MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #93 (Smith vs Pillman – Opera Cup Finals)

This week’s edition of MLW Fusion begins with a homage to the history of the Opera Cup. We hear how it has sat in the Hart family attic until it was passed down to Davey Boy Smith Jr. There is then a history of this tournament. With each match that has passed, highlights are shown leading to the Opera Cup finals matchup between Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr. The two Hart Foundation members face each other in the finals of the Opera Cup tournament.

MLW Middleweight Championship Match

El Lindaman vs Myron Reed 

Stronghearts member Lindaman faces Injustice member and champion Reed. Lindaman comes to the ring first and then followed by Myron Reed led by Injustice members Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil. We hear a previously recorded promo from Myron Reed. He states he’s more like Muhammad Ali than Kassius Clay but wants war more than peace. The match starts with both men striking each other and striking fast. Lindaman then gains the advantage early on. However, Lindaman is distracted by Brazil and Oliver at ringside. This gives Reed the advantage he needed Kirsh and Bocchini discuss in great detail the chest protector of Reed. Lindaman and Reed both hit plancha on the members of Injustice at ringside.

Lindaman regains the advantage with a series of strikes. Reed appears wounded and the champion is clearly on the ropes. El Lindaman is fired up in this match and attempts to finish off Reed. Reed can counter with a reverse DDT and a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two! El Lindaman hits a Koma goroshi which was a stalled powerbomb with the opponent hoisted up as though they were standing on the top rope.

Reed, however, regains the advantage. He runs down the ramp and then hits a cutter after jumping into the ring from over the top rope. He then climbs the top rope and hits a 450 splash finish.

Winner: Myron Reed

An interview with Pillman Jr takes place asking him about his injury. He speaks of how Injustice’s attack won’t stop him. The injury won’t prevent him from getting better. Alicia Atout said that Pillman thought of Smith Jr his mentor. That’s interesting I hadn’t known that. Pillman Jr speaks of what this match will end up being. He believes that he can walk away as the winner.

A second preview of the Warner/Havoc Barbed Wire Match is taking place next week. This is followed by King Mo being interviewed and how he will face the winner of the Opera Cup. He said he’s also coming for Jacob Fatu and the MLW Heavyweight Championship. This is followed up with highlights of Gino Medina’s betrayal of Konnan and his joining of The Dynasty.

A new edition of Lifestyles of Rich and Dynastic is shown. This time, however, it includes Gino Medina being a part of the faction now. Medina spoke about how Konnan is a no-tanned hasbeen. Dynasty-bro is united and bigger than ever.

New York City Street Fight

‘El Intocable’ Gino Medina vs Savio Vega

Medina comes to the ring first accompanied by the remaining members of The Dynasty. Vega follows into the ring. The Brawling Boricua in Vega comes to the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Vega uses the kendo stick all over Medina to start off the match. Vega then uses a trash can on top of the head of Medina. Medina regains the advantage and takes the fight to Vega. However, Vega gets back to his feet and both men exchange chops. A stop sign and to the head of Medina early on leads to Vega regaining the advantage. However, it is short-lived as Medina regains the advantage and throws strikes at Vega. Vega is insanely tough and recovers.

The match itself is a back and forth affair. Vega doesn’t attempt to go for the cover but rather chokes him down. Vega uses a hockey stick along with a kendo stick. Medina gets a hold of the hockey stick and crushes it against the back of Vega. He then places a chair around the neck of Savio Vega and slams him headfirst against the ring post. Vega then recovers. He attempts to hit a spin wheel kick but misses Medina. Vega then whips Medina and hits it now. This brings out The Dynasty including Maxwell Jacob Friedman mocking and distracting Vega. Medina hits a low blow and a spin kick to finish off Vega.

Winner: Gino Medina

The Dynasty are dancing at the top of the rampway. They applaud Medina’s effort and come into the ring to celebrate with him.

Atout interviews Smith Jr speaking about facing Pillman Jr in the finals of the Opera Cup. He shares what it means to him. While addressing the matchup, Smith Jr also acknowledges Pillman’s effort as well. They also announce that the Opera Cup will be an annual tournament.

A tale of the tape is shown between both men. Smith has the height and weight advantage but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Opera Cup Finals

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr

The narrative being told is how much heart and determination Brian Pillman Jr has coming into the finals. With both Pillman and Smith in the ring introductions are made for the finals of the Opera Cup. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring and move into the corner turnbuckle. Early on in the match, it feels like Smith is trying to toy with Pillman Jr between the two. The crowd is fairly quiet as pointed out by the announcers. Pillman Jr continues with a side headlock. They manage to recall the history of Pillman’s injury and where it first began.

Smith Jr applies pressure to both of Pillman’s shoulders and upper back. Commentary is really elevating everything Pillman Jr has done to get to this point. They make a point of saying that Pillman Jr is doing everything he can to prove himself. Pillman takes the fight to Smith Jr outside the ring. Brian whips Davey Boy Smith Jr back into the ring. Pillman hits a collection of stiff strikes. However, he is stopped by a big boot of Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith Jr hits a suplex on Pillman Jr on the floor.

Smith Jr hits a headbutt on Pillman and follows up with a pin. After a momentary surge of energy by Pillman, Smith stops him dead in his tracks. Smith continues to work on Pillman. While down on the map, Smith locks in a rear chinlock forcing Pillman to use his energy. Smith then lays in boots to Pillman. He climbs the top turnbuckle and attempts a leg drop but misses on his way down. Pillman gets back up and hits a few kicks on the much larger Smith Jr. Pillman then catches Smith Jr with a rollup. He then hits a backslide but again for another count of two. Both men exchange pinning attempts. Pillman then clocks Smith Jr and hits a springboard clothesline. He makes a pin but only for a count of two!

Pillman hits the dire promise DDT. He makes a pin but only for a count of two! He attempts it a second time but Smith Jr stops it. Smith then hits his power slam but Pillman kicks out at two!

Pillman and Smith are exchanging slaps and chops in the middle of the ring. Smith Jr then hits a tombstone piledriver on Pillman. A flying headbutt attempt from Smith Jr across the ring but another kick out by Pillman. Smith hits a powerbomb but another kick out by Pillman. Davey Boy Smith Jr locks in a crossface on Pillman who eventually taps winning the Opera Cup.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr
Pillman Smith Opera Cup
Photo / MLW