MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #95 (MJF vs. Von Erich)

We get a recap of Samuel and Fatu share how they are going after the Hart Foundation on this week’s edition of MLW Fusion. Atout shares how Canada is buzzing over the Hart Foundation’s battle over Contra Unit. Later on in the night, we will see Simon Gotch face off against Davey Boy Smith Jr in a no holds barred. It will also feature MJF face off against Marshall Von Erich.

Simon Gotch vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

The only way to win is boy knockout or submission. There are no rules, no ropes, and no pinfalls. One has to wonder if there are no rules if a kick below the belt would be fine considering that would go against rules? Gotch comes to the ring first with Josef Samuel with Davey Boy Smith Jr follows suit.

Gotch and Smith Jr are matching up with one another and are locking up. Smith Jr has Gotch down on the mat. With leverage, he falls outside the ring because there aren’t any ring ropes holding them in. Both men exchange kicks between them. A front chancery transitioned to an armbar by Smith Jr on Gotch is taking place. Smith Jr then takes down Gotch who reverses it into a headscissors. After another side headlock down to the mat, Smith Jr regains the advantage. Gotch attempts to drive knees to escape Smith Jr’s tie-up of his forearm, wrist, and arm. Both men get back to their feet and both exchange stiff strikes.

Smith Jr recovers with a forearm then delivers a kick. Samuel pulls Gotch to the side of the ring while Smith Jr has him tied up. Gotch then recovers and continues to work on the knee, quads, and ankle of Smith Jr. A European uppercut and forearm smash by Smith Jr leads to an attempted power slam that Gotch turns into an ankle lock. Smith Jr then hoists up Gotch and hits a belly to back suplex.

Davey Both Smith picks up a lifeless Gotch who receives another forearm strike and consecutive belly-to-back suplex knocking him out.

Winner by knockout: Davey Boy Smith Jr

The referee tends to Simon Gotch while Smith Jr looks at Josef Samuel at ringside.

Another edition of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic with Medina, Holliday, and Hammerstone shares his tour of Japan discussion. They try these drinks that are of questionable taste that they can sell and earn a return for the Dynasty.

We then get a recap of the Barbed Wire match between Havoc and Warner. After the match, we get a promo by Warner shares how he is going for some gold around his waist. His focus is now turned to Hammerstone and his championship.

Filthy Tom shares the first edition of Filthy Tom Does Dallas. With Domenic Garrini in toe, they are slated to purchase real cowboy merchandise. It is amusing seeing them trying to be ‘real cowboys’.

MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed (c) vs. Drago

Reed comes to the ring first with Oliver and Brazil alongside him. Oliver calls Dallas, Houston and says that they are all the same. Jordan Oliver attempts to get the crowd behind him until Drago interrupts and comes out to the ring. Reed and Drago circle each other initially while Reed begins to address the crowd and then taunt the challenger. The action is at times too fast to call the action. Drago and Reed are going at one another fast and furiously. Reed is hit with a top rope splash by Drago but felt the consequences due to the chest protector. Myron Reed hits a chest stabber of Drago and then locks in a dragon sleeper. Drago then is hoisted up but reverses it and gets caught with a belly to back suplex.

Drago is on the ring apron and dodges a suicide attempt by Reed. With a tope suicido, Drago takes out all three members of Injustice. Reed is whipped back into the ring and Drago and he continues to exchange blow for blow. Oliver comes into the ring and Kot Brazil gets caught with a superkick. Drago catches Reed and hoists him up for a superplex and Brazil hits a low blow with the referee not looking. Reed hits a no cap splash on Drago for the three count and the win.

Winner: Myron Reed

King Mo interrupts an interview with Low-Ki and Alicia Atout reminding him that he’s knocked out Gracie’s in the past.

Contra Unit conducts a backstage promo saying that they have found the end of the Hart Foundation with the death squad.

Air Wolf was canceled due to a backstage matchup. This is followed up with Tom Lawlor at ringside during the last match of the evening

MJF vs. Marshall Von Erich

MJF Von Erich
Photo / MLW

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is led to the ring by Gino Medina and Alexander Hammerstone. MJF then gets on the microphone and shares why the Von Erich’s couldn’t succeed in wrestling. He then goes on to say that ‘another Von Erich goes six-feet under’. That was definitely a close to the heart jab. Marshall Von Erich then makes his way to the ring next. Von Erich and MJF are sharing jabs with one another from across the ring. As soon as the bell rings, MJF is taking in the cheers for Marshall Von Erich.

Both men collar and elbow lockup inside and outside the ring. They never manage to break the lockup. As they eventually do, MJF argues with the referee. A fake sign of respect by MJF leads to a cheap shot by the salt of the earth. Marshall teases the iron claw but MJF ran out of the ring. Von Erich misses a chop on MJF hitting the ring post. MJF puts Von Erich’s fingers in between the poles of the ring post.

MJF rolls Marshall back into the ring and continues to work on his hands and fingers. Marshall continues to fight back but MJF is able to work on the fingers of the hand of Von Erich. Von Erich continues to have his hand and fingers worked on repeatedly. He can’t seem to maintain any sort of grip even that of a bear hug.  Von Erich eventually turns it into a belly to belly overhead suplex.

Marshall begins to come back with an array of moves. An elevated power slam and pinning attempt but only for a count of two. MJF pulls the referee in front of him. He then locks in a Fujimura armbar with a wrenching of the fingers of Marshall Von Erich. Marshall then hits a beautiful moonsault on to MJF for a pinfall attempt but only a count of two. Von Erich knocks both members of The Dynasty at ringside. After a pinning attempt by MJF, Von Erich locks in an iron claw for a submission.

Winner: Marshall Von Erich

After the match, Tom Lawlor looks on in disbelief at ringside. He then picks up a steel chair but Marshall Von Erich catches him with and prevents him from trying to use it. The Dynasty then storm the ring and knocks out the rest of the group. Marshall Von Erich stands tall after the win.