MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #97 (Von Erichs vs. The Dynasty)

The latest edition of MLW Fusion brings forth the Dynasty produced episode. Episode #97 began with an intro dedicated to The Dynasty. Rich Bocchini begins with a graphic calling it Dynasty Fusion. Hammerstone faces Aerostar, Septimo Dragon takes on Gino Medina and The Dynasty faces The Von Erichs for the MLW World Tag Team Championships. Mance Warner is shown from last week sharing his thoughts of The Dynasty. His thoughts were conveyed in one word..a**holes. Warner is banned from the premises because of those comments.

Last month fans are shown Medina’s joining of The Dynasty. A tale of the tape is shown of Medina and Septimo Dragon.

Gino Medina vs. Septimo Dragon

With Richard Holliday on commentary, he is sure to guide where he wants the commentary to go. Septimo Dragon comes to the ring next accompanied by Konnan. Once they arrive at the ring, Konnan is sure to keep his eyes on Holliday while there. The bell rings and the action starts immediately. Dragon strikes Medina from all areas of the ring. Tope suicidas, springboard moonsaults to the outside of the ring are among the moves by Dragon. Medina attempts to get the better of the other. Gino attempts a handshake but Dragon avoids it. Septimo at one point walks on his hands. He eventually crashes when Medina throws him off into the ropes. Medina then locks in a rear chin lock.

Dragon slowly makes his way back to his feet but Medina cuts him off at the pass. Septimo avoids contact by Medina and then begins to change the momentum in the match momentarily. Medina then hits an enzuiguri kick on Septimo Dragon. At one point, Medina rolls out and begins to push and taunt Konnan. A springboard by Septimo then turns into a standing Spanish fly on Medina. Septimo attempts to catch Medina but then hits a cradle tilt a whirl DDT on him. Dragon climbs the top turnbuckle and attempts a double stomp but Medina avoids it. He then hits a snake eyes and then has his foot on the bottom rope with a small package.

Winner: Gino Medina

After the match, Medina and Holliday take off Dragon’s mask. The result brings in Konnan and hits Medina with a slapjack sending them.

Mance Warner is outside the arena is told he doesn’t meet the dress code but he won’t allow that to prevent him from coming back into the arena.

A video package highlighting Erick Stevens coming to MLW appears. His debut is set to take place next week.

MLW National Openweight Championship

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs.  Aerostar

Aerostar makes his way to the ring first followed by the National Openweight champion. Konnan is now on commentary at ringside. He spoke about how there is a relationship between MLW and AAA. Konnan spoke about potential championships being put on the line from the AAA talent as well. Hammerstone definitely outweighs Aerostar in this match. However, his small stature doesn’t seem to be something that will hold him back.

After a quick break, Alex Hammerstone is shown delivering a powerbomb on the ring apron. His size and strength are pretty intense here. The champion appears to be getting the better of the challenger. Back to live-action, Aerostar appears to be fighting back. He hits a corkscrew moonsault onto Hammerstone. He makes a cover but only for a count of two. Hammerstone signals the beginning of the end. Aerostar reverses Hammerstone’s Nightmare Pendulum finisher and hits an Ace Crusher. He only makes a count but only for two. Hammerstone beats down Aerostar.

He then attempts a superplex and stalls with it. Hammerstone applies a non-shallant cover. The champion follows up with a combination of moves but Aerostar reverses another powerbomb attempt. Hammerstone then rips off the mask of Aerostar and makes the pin for the win.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone

Konnan gets up and is irate that the only way he could beat Aerostar was by ripping off his mask. Hammerstone holds the mask and his title after the match. Konnan says that the Dynasty will pay for their actions.

A message from ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is next. Garrini and Lawlor are in Dallas wishing The Von Erichs good luck against the Dynasty.

Mance Warner is shown again outside the arena saying he’s had a couple of light beers. We then see a video package highlighting the arrival of Killer Kross.

Another video is shown of the attempted attacks on Brian Pillman and The Death Squad efforts being thwarted by both Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs. On the 100# episode, we already have heard that Jacob Fatu will face CIMA for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

Alicia Atout interviews Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs. Warner still attempts to make his way into the arena. Mance enjoys a beer outside the arena with Grogan. Warner tries to convince him to let him into the arena. With that Mance is let into the arena and Grogan takes the remaining beers.

We then see highlights of the retuning La Park.

A highlights package then airs of The Dynasty. King Mo is said to be in action next week along with Douglas James against the debuting Erick Stevens

MLW World Tag Team Title Fight

The Von Erichs (c) vs. MJF and Richard Holliday

The Dynasty Von Erichs
Photo / MLW

The Von Erichs comes to the ring first followed by The Dynasty. It begins with a tale of the tape between both teams. Their music begins and what appears to be the challengers was actually swapped with the champions instead. Holliday and MJF attack the champions unceremoniously from behind. Their attack happens outside the ring and then leads to a beatdown inside the ring. Ross is double teamed by both members of The Dynasty.

Marshall slowly makes his way back to his teams corner while his brother is beaten down. With the referee distracted both Holliday and MJF work on Ross.

Holliday attempts a pinning attempt but is only met with a count of two. Richard Holliday then begins to work on the arm of Ross attempting to take away the Von Erich claw in the process. A tag is made to MJF who comes in and continues to beatdown Ross Von Erich. However, a chin breaker out of desperation creates some distance or so we thought. Ross is then tossed back into The Dynasty’s corner. The Von Erichs to be in trouble as The Dynasty appears to have the upper hand.

Both Holliday and MJF are quite cocky in their attempts to regain the tag team championship. Ross recovers momentarily but is rushed back into the corner of MJF and Holliday. MJF hits a suplex on Ross and makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Holliday is then tagged in and he too makes a pinfall attempt but he too is met with a count of two.

The tandem offense of The Dynasty has Ross Von Erich in trouble throughout the majority of this match.

Both men then attempt a tandem suplex but Ross reverses it into a double neckbreaker. He slowly makes his way over to his corner and makes the tag to Marshall Von Erich with the hot tag. Marshall comes in wiping out both MJF and Richard Holliday. The barefoot brawler takes the fight to Richard Holliday. Marshall makes a pinfall attempt but he too is met with a count of two. A double dropkicktakes out both members of MJF.

Marshall sets up Holliday on the top turnbuckle and attempts a suplex but is blocked. Richard Holliday then turns it around and flattens Marshall. A top rope splash by MJF and a dual count by both men is stopped by Ross Von Erich. Just then Alex Hammerstone attempts to come to the ring but Mance Warner greets him with a chair shot to the head. Gino Medina and Warner then begin a battle all the way back to the backstage area. MJF then grasps a claw on MJF and is aided by his brother Ross to help retain the titles.

Winners: The Von Erichs