MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #98 (Lawlor vs. Von Erich)

A recap of Tom Lawlor’s betrayal of The Von Erichs. We then replay the lead up to tonight’s match with Ross and Tom battling down the streets of NYC. Tonight ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor faces Ross Von Erich. The show will also face King Mo will be in action along with Douglas James facing the debuting Erick Stevens. MLW Fusion Episode #98 is here.

Also, Mance aids the Von Erichs retaining of the MLW World Tag Team Championships.

Moonshine Mantell vs. Logan Creed

Creed comes to the ring with Mantell already in the ring. Creed was the formerly known Grogan that is no longer with The Dynasty.  The two lockup in the middle of the ring and Creed barely moves and takes down Mantell with a shoulder tackle. Creed takes chop after chop seemingly with no reaction. The big man lays in a heavy chop as well. Creed sets up in the corner and attempts a full nelson but has it fought off.

He picks up Mantell and hits a chokeslam backbreaker on Moonshine. Creed follows this up with a big boot taking the man down to the outside. He then hits a tope suicidea over the top rope on Mantell clearing the top rope. Creed then hits a powerbomb on Mantell for a three count and the win.

Winner: Logan Creed

We then get Richard Holliday comes and tells off Hammerstone with Gino Medina looking. His issue was with Logan Creed since he left the Dynasty high and dry from the previous week.

A promo vignette of Erick Stevens debut appears as he is set to compete later on the show.

PWI lists the top contenders for the MLW World Heavyweight title. 10. Dominic Garrini, 9. Low Ki. 8. Jimmy Havoc 7. Richard Holliday 6. ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor 5. Mance Warner 4. Brian Pillman Jr. 3. Myron Reed 2. Alexander Hammerstone 1. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

A video airs of Erick Stevens from earlier today says that he wants a piece of Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Erick Stevens vs. Douglas James

Kirsh compares Stevens brutality in the ring akin to the late ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams. It is quite a compliment for sure. James comes to the ring and becoming the first to challenge Stevens first. Stevens tries to rub his elbow into the face of James but that certainly gets the ire of Douglas James. James takes Stevens down and then slaps him across the head face-first on the mat. Stevens hits a chop on James the sound was deafening. The two exchange clutches and grabs. James attempts a couple of kicks. Stevens eats a chop and appears unphased by it. Stevens then catches James’ attempt and drops him back first on the mat. Erick Stevens continues to the attack on Douglas James. A back elbow takes James down.

He drops a heavy elbow on the shoulder of James and then proceeds to slap him. A forearm smash is met with a series of kicks by Douglas James. Stevens catches James’ leg and takes him down to the mat. Stevens asks who wants to see a surfboard. He fakes that and drops his feet onto the back of the knees of James. James hits Meteora on Stevens and then attempts a pinfall attempt but is only met with a count of two. Stevens asks for James to continue to hit him strike after strike. Erick Stevens then charges with a clothesline takedown on James. He picks him up and hits a Sarasota Screwdriver for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Erick Stevens

After the match we get Holliday and Hammerstone visiting Mance Warner. Warner’s dad was knocked outside. A video then airs promoting the arrival of Killer Kross.

A separate backstage interview takes place with Tom Lawlor telling them what he feels about Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs reuniting. This then leads to a flashback from how Injustice beatdown Brian Pillman Jr costing him his MLW World Heavyweight Title match. A backstage interview involving all the Injustice member was held.

Havoc and Priscilla Kelly have a promo backstage saying they are looking to who would be next…for ultra-violence

Dr. Dax vs. King Mo w/ Dan Lambert

Dax brings the fight to Mo right away. Dax is a massive man. With an attempted slam, Mo turns it into a rear-naked choke and almost immediate submission.

Winner: King Mo

LA Park is on his way back to MLW as Los Parks returns next week to face Contra Unit. Also, Zenshi and Laredo Kid face Injustice.

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor vs. Ross Von Erich

Ross Von Erich Tom Lawlor
Photo / MLW

Lawlor comes to the ring still sporting a Von Erich’s t-shirt along with a cowboy hat. Ross Von Erich comes to the ring with the Texas flag proudly draped over his shoulder. Von Erich brings the fight immediately to Tom Lawlor. Both men are outside the ring with Ross unleashing his fury on Lawlor from one end of the ring to the other. Von Erich rolls Lawlor back into the ring who manages to get the advantage. That is momentarily as Ross makes a comeback once again. With the referee distracted, Lawlor’s cornerman pulled at the legs of Ross. Lawlor attempts to suplex Von Erich.

Tom eventually does and then straddles Ross and lays in fist after fist. Lawlor continues to work on Von Erich. He lays in a chop. Lawlor follows that up with repeated kicks to the chest of Ross Von Erich. He then doesn’t expect Ross to take a kick and stand right back up. With Lawlor resting in the corner, Ross hits a delayed dropkick charging at him. Von Erich then hits a falcon arrow but again it’s for a count of two. Ross signals for the Von Erich claw but Dominic Garrini attacks Ross Von Erich from behind. This brings out Marshall Von Erich.

Winner: No Contest

After the bell, Team Filthy is separated and the Von Erichs appear to have their sites set on Tom Lawlor. This was until Erick Stevens storms the ring and attacks the Von Erichs from behind. Garrini, Stevens, and Lawlor beatdown the Von Erichs collectively. They tie the feet of Marshall and choke Ross with a rope. Team Filthy wipe their crotches with the Texas flag. It seemed like a riot was about to begin until Team filthy left the ring.