Money In The Bank 2010 – WWE Sunday Night RetroView

WWE presented its first-ever Money In the Bank 2010 pay-per-view event from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The show began with introductions of the announce team: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker.

What was interesting to note here is that it was a three-person team, as broadcasters from each brand were assembled to create the team. That has changed in recent years, as WWE now alternates between Raw-specific and Smackdown Live-specific commentators. This is the WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView for Money In the Bank 2010.

Smackdown Brand
Money In the Bank 2010
Ladder Match
Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. ‘The Chosen One’ Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Big Show

At the beginning of the match, the decision was made to attack both Kane and The Big Show to start. But, after the ring is cleared, the two big men squared off against one another. The Big Show attempted to get another ladder from the outside of the ring, but six of the eight competitors attacked him.

McIntyre brought in a ladder and attempted to climb the ladder, only to have Matt Hardy stop him s. There was then a battle between Matt Hardy and Christian as they jockeyed for position on the ladder, only to take each other of the equation.

After that, there were alternating opportunities for Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy, and Christian, all doing their best to get up the ladder. One of the biggest spots was Dolph being thrown off the top of the ladder.

A narrative being told in this match was how Hardy and Christian have had a history with ladder matches and one another. Their altercations in the early part of this match are countless. We then had two ladders in the ring, with a smaller ladder standing behind a larger one.

Once the ring was cleared again, Drew appeared to have an opportunity to climb, only to have Kane pull him from the ring. Kane wiped out the announce table and then cleared out everyone. There were constant reminders about how Kane was set to find out The Undertaker’s attacker, a storyline that was taking place at the time.

Kofi set up a ladder outside the ring and began to climb as McIntyre laid on the Spanish announce table. He leaped off, hitting a boom drop on the prone Scotsman. Inside the ring, Ziggler attempted to grab the ladder only to have The Big Show take him down. To see two of the larger men in WWE participating in this Money In The Bank 2010 match is rare.

The Big Show put a ladder on the chests of Christian and Matt Hardy and splashed it, crushing them. The Big Show than proceeded to bring a double reinforced ladder into the ring. The ladder was apparently over 350 lbs itself and can hold up to 1000 pounds of weight.

As Show was attempting to climb this ladder, Cody struck The Big Show’s ankle with another ladder. With Cody and The Big Show laying in the ring, Dolph slowly climbed the ladder only to be stopped.

The Big Show hobbled to his feet, appearing to brace himself, but then Kingston began to climb the ladder. Cody then tried to climb only to be stopped. This was a back-and-forth affair. Kane chased down Cody and tossed him into the armored truck. He then went back into the ring but was stopped by Christian and Matt Hardy once again.

Both men went to the top of the ladder and fought for the briefcase, each having their hands on it. But both came crashing down to the mat. It was at this point that McIntyre came to his feet and attempted to get the briefcase, only for Kane to wipe him out. Kane then unhooked the briefcase and won the Smackdown brand Money in the Bank 2010 ladder match

Winner of the SmackDown Money In The Bank 2010 briefcase: Kane
WWE Divas Championship
Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

The narrative is built up prior to this matchup was how Fox ‘fluked’ her way into a championship after faking an injury. This led to a rematch with Eve for the championship. Throughout the match, the story was Alicia working on her opponent’s back. She hit a number of her signature moves, including a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that she continues to use today. Eve’s improved work in the ring was apparent, despite her limited experience.

The match didn’t have the amount of time a women’s match would get today but was still a notable match as the two women worked to tell a story of Eve struggling to get in the offense since her back was wounded.

As the match was approaching its closing moments, Eve attempted a somersault splash onto a prone Fox. However, Fox got her knees up, further weakening the back of the challenger. When Eve stumbled to her feet and slouched over, Fox hit an ax kick taking her out and retaining the championship.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Money in the Bank 2010
Unified Tag Team Champions
The Hart Dynasty (w/ Natalya) vs. The Usos (w/Tamina)

It was such a different time now to see Harry (under the name David Hart Smith) teaming with Tyson Kidd against a rather young Jimmy and Jey Usos. To have a family versus family matchup here was quite unique, but at the time, Jimmy and Jey were quite raw with little in the way of identity. However, their teamwork and creativity were evident even then. As the match moved along, Hart was being worn down by Jey.

