different points. Fans start a ‘Lets go Ziggler’ chant. After a match that goes about 12 minutes, we seem on the way to a new champion being crowned, but that isn’t the case. AJ Lee comes to the ring and attempts to help Ziggler, but ends up being a distraction. He keeps telling her to leave and go to the back, and Del Rio takes the opportunity to recover.

A top rope reverse suplex leads to a near three count for Del Rio. Ge goes for the cross arm breaker but Ziggler hits a superkick; Del Rio kicks out at two. Del Rio lowers his kneepad but Ziggler blocks it the attempted strike. As he whips him into the turnbuckle, AJ comes in the ring and strikes Del Rio with her title, leading to a disqualification. This costs Ziggler the match and Del Rio retains the title. A dejected Ziggler sits in the middle of the ring with AJ apologizing profusely, to no avail.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Ziggler is trying to get AJ to understand that he had this and then walks out, leaving her in the ring with tears in her eyes and her hands on her head. She then screams ‘I’m sorry’ while fans chanted ‘You screwed Ziggler’.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry

The recap showed Mark Henry supposedly announcing his retirement, only to attack Cena who had come out to congratulate him, pick him up and hit him with the world’s strongest slam. He bragged how his raw strength and power was what enabled him to achieve success. Cena said that his time is now, and in a subsequent exchange the world’s strongest man put him down again.

Henry came down to the ring first, bringing with him his Hall of Pain as it was what he does. Though a former World Champion, Henry has never held the WWE championship. John Cena’s music starts and as always there is a mixed reaction for the champion. Both men are announced once in the ring. There is a long, intense stare down to begin the match. Cena charges only for the worlds strongest man to cut him off and intimidate him. Henry delivers a headbutt and Cena staggers all over the ring trying to recover. The champ is then hit with a splash in the corner. Another stiff headbutt lays Cena out. Henry picks him up and drops him chest first on the steel steps. He slowly stalks the beaten and battered champion in and out of the ring.

With each pin attempt, Henry seems frustrated that the champ managed to kick out. Cena begins to make a comeback but is stopped by the chest of Henry. The worlds strongest man picks him up and slings him around the ring, and the champ is left to roll out of the ring. Henry goes outside and whips him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Cena avoids another splash and attempts a slam, but can’t hold the weight, and Henry fell back onto the champion.

Cena begins to make a comeback, grimacing along the way, but tries to fight through it. He hits a five-knuckle shuffle and attempts an AA, but collapses again. Henry then picks him up but Cena counters it with a DDT. Finally, he lifts Henry and hits the AA, but the challenger kicks out at two.  The champ looks bewildered. He attempts a crossbody, but Henry catches him and hits the worlds strongest slam. Cena kicks out at two.  Henry removes the top turnbuckle, leaving the ringbolt exposed. He also brings in a couple of chairs.

As the referee tries to repair the turnbuckles, Henry attempts to whip Cena into it one only for the champ to counter and Henry hits it instead. Cena then locks in the STF, but the challenger gets to the ropes. Henry pushes Cena into the referee and kicks the champ with a low blow. He goes for another Worlds strongest slam but Cena counters and locks in another STF, and Henry is forced to tap

Winner: John Cena

A replay is shown of the Wyatt Family beating down Kane, rendering him unable to compete in the Money in the Bank match.

Raw Money In The Bank Ladder 2013 Match
Rob Van Dam vs Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk

The final Money In The Bank 2013 contract match of the night is now upon us. RVD’s music hits and the Philadelphia faithful are thrilled to have Mr. PPV and Mr. Monday Night back in WWE. The second to enter is Christian, followed by Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton is the next competitor to emerge, and former World Champion Sheamus follow. CM Punk is the final competitor to make his way to the ring. The bell rings to start the match, and the fans begin to chant RVD, so the other competitors attack him and clear him from the ring. At this point the remaining five men stare each other down, and then Sheamus is cornered and everyone attacks the Celtic warrior.

This leaves four men in the ring and they split into pairs. It comes down to just Bryan and Punk in the ring. The two go at one another, each countering the other’s finishing moves. RVD eventually comes back into the ring and begins to show that he is the whole damn show. The ring is cleared and he attempts to set up the ladder only to be stopped. Orton ends up laying on a ladder while Christian brings in a Hornswoggle sized ladder. He and Sheamus exchange blows at the top. Christian is eventually taken out. Sheamus sets up the ladder and climbs, only for RVD to swoop in and tip it over. But the Celtic warrior tries again, and this time sets up a ladder and attempts to powerbomb Bryan through another that has been propped up, but Bryan escapes.

With the ring cleared, Punk begins to set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and starts to climb only for Orton to stop him. Christian comes in, takes Punk and Orton off the ladder and climbs, only for Bryan to set up another ladder. All of the competitors are climbing these two ladders while the briefcase is swinging all over. The ladders topple over and everyone is laying in the middle of the ring. Sheamus begins to stir in the corner of the ring while Punk is beginning to move on the other side of the ring.

The angry Irishman then clears the ring of all challengers. He wipes out RVD with the ladder and begins to climb only for Bryan to stop him. Sheamus dispatches him and is seemingly all alone, but Punk runs in and takes him out. The two men exchange fists, and Punk hits a running knee in the corner. He looks up only for Orton to begin to strike him from behind. Orton then hits his delayed DDT and stands alone in the ring. Christian spears him, and then sets up the ladder only for RVD to take him out.

RVD tries to climb but Christian stops him. But RVD climbs and does a 5-star splash from the top of the ladder onto Christian. RVD then climbs but Sheamus stops him. The two men exchange fists, and Van Dam is taken out when the ladder is pushed over. Bryan comes in and hits both Sheamus and RVD with his ‘Yes!’ kicks. He then takes out Orton with a propped up ladder. Just then Curtis Axel comes out and stops Daniel Bryan while he is at the top of the ladder.

After Axel walks away, Punk hits Bryan with the GTS. An angry Punk looks at Axel and looks at the briefcase, while Paul Heyman, who is now at ringside, encourages Punk to claim the Money In the Bank 2013 briefcase. Heyman is giving a beaten Axel a tongue-lashing and then starts banging on the apron to encourage Punk. Punk is slowly moving up the ladder and Heyman says to go, but then throws another ladder at him, striking his legs, head, and face. Heyman walks away while Punk lays in the middle of the ring.

RVD then makes his way back in the ring and attempts to climb the ladder only for Orton to slip in and hit an RKO from the ladder. Orton readjusts the ladder, looks around and climbs, claims the briefcase and becomes the Money In the Bank 2013 winner.

Winner: Randy Orton

This concludes our four-week retroview of the first four WWE Money In the Bank pay per views (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013). Check back in next week as Brandi Wagner, Mark Blake and I preview Money In The Bank 2019.

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