MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #96 (Fatu vs. Pillman Jr)

This episode of Fusion Episode #96 features a championship match. In this episode, the main event involves Jacob Fatu and Brian Pillman Jr for the MLW Heavyweight Championship. Once again we see Contra Unit’s attack on Teddy Hart. Davey Boy Smith faced Simon Gotch last week in a no ropes match. The result was a knockout. Samuel shares that he has the demise of the Hart Foundation and it involves the death squad. He then says that Pillman Jr’s first world title match will lead to his demise with the death squad.

A grudge match between Richard Holliday and Savio Vega is slated to take place in the evening. It also involves a match between Dominic Garrini and Zenshi. The match is set to take place next. First up, the leader of Team Filthy, Filthy Tom Lawlor comes out to the ring first. Lawlor comes out seconded to the ring and with a Von Erich t-shirt.

Filthy Tom gets on the mic and says that it is great to be amongst family. He says that the shirt he represents is the Von Erichs today. Lawlor then says that this isn’t like the Von Erich’s of the past. Fans begin to chant to take it off. He says he will give them what they want. In doing so he rubs it against his crotch, showing blatant disrespect to the Von Erich’s. He says that he will put together his own family in Team Filthy Dojo all together. With this, he introduces Dominic Garrini next up on MLW   Fusion. He then talks down Zenshi as he introduces him as well to come to the ring.

Dominic Garrini vs Zenshi

As the bell begins both men attempt to get the better of the other in the middle of the ring. Garrini locks in a leg lock on Zenshi and avoids a couple of attempted enzuiguri’s to release the hold.  Zenshi eventually can knock Garrini off. He then gives up himself to Garrini who then locks in a cross arm breaker. Zenshi then hits a head-scissor takedown. He then catches a dropkick while planted. He attempts a standing shooting star press and Garrini catches him in a triangle.

Garrini’s vice for submission attempts at any point is incredible. He then adds in a couple of kicks but once again locks in another rear chinlock. Zenshi then pulls Garrini over the top with another headscissors takedown. Zenshi attempts another splash off sorts off the top until Garrini catches him and beats on the arm of the luchador. A medic comes out to check on him in the process. Garrini then takes him and continues to work on his arm. He hits a judo tosses and it leads to a mighty mouse that is reminiscent of an armbar takedown. Zenshi eventually taps out.

Winner: Dominic Garrini

After the match, Alicia Atout interviews Lawlor and Garrini. Lawlor said it was a matter of life and death his matchup. We then see Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith attacked by the Death Squad. Again we see Samuel claiming he has found the demise of the Hart Foundation.

We also get Alicia Atout talking to The Dynasty. Hammerstone says that MLW is afraid of a potential lawsuit by Holliday’s lawyer/father. They said that they will have an entire episode produced by The Dynasty with each member taking someone on the show. MJF is super hyped sharing that he drank coffee. It was quite funny seeing MJF on caffeine.

Richard Holliday vs. Savio Vega

MJF joins Boccini and Kirsh at ringside on commentary. Holliday holds MJF’s AirPods. Vega holds his  Caribbean championship with him from Puerto Rico. He shares that his title represents all the Caribbean people. Vega then promises he will take Atout salsa dancing afterward. As Vega makes his way to the ring, MJF says that Vega reminds him of a guy named Kwang. It’s quite funny considering that’s who Vega played at one point in the WWF/E. He then says if Kwang took off his mask, became old and was Puerto Ricanish..he doesn’t finish that sentence as he’s interrupted.

Holliday and Vega lock up in the middle of the ring. It turns into a sidehead lock and shoulder tackle Richard Holliday. Vega then goes back against the ropes and is taken down by a dropkick by Holliday. Holliday then catches a clothesline and heads over the top rope. Vega then continues to make chops on Holliday. Once he whips Holliday back into the ring, Holliday attempts to fight back but it’s short-lived. Vega then hits a spin standing heel kick on Holliday. He then misses an attempted dual back spin kick. Holliday recovers and hits his finish for the win.

Winner: Richard Holliday

After the match, Holliday takes the Caribbean title of Vega and heads back to the ringside area. Smith Jr says he’s got Pillman Jr’s back along with the Von Erich’s world title match.

We then see a video package of Killer Kross, the devil of the monastery is coming. Also, Battle Riot III is then announced happening in Philadelphia on July 18th. This was also followed by the announcement that MLW will be collaborating with Dragon Gate shortly.

Another highlight shows, Medina and the rest of The Dynasty beating down Konnan last month when he joined the faction.

A video package is shown with the return of La Park coming soon. They also showed that referees had to be re-evaluated, involve a background check and much more stringic against the referees in favor of Injustice.

Also next week, Medina vs Septimo Dragon, Hammerstone vs Aerostar and MJF and Holliday face the Von Erichs for the tag team title. Warner is then interviewed by Atout who calls a set of opposition a**holes.

We see a series of past MLW World Heavyweight Champions taking place leading up to this match between Fatu and Pillman Jr.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Brian Pillman Jr. vs Jacob Fatu (c)

Fatu Pillman Jr
Photo / MLW

Pillman Jr. comes to the ring first. It was being billed as ‘can he do what his father never did’. The win would mark the first world heavyweight championship won by the Pillman family. The hashtag of #FatuVsPillman was used during the match. Fatu comes to the ring next. It is quite a battle of styles. Both men carry speed but Fatu’s fierce strength and attitude to want to finish his opponents convincing is a difference-maker. The bell doesn’t even ring as Fatu attacks Pillman Jr immediately. While backed into the turnbuckle, Fatu tosses him from one end of the ring to the other.

Pillman Jr avoids a couple of chops and an attempted punch causing Fatu to punch the mat. It is followed by a missed sitdown senton. Pillman attempts a backhand chop but it does nothing to Fatu. Fatu then hist Pillman with one and the result takes the challenger down to the mat. The champion continues to beat down the challenger. Once again he backs him into the corner and tosses from one side of the ring to another. Pillman gets back up on his feet but Fatu catches him and hits a swinging uranagi. Fatu stands over a fallen Pillman Jr. He then locks in a vice grip on the shoulder of the challenger.

Pillman recovers with a chin breaker. He then hits a superkick and then attempts to knock down the champion with a crossbody to take him down. While this is happening in the ring, the Von Erichs and Smith Jr battle the death squad outside the ring. Injustice comes to the ring and distracts Pillman Jr. A standing moonsault on a beaten Pillman Jr doesn’t finish him but a second moonsault on the challenger finishes him off.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

Between the distraction of the Death Squad of the Von Erichs and Smith Jr leads to Injustice’s distraction of Pillman Jr inside the ring.