Then Jimmy tagged and prevented Smith from making it to his corner and tagging in his partner. Another opportunity came for the hot tag and Kidd came in, as did Jey.  But in the end, Smith got Jimmy to tap out as the Hart Dynasty retained the tag team championships.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty

Money in the Bank 2010
World Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

Before the match, they highlighted a fatal four-way for the world championship involving CM Punk, Jack Swagger, and Rey Mysterio. That recap showed how Mysterio became a two-time world champion and also how Jack Swagger was invoking his rematch clause for the Money In The Bank 2010 pay-per-view. They also showed Swagger attacking Big Show, who had also been in the fatal four-way. It’s crazy to think how fierce he was back in 2010 when using the ankle lock.

Tony Chimmel announced the participants and that it was a world championship match. Early on it was about Swagger trying to grab hold of the ankle of Mysterio, only to have the champion to fight him off Rey tried to hit a moonsault only for the challenger to stop him at every opportunity.

He did manage to get the better of Swagger and hit a top rope senton to the floor. But his opponent battled back and hit a superplex on the champion. However, he couldn’t capitalize as Mysterio was able to roll out of the ring. Swagger quickly pursued him, brought him back in and attempted a pinfall, but the champion kicked out at two.

He followed up with a leg lock that focussed on the champion’s knee. After a Samoan drop, he once again attempted a pin only for the master of the 619 to kick out. He attempted a Swagger bomb but missed, and Mysterio slid out of the ring and went from there to the top rope. He hit another senton and began a comeback. A split-legged moonsault resulted in a count of two.

Swagger regained control momentarily, only for Mysterio to still kick out of the pinning attempt. Mysterio then hit a creative moonsault and whipped the challenger into the ring post to break free of the assault.

Shortly thereafter, Swagger picked up the 175-pound champion and attempted to power slam him from the second rope, only to have it reversed into a top-rope DDT. Swagger was miraculously able to kick out but appeared to fall prey to the 619. Mysterio then attempted to hit the West Coast Pop, only for Swagger to counter it into an ankle lock.

The champion broke the count but was hit with not one but two Swagger bombs. The end appeared to be near as Swagger looked over the beaten champion. But Mysterio was able to loosen his boot, and when his opponent attempted to sink in the ankle lock once again, Mysterio was able to swing the challenger off him along with his boot! He then hit the West Coast pop for the count of three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, the victorious champion was recovering but Swagger entered the ring and beat him down, eventually putting on the ankle lock once again. Kane then ran down to the ring and chased Swagger to the back. This was because Kane had suspicions of Swagger being The Undertaker’s attacker.

World Championship – Smackdown Money In The Bank 2010 Cash In

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

After that, the champion resumed celebrating his win. But just as he got to his feet, the Big Red Machine returned to the ring with his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase and declared he was cashing in.

Given the near 200-pound disadvantage, plus his wounded ankle after a grueling match, Mysterio was in trouble. Kane went after the leg of Mysterio, hit a chokeslam and followed that up with a tombstone. He covered for the three count and became the NEW World champion.

Winner: And New World Champion Kane

We then got a flashback of an attack on Kelly Kelly by LayCool, who were co-holders of the WWE Women’s Championship

Money in the Bank 2010
Women’s Championship
Kelly Kelly vs Layla

With Kelly Kelly already waiting in the ring, Layla came out as the designated defender of the WWE women’s championship. The two women locked up, followed by with Kelly hitting a Lou Thesz press and beating down on Layla.

She missed a handspring elbow but attempted a roll-up, only for Layla to roll out of the ring. She quickly returned to the ring and took advantage of the wounded champion.

Michelle was at ringside, and she verbally berated Kelly, followed by an attack that attempted to embarrass her. That didn’t work as Kelly shoved McCool off the barrier, causing her to fall backward. Eventually, Kelly hit her K2 finisher only to have McCool put Layla’s leg on the bottom rope. Then, after countering a sunset flip, Layla pinned Kelly to retain the WWE Women’s championship.

Winner: Layla

WWE Money in the Bank 2010
[Photo: iMDB]

WWE Raw Money in the Bank 2010
Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. The Miz (United States Champion) vs. Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne

As soon as the match began, Edge climbed out of the ring while everyone else went for the ladder and then attacked Mark Henry. It was a rather unique collection of talent in this match, including a number of talented workers.

With everyone outside the ring, Edge attempted to climb the ladder and collect the briefcase, but Randy Orton came in and stopped him from going any further. We then get John Morrison and Ted DiBiase going at it in the middle of the ring. Bourne entered the ring with a dropkick to DiBiase. It was then The Miz’s time to attempt the climb until Chris Jericho got involved.

The Miz and Jericho threw punches at one another, but Henry joined the mix. He was intense in taking out The Miz, only to be hit with a ladder by Jericho. Bourne then dropkicked Jericho and began to set up a ladder in the middle of the ring. He started to climb only for Edge to try and stop him, but he was fought off.

Orton was more successful, hitting Bourne with a draping DDT through the ladder. Morrison went after The Viper, but right after he dispensed with the apex predator, he was double-teamed by DiBiase and The Miz. He managed to clean house, leaving him alone in the ring to set up a ladder and try and climb.

Even as he got to the top of the ladder, Edge, Jericho, and Orton also ascended, and everyone was swinging at the briefcase. At least they were until Henry pushed both ladders over, knocking out all four men. Bourne then used the ladder as a springboard and wiped out Henry.

While Maryse tended to her man, DiBiase saw an opportunity that presented itself. But Maryse climbed into the ring, took off her shoes and began to set up the ladder to go after the briefcase. When she got to the top, she couldn’t quite get the briefcase, and Morrison brought her down. DiBiase attempted to climb but was stopped by Morrison.

At this point, there was action happening inside and outside the ring. On the floor, Miz attempted to slingshot Morrison into a ladder only for the shaman to land on the ladder and start climbing.

He went from the ladder to the top rope, and then used another ladder that was resting against the turnbuckle to land on the ladder in the middle of the ring. Edge then set up another ladder only for Ted DiBiase to attack. He started climbing until Henry stopped him.

Henry followed up by wiping out Jericho and Miz. Bourne jumped on the back of Henry and then headed to the top of the ladder, but Edge and Orton threw him outside the ring into the waiting arms of Henry, and a world’s strongest slam.

Edge and John Morrison crept in on one side while Miz, Orton, Jericho, and DiBiase emerged from the surrounding area. At this point, the ladder had everyone except Henry and Bourne on it.

Edge and Orton beat down DiBiase who looked to be all but out of the match as he was tossed to the floor. Edge was then RKOed. Jericho and Morrison were battling on the ladder only for the Legend Killer to hit more RKOs, but in turn, he was stopped by Bourne, who hit a shooting star press.

Bourne got his fingers on the briefcase, but Jericho and then Edge battled to the top of the ladder once again. Jericho has his own hands-on the briefcase but was RKOed, and Edge was tossed from the ladder by Orton as well.

The Apex Predator set up a ladder and has his hands on the briefcase until the Miz pushed him off. He then climbed the ladder and successfully grabbed the Raw Money in the Bank 2010 briefcase.

Winner of the Raw Money In The Bank 2010 briefcase: The Miz

After the match, The Miz got on the mic and addressed the crowd, stating it was ‘his moment’. He says that ‘he made it’. With conviction in his voice, he stated that he would be a future WWE Champion.

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match
Sheamus vs. John Cena

Before the match, they flashback to how the Nexus contributed to John Cena’s championship win. During this period, The Nexus would attack everyone and anyone on the main roster. Cena took on the entire Nexus, with Sheamus finally coming to his side. The narrative for the match was as much about potential outside interference by The Nexus led by Wade Barrett as it was about the WWE Championship.

Both Cena and Sheamus hit each other with everything and anything they possibly could throughout this match. After going about 20 minutes, Cena attempted an AA, only to have it reversed into an Irish Curse backbreaker.

Each man struggled to get to their feet. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick, but big match John kicked out at two! Sheamus then teased, climbing the cage only to stop and then try to hit Cena with a razor’s edge. Cena countered that into the AA and pinned the champion for a count of two.

With both men lying in the ring, The Nexus arrived carrying bolt cutters, only for a referee to yank them away. The next referee then took the keys and threw them into the crowd. Cena attempted to hit another AA but was thrown into the referee; he put on the STF, but the referee was out.

He attempted to climb out, but Justin Gabriel. Michael Tarver and Darren Young stopped him while Heath Slater tried to take out Sheamus, but the Irishman managed to exit the ring and remain the WWE champion.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Cena grabbed Young and whipped him into the cage. He then set his sights on Tarver and took him out with a blistering clothesline. He followed that by picking up the steel stairs and throwing them into Tarver. Cena snatched off Tarver’s Nexus armband in a symbolic gesture of what was to come